1000 Words

Down the street on a cloudy day

Fran checking out the dish clothes I've been working on

Grilltech's next sock, I need to start the second one


Tomorrow marks a week of the crud. I'm at the coughing stage and my ribs hurt already. I wish my head would clear up. I'm ready for this to be gone, like winter here. It snowed again last night, and again this morning. Ick.

I've been knitting, just not on the blanket. Been making dish clothes because of the large needles. Easier to see.

Stay healthy, because this sucks.


I'm on day two of the plague, sore throat and a slight runny nose. I talked to the one of the guys and he says he's had it for more then two weeks. Crap. I'm not going to enjoy this.

I'm about done with my row on the blanket. Not sure how many squares that works out to be, but I'm working on the thing. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to start another row when I finish this one or put it away until fall. I'm getting a bit tired of working on it. I might be able to get another row or two done before April. Who knows.

1000 Words

Finished my socks a while a go. They remind me of White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle ice cream Sure they have no truffle, but I can live with that.

List Day

  • Gas is at $2.29 per gallon
  • There was two cars at the coffee shop this morning
  • I was dreaming about my Grandmother last night
  • I wanted to buy a soda this morning, but the machine wouldn't take any of the five coins I had
  • I'm in last place on the work week hustle, guess that means I should walk a bit more
  • Most of our snow has melted, so that means spring is on it's way
  • One of trees at work is starting to bud
  • It's a slow day, I like slow days
  • Have a good night


Last night I did my three squares. I made a big hole for tonight's large square.

Yes, I did practice. It wasn't as many repeats of Kata as I would have liked, but it was practice. I got confused on the pinon series, so maybe I'll try again tonight. I think I've got the you tube video. If I would have been smart I would have looked last night, but I had a couple of pints of cider. My mental state wasn't exactly at it's sharpest.

I've started the toe on my second sock. So I should be done with it really soon, then I can start a pair for Grilltech. Or a hat. He's mentioned he'd liked another hat.


I went to karate last night. After two? three? months of doing nothing, I really hurt coming home. It wasn't like we did anything strenuous, but the act of moving was enough to make me sore. Today I'm better, but I've got to practice or I'll lose the small gains I've got. So tonight before knitting, do all six Kata twice. That's it. I can do that.

List Day

  • Gas is at $2.29 per gallon
  • There was one car at the coffee shop this morning
  • We didn't win the power ball, so I guess I've got to finish working this week
  • Last night, we made Orange Chicken for dinner
  • It's supposed to snow more today/tonight
  • I talked Grilltech into retiring a pair of felted socks today
  • It's snowing out there
  • Have a good evening


I'm having a hard time coming up with blog fodder. I mean really, do you want to hear about another three squares? (Whooooo!) That's kinda the only project I have going because I want it done. Scary part? I'm not even close to half way done, with the row or the blanket.

I could tell you how I'm fighting with a supervisor in Norfolk. While conflict is a good story for those reading or watching it, it's not so great for those living through it. (Just make the fucking changes....)

Anyway, I don't have to be ready for game night next week because it's board game time. Perky and Kommadant are having dinner with friends. The rest of us will be showing up dutifully and not able to play.

The desire to see Resident Evil: The Final Chapter has waned somewhat. I still want to see it, but figure I can wait the three months to just buy it instead.