List Day!

Disjointed, several day spanning, List Day:
List Dated 25 November
  • There were five cars at the bar this morning
  • An officer pulled into the queue behind me while I picked up breakfast
  • The gusset is finished
  • Convert is two rows away from finishing the body of her blanket
  • Then she's going to knit on a lace edging
  • There will soon be another knitter in the ranks, this time it's a supervisor who has heard the siren's call
  • Someone else is teaching this one
  • Remember the Low Talker from Seinfeld? I sit between two loud talkers
  • Ohhh I crashed IE 8
  • Stupid report, have to re-download the thing
  • Remember me commenting about the gluten free potluck? The guy we're having it for called in sick today
  • Finished the gusset on the second sock
  • Only have three more inches to go on the quasi Christmas present
  • I'm going to have to battle the hordes at the store to pick up six or seven items
  • The gal who made the cake told us how she dusted the pans with flour
  • Then had to make another cake...
  • LT was putting the meat in the crock pot to heat it up
  • I pointed out to her even on high, nothing would get warm without it being plugged in
  • Dude, you're giving me mixed messages; telling me to open a ticket instead of bothering you and I still need to come to your desk because my ticket hasn't been taken care of in three days
  • Stores are INSANE, and I was only picking up eight items for tomorrow
  • I don't think I want to leave the house again until Monday
  • Okay, the LYS isn't really considered a hot spot of convergence by the great unwashed masses
  • I'm off to start cooking, so all I have to do is heat up a couple of items

List Dated 24 November
  • Counted six cars at the bar this morning
  • Now I remember why I make my own pancakes instead of eating frozen ones
  • The store last night had more people than normal in it
  • Don't want to be anywhere near it on Wednesday
  • Thankfully Perky sent me a bag of puppy chow, otherwise I'd be eating out of a vending machine
  • Perky and Kommadant are doing to his parent's house for the holiday
  • shhhh, it's going to be just us
  • Today is awesome
  • I'm almost bored
  • I've almost finished the gusset on the second sock
  • Calls are hanging and they want us to take calls
  • Bummer, it took me too long to get set up, so I missed the spike
  • Tomorrow maybe worse
  • Knitted edging for Convert
  • I also like this edging
  • More edgings Crap, same link as above
  • I've got Grilltech's ID card... to keep it safe
  • Door alarm going off

List Dated 20 November
  • I was 25 minutes late to work today
  • I need to knit the thumbs on the mitts
  • I have 5/8th of an inch to go before starting the heel on the second sock
  • Tonight is knit and eat, I need to go home and heat up the turkey
  • Yes, Grilltech followed through....
  • Maybe that's why I was late this morning


Sandra said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I'll be thinking of my American friends, relaxing, while I slog away at work...

Roxie said...

Good luck to the Convert and the Supervisor!

Hooray for fully gusseted almost socks!

Enjoy the holiday and wallow in the peace. It will be in short supply for the next few weeks.

emicat said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Amy Lane said...

Happy Thanksgiving-- and congratulations on the almost boredome at work (sometimes very awesome0 and on the knitting! (And on the sssshhhh... quiet two person Thanksgiving!)

Donna Lee said...

I love a quiet holiday. I was thinking of going to the grocery store and getting the ingredients to make fruitcake (what? I love the stuff) because I'm fairly sure it won't be too crowded today.

Carrie Penny said...

I love puppy chow, we always called it snowman poop when I was growing up. I had to go to the paternal grandmother to get it though, mom wouldn't make it.

Cops always scare me when they get behind me. I am always waiting to get pulled for something stupid, like I didn't turn on my blinker in the turn lane or something (it happens here all the time).

I would say forget gluten free next time, if he wants special food he can make it and bring what he will eat and share if he wants.

Only one of the three steps boys could come this year, oldest closed on his first house and was moving, youngest is in Tech School for the Air Force so it was pretty peaceful all be it very late!