List Day!

  • There were six cars at the bar this morning
  • In the long straight stretch, someone hit a skunk
  • Today is knit day down at the LYS
  • Lace Knitter (LK) asked the best way to get there from here
  • Yesterday I brought my big coat and didn't really need it
  • Today I brought a light jacket and wished I brought my heavier one
  • It appears the report is back to taking a long time to run
  • Long time is both good and bad
  • It appears it was a bad long time, the report failed
  • So now I have to run it again and in smaller batches
  • We watched V last night, WTF? What is up with the TV IN THE BATHROOM?
  • I won't allow Grilltech to have one in the bedroom, much less the bathroom
  • I gave away my fingerless mitts to Redheaded Knitter (RK), because she didn't have any and her hands were like ice
  • I'm thinking about pulling out the killer alpaca and making myself some mitts
  • Doing something different, spending more time getting set up then working
  • I've got a guy sitting in the bay across from me who is shaking my desk
  • I loathe that
  • The job I'm doing, pretty boring - and the monkey pushes the button
  • Dessert?
  • Knitted for a while, now I'm pretty much too tired to anything
  • I did find the alpaca
  • I really need to go start dinner
  • But, no Amy has sucked me into yummy, yummy hot guys video's


Roxie said...

It's so hard to hold onto those mitts, isn't it? You'd think more people would have the sense to wear gloves.

Amy Lane said...

The third pattern down on this link has a REALLY FUN pair of mitts to knit in fingering or dk yarn--I'm REALLY enjoying the pattern.

And Amy hesitates to point this out about the yummy hot guys videos, but, uhm, YOU STARTED IT. Oh, wait... nevermind. But I still owe you.

Donna Lee said...

I don't even have a tv in the house let alone the bathroom.....