Catch Up

On Sunday I took pictures of my pretties.

First up, is the final package from my Secret Pal:
Secret Pal 14 final package
Some awesome sock yarn, love the colors. Size one bamboo's, which will come in handy when I wear out the metal ones on the blanket. A bit of left over sock yarn, that she made me a great pair of socks out of. The socks weren't in the picture because they were in the washer since I had worn them. They're great! Thank you Pal!

Of course, no photo shoot is complete unless I have a cat over seeing my work. Uggy managed to make it three feet out of the house. Saw that I looked her way, and back in she went.
Uggy watching

Peaches on the other hand, settled in on the warm bricks to watch.
Peaches watching

While thinking of my next big "project" I pulled out the pink frilly yarn for D's requested scarf. I think I have enough left over for a hat, trying to decide if I really want to put myself through that.
Pink frilly scarf for D

Two weeks ago this coming Friday before I had finished Grilltech's vest, a package from Donna Lee showed up. She sent a box of yarn. It sat on the coffee table until I had finished the vest, because of Roxie's proclamation.
Donna's package of sock yarn

Roxie had also sent me a package of sock yarns, which I didn't have to wait a day and a half to open.
Roxie's package of sock yarn

I dumped them together on a towel. That's one huge pile of yarn!
BIG-assed pile of sock yarn

I have the best friends ever!


Anonymous said...

Hey finally you got the parcel then. Was waiting for it a few weeks ;( took a really long time before reaching you.
I do hope you like it.
enjoy the socks ;) it were my first toe up socks.

Donna Lee said...

That is going to make one lovely/colorful blanket.

Roxie said...

Wow, Donna Lee sent a LOTTA yarn! That's gonna be a wunnerful blankie!

Amy Lane said...

So purty! I need to send you my stuff now!!! (but you'll be going through that for a while...all good!)