List Day!

  • There were three cars at the bar this morning
  • Forced reboots really suck
  • It seems several of my internet friends (including me) are being affected by winter/holidazes
  • Oh goody, another forced reboot
  • Turns out I can reach Facebook from this computer
  • I must say, they have big brass ones
  • Seriously?
  • Beavis and Butthead are sitting on the other side of the cubical wall
  • Installed IE 8 on this computer
  • Because three reboots - on the other computer - first thing in the morning wasn't enough for me
  • My bangs are at the awkward stage, long enough to get in my eyes, but I can't do a damn thing with them
  • I'm also having I haven't done a (bleeping) thing with my life thoughts run through my head
  • I really hope it's winter/holidazes blues
  • They scheduled a gluten free potluck for the 25th
  • Seriously, the 25th!?
  • Grilltech promised, let's see if he delivers
  • Perky has the crud
  • If I start coming down with it, I'll have to kill her
  • She's already talking about how she wants a puppy
  • I point out, she has a dog, but that's not a puppy is her response
  • I made the dessert last night
  • Both Perky and Grilltech were ready to take one for the team and eat so no one else would have to
  • I'm ready to start the ribbing on the other mitt
  • They'll both be ready for the thumbs when the ribbing is done
  • I'm not sure I'll make it to knitting today
  • Not tired, just would rather do something else
  • Yea, like I have an idea of what something else is
  • Went to e-bay and spent money
  • Ribbing is almost done
  • Yummy, yummy hot guys are on tonight
  • I'm off to figure out dinner


Donna Lee said...

-the squares look wonderful
-I'm having some of those feelings,too
-2 of my girls had the crud and I've managed to avoid it (so far)
-haven't used IE8 yet but I have Windows 7
-it's not that different.

Galad said...

I'm thinking it is the winter/holidazes blues which means it is seasonal and will pass.

Stay healthy and tell Perky to keep her germs to herself :-)

Sandra said...

when you figure out dinner - pass some my way, willya? I'm stuck...

thanks for the comments - It's good to look at myself through others sometimes, and sometimes I need a push to do so. So, thanks for pushing.

Amy Lane said...

Mmmm... tasty dessert!!! And yeah. I'll have to live without waffles. Because, you know. I ate a lot of them before?

Doesn't she call her dog 'puppy'? I call Chiquita 'puppy' and she's old, fat & gray. (Maybe it's wishful thinking--projection on my part.)

Carrie Penny said...

The eggo thing has me really confused... They aren't that good, I was raised on real waffles, so anything from the freezer section tastes like perservatives to me (the only food that does for the record) and on the news there were actually people standing in line all night waiting for them to stock the shelves with what they had... REALLY THEY ARE WAFFLES, get up a few minutes earlier and make them, they aren't hard....