Sunday, December 31

Happy New Year's Eve!

I’ve not been posting much the past week. Sorry about that, work has been crazy and honestly, I’ve just been lazy.

I’ve finished the fish mittens. Overall, they look pretty good. We just won’t talk about how the thumb is higher on one mitten then the other. WE JUST WON’T! Since I knit mine in the round, there is really no going back and fixing them, without doing some crazy things. It doesn’t bother me too much.

I’ve started a pair of sock for me. Opal socks. The colors remind me of spring, some greens, yellows, whites and purples. I was going to do a basket weave pattern, but didn’t care for how it was turning out. Now it’s just a boring old Stockinette pattern. I know, I know, I received the Sensational Socks book and I’m just doing a boring pattern? Didn’t have it with me at the time, I think the next pair will be a bit exciting.

Grilltech’s sweater is coming along. I’ve finished the second sleeve and the ribbing on the body. Now it’s the LONG trek to the underarms. He likes his sweaters bodies to be very long. I’m thinking 24 inches should do the trick. Or at least I hope 24 inches will be enough.

Monday, December 25

Christmas at Chez Tech house had a few bumps, but overall it was wonderful. I slept in until 06:30. Never thought I would say, slept in until 06:30. There was a point in time when 10:30 or 12:00 would be sleeping in, but I digress. Did get some knitting done before 09:00 when the Eldest and her husband came over.

Breakfast was a quick affair; the men had eggs over easy while we ladies had omelets – onion and red pepper. (hmm) Grilltech started handing out presents and couldn’t seem to catch his breathe. We ended up going to the ER because he wasn’t breathing right after 20 minutes.

After three hours at the ER, they couldn’t find anything wrong. In tech terms, it was a “you seemed to have a BSoD*, but we’ve rebooted you and you seem to be working fine now. If the BS** comes back, do call us again…”

The Muggles are starting to get the idea. Here are some of my presents: Module Magic and Sensational Knitted Socks are from Grill’s sister. Knitting Rules and the Soy Yarn are from his mom. The quilt is from my mom – I found the quilt top at a yard sale for EIGHT BUCKS! I sent it up to be quilted and I got it back at Christmas. Good deal. The furry body is Uggy. She’s so spoiled.

Grilltech made dinner. Prime rib with grill corn on the cob, and I roasted potatos, peppers (red and japalones), garlic and onions. You can see it on Grill’s page.

I guess I can come clean about Nameless’ One sweater now. It is after Christmas now. I let Grill’s mom know I was going to make her a sweater. In fact, I had made the sweater back in June, but she wasn’t reading the blog back then. In September, she mentioned she was looking forward to reading about the adventures of her sweater.

I didn’t want to let on the sweater was made and just waiting to be finished. Two ends to be woven in and decision to be made about buttons or zipper. You can read about button hell in some of my previous posts. I got it finished and in the mail. Grill’s mom wasn’t at work this week, but was calling his Sister to have her read the blogs. She was disappointed the sweater wasn’t done by the time of the mailing.

Today when Grill was talking to his mom, she was surprised to say the least her sweater was finished. I believe it was mentioned it even fits. Anyway, here is her sweater.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

* BSoD: Blue Screen of Death
* BS: Blue Screen

Saturday, December 23

Happy Christmas Eve! Hope everyone is doing well. We’re doing well.

The youngest enjoyed her birthday. Of course we “sucked”. We got her a redneck PDA. A notebook with a pencil attached. She rolled her eyes and said, where is the real one. She’s all growed up now. Just has to graduate and then she’ll be gone.

I’ve finished one of the fish mittens. The second one is coming along very well. I’m not overly sure the person who is getting them “loves them”. Once again, I’m back to “I’m not knitting for everyone next year”.

Wednesday, December 20

Short post today. It was do or die at work.

Stuff went into the mail yesterday. We only had to wait 30 minutes in line. It wasn't bad at all. I even got some knitting completed while waiting.

I was going to do a wedge type decrease for the mitten. It was too pointy for the mitten. So I've ripped it back and am trying a star decrease. Hopefully it will look better.

Tuesday, December 19

I've always coveted the bar's off to the side that tracked the progress. Over at Trish's blog, she posted where to find the code. So now I have the progress bars.

I was wrong, stuff is going in the mail today. Nameless One's sweater is still in purgatory.

I'm so very tired. Can hardly keep my eyes open today. I'm sure Grilltech will say I'm being very mean to him.

I've been slacking on my walking. I do try to walk every other day. I've been plotting a little. With so much knitting to do, I've not been worldbuilding. Stray thoughts go through my head and once in a while I write it down.

Monday, December 18

I'm one row of enterlac away from starting the decreases for the mitten. I ended up purchasing the fish pattern to see how she did her thumb. Only to read the interlac was knit flat, then sewed together. Well that didn't help me in the least. So I just did a scrap yarn row and will see how it turns out. If you hear someone screaming, you'll know who is it.

Finished the socks on Saturday. Aren't they cute? Err, manly? Dad won't wear cute. The sock student had completed one sock and waited to complete the other. She spent an hour completing her other sock then left. Any convert on her way.

Stuff goes into the mail today. Nameless One's sweater is still languishing on the desk. One sleeve completed, the other waiting for me to come back to it. We won't even talk about the body.

I'm able to get two enterlac squares completed on breaks. So that means, by the end of the day, I'll have my last row done. I'm trying to decide. Do I want to do the normal decreases or do I want to just do smaller enterlac, to give the illusion of scales throughout the body.

Stupid database is hanging and I can't knit. Must not scream at the computer. As Alice from Dilbert says, must control fist of death.

Thursday, December 14

Went knitting last night with C. She's going out of town for Christmas to visit family in Washington. Lenya has finals today, so she didn't make it to knitting last night. I'm to the toe on one sock. About an inch away on the other sock. I'm thinking the knit the big toe before Saturday and then I'll just have regular toe for class.

The database is down here at work. I'm done as much as I can. Blogs are read, it's either knitting or nap time, can't really decide which. I've completed my training. It's been six hours and the database is still down. I've made a bunch of snowflakes to help decorate the cube.

It's rained for the past couple of days. While we can really use the rain, I wish it would clear up, the Geminiod meteor shower is going on. I think we're going to miss it this year. We also missed the prior meteor shower as well.

Things you really never wanted to know about your parents. The size of my dad's big toe: 1.75 inches long and 1.25 wide. When I talked to them today, it was mentioned they're going to be down for the Youngest’s b-day next week. So she'll need to figure out where she wants to go for dinner. I have eight days to get the socks and mittens done. I can do this.

Wednesday, December 13

I'm in button hell, that's all I can figure. All knitters know out about dye lots. You want to buy the same dye lot to finish a project otherwise, you have a green shirt with lighter shades of green in parts. (Grilltech still wears the shirt and loves it.) So, I'm replacing the buttons on the sweater, I start on a new four pack and these ones are lighter! WTF?! I look and sure enough, they're all the same dye lot. GRRR! So I just put the lighter one at the bottom.

It reminds me of the Senfeld epsiode, where George got a great deal on the white cashmere sweater. All through the show, everyone is talking about this red dot which mares the sweater. The sweater gets passed around, because who wants the sweater. At the end of the show, they're hiding under a desk, hiding from a guy with a gun. George holds out the sweater and the guy says, "Hey, whats with the red dot." That's how I feel about the buttons. The last one doesn't match. What's with that?

Sent Lenya the directions for knitting tonight. (I'm sure that's not her current blog, but that's all I have.) Now it's on her, if she really wants to learn. Not sure what I'll be working on tonight. Most likely the socks. If I can get them done and I can get started on the mittens.

I have to be home by 19:00 tonight. Sci-Fi channel is running a mini-series Lost Room. The whole premise reminds me of the series called Friday the 13th back in the late 80's. The heroes inherted an antique store where everything was cursed. While the stuff in the lost room aren't cursed, they do unsual things. I just like the show. Love the comb that stops time.

Tuesday, December 12

Finished the gusset on the other sock. Now I'm on the home stretch to the toes before Saturday. I'm just hoping I have some size 2 double points. Hey, a reason to go buy some more supplies.... But I’d better check before buying, not that Grilltech really have a clue as to equipment I have.

Went to JoAnn's last night, was looking for a particular type of button. I couldn't find the one I was looking for, so I settled for some beautiful clear peach color ones. I picked up sixteen of them, so I'm not going to run out this time. Tonight I'll sew them on and finish the button band and I'll be done. With THAT project.

I'm waiting for 09:45 to roll around, so I can call in to find out if I'm needed for jury duty today. Funny thing about the court house, can't take knitting needles into the building, because they might be used as a weapon. But they can have ten pound marble name plates, sitting on the table before the defendants. Yeah, those size one needles are so dangerous. Turns out I don't have duty today. Still need to call in for the rest of the week.

Worked a little on the Nameless One's sweater. I’m having a hard time going on the second sleeve. Not exactly sure either, unless I’m just bored with knitting, round and round. Yeah, that could be it.

Monday, December 11

Wasn't to busy of a weekend. Managed to get the sock student through the heel and started the gusset. She wasn't able to see where the bottom started until we had her put in a stitch marker. She was able to get the idea. Next week is the last class. We should be to the toes by then. Then she'll just need to get through one more heel after that and she'll have a pair of socks to wear.

I've got dueling gussets on the needles. I figure I'll complete one sock and have one left for class next Saturday. I finished a hat for J, so both of them was delivered this morn. Wasn't sure what do knit on, so I started on the Nameless One's sweater. Mailing is going to be sometime this week; I think I'm going to miss the deadline. See what happens, when I slack off?

You Are Comet

A total daredevil, you're the reindeer with an edge!

Why You're Naughty: You almost gave Santa a heart attack when you took him sky diving

Why You're Nice: You always make sure the sleigh is going warp speed

Friday, December 8

Finished sewing the cat blanket together. It looks really kewl as you can see. I'm only eight months and some odd days late.

The cats are indifferent when you force them to look at something. Fran is ready to bolt.

Peaches, however, was happy to lay in the basket with the new blanky. Peaches and Sabrina fight over who gets to sleep in the basket.

We need to get the cards signed and mailed, even if I'm not going to make cookies this year. Last year really sucked with Granny dying. This year seems to be going down the same way. Don't feel motivated to do much of anything.

Finished the heel on the first sock last night, turned it and left the gusset to do. Will get to the heel on the second one today and I'll leave most of the heel for class tomorrow. I'm up to the heel now. Nothing to work on, just have to look busy.

I keep seeing all the beautiful lace and think, "I can do that." I know I can knit lace. The most daring part of knitting is the wearing. Would I really wear a lace shawl? No, is the honest answer. I think at best D would wear it, so I could knit for her. One would really be enough. Instead of knitting lace, I could knit the sexy top I bought the pattern from White Lies Designs. A lacy top. So that might get the whole lace knitting thing out of my system. Pattern calls for a wool/silk blend.

I have a linen/silk blend that is very soft and shiny. While it might make a very lovely naughty top, I think I want to make a cute knit top. I would be able to wear it anywhere and it will be nice. In my mind!

Thursday, December 7

I think I'm back to pretty much being normal. Can use more sleep, but then I always desire more sleep.

I'm sewing the afghan together for the cats. I had it on my lap last night; Uggy came and curled up on it. She wasn't happy to be shooed away because it was warm. I have many more loose ends to weave in before I can call it done.

I've also decided after knitting two socks about five inches on one circular, I do not like that process. I've put each sock on its own, now speed of knitting has increased. After the transfer, I met C for coffee, after (almost) two hours of knitting, two more inches were added to the sock. Sure if I had two on one, they'd both be at six inches instead of being lopsided, but I can live with it.

I need to get more buttons. I have the original ten on the sweater, but there are gaps that I don't like. C and I figured adding more buttons will fix the problem. C thinks the buttons adds to the sweater's overall good looks.

I've read through all the morning's blogs. So now I have to figure out something to help pass the time.


1. Map the world (12-10-06)
2. Map countries (12-10-06)
3. Name cities (12-17-06)
4. Map two major cities (12-17-06)
5. Map two major cities (12-24-06)

1. Start walking again (12-07-06)
2. Practice kata's (12-09-06)
3. Go to practice (01-03-07)

Saturday, December 2

I’m in hell.

Last night I was gathering up socks for my class. (Figured I showed people socks are socks.) I put my hand into one of the purple Dragon Scale sock, because I wanted to admire the pattern. And a finger poked out of the heel! I WORE THEM ONCE!! Now there is a hole!

After calming down, I was able to fix the hole. I’m glad I’ve got a darning egg. That thing is a life saver. From what I can tell, the yarn broke. After it broke, three stitches came undone in the wash. By using a duplicate stitch I was able to fix the hole. Right now, there is a bit of bump where the fix happened, but show work itself out with some wear and laundry.

I need to practice my duplicate stitching. It really sucks to try and fix something with small stitches I can’t do well. Guess I could swatch and practice with larger gauge.

Anyway, I think I’m ready for today’s class. I cleaned out my knitting bucket. It was full of my knitting Olympic Afghan. I don’t like how it’s turning out, it’s half done and I don’t like how it’s turning out. Nine months later and it’s still sitting. I’m thinking I’ll just donate the half done stuff to the pet shelter and start over.

Back to the bucket, it’s now full of socks, patterns, my knitting notebook, my current sock, and stuff to start another project, if need be.

The class was pretty good. Only person showed up, which relieved some of the stress I was having. We went over the pattern, and then casted on for Magic Loop method. She knows how to knit sweaters and mittens, so a sock will be nothing at all.

Friday, December 1

I could just cry. I moved from my old computer, into a new spot. I used a thumb drive to copy all my important documents. I got them all. Or so I thought. I just realized, I forgot my Update.txt file. It sits on my desk top and I use to write my blog entries, story ideas, and of course my knitting patterns. Why am I really so upset? I'm teaching a sock class tomorrow and my pattern is gone. I know I can re-write it, with no problem. (Well, maybe a few problems.) But I had some notes; I might miss in the new write up.

I called my dad last night and told him we got snow. He laughed and said me, his house has 18 inches, or so he had been told. (They’re being snowbirds this year.) About 15 minutes later, D called and said, they're coming back to Idaho because the trailer was having so many problems. I'd just talked to my dad, and he couldn't have told me? Oh bother. D wanted to know if her teddy bear sweater was done yet. Nope. Haven't really thought about what I want to make. Then she asked if Dad's socks were done. I told her yeah. She begins to go tell me "I know who the favorite is at your house." I finished with, "...they’re about as done as the bear sweater."