I'm having a hard time coming up with blog fodder. I mean really, do you want to hear about another three squares? (Whooooo!) That's kinda the only project I have going because I want it done. Scary part? I'm not even close to half way done, with the row or the blanket.

I could tell you how I'm fighting with a supervisor in Norfolk. While conflict is a good story for those reading or watching it, it's not so great for those living through it. (Just make the fucking changes....)

Anyway, I don't have to be ready for game night next week because it's board game time. Perky and Kommadant are having dinner with friends. The rest of us will be showing up dutifully and not able to play.

The desire to see Resident Evil: The Final Chapter has waned somewhat. I still want to see it, but figure I can wait the three months to just buy it instead.

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