List Day

  • I counted two cars at the bar this morning
  • Ran out of dental floss at work
  • The chat program keeps crashing, so chatting with Grilltech is spotty
  • I've been watching Say Yes to the Dress, last night I had strange wedding dreams... Can't imagine why
  • The sun is almost trying to peek through the clouds
  • Several hours later, the sun is out and we have blue skies. I haven't seen the sun in over two weeks
  • Karate tonight
  • We didn't plan anything for dinner, so having a hard time thinking of anything
  • Have a good evening. Tomorrow is Friday!


Yesterday, we had to dress in business casual. Since I'm pretty lazy and I haven't shaved my legs in years months, I wore a skirt with leg warmers. I'm sure several people laughed at me, but I was warm. Today, I'm in jeans and wishing I had worn the leg warmers, because I'm chilly. It doesn't help that my cube mate has a fan going because he's hot. Yes, a HIM.

We're getting freezing rain here. While the water is really needed, the freezing part I can do without. Right outside my window is a ice covered tree, it looks amazing. Not the same way a sun rise or set looks, but lovely the same. Water is dripping from the icicles, I can't tell if it's still raining or it's melting. The drive home should be very interesting.

I finished my sock and started the second one. My knitting funk has loosened, but it's still a death grip. I'm about half way through the first chart of the double knit scarf with five more charts to go - really 11 because Grilltech wants a long one. I'm two squares away from finishing the current row on the blanket. In the evenings, so I do any of those? No, I play stupid video games. Deep breath This too, shall pass.

Winter Games

Is anyone else doing the Ravellenic winter Games 2014 (Rav)? I'm signed up for team Oh No, Not Again on the Uuuuugh I hate this project board. I usually don't do so good knitting on a timeline, but I went with smaller projects so I won't freak out as much.

This year I'm making both Perky and me some cute mitts, either these mitts or mitts, I just haven't decided which pair to make yet. Maybe since I'm going to be making two pairs, I should do them both.

I can't wait until Feb 6th to come, so I can start my new projects.

Adventures in OS

On Tuesday night, I backed up my email and asked Grilltech to scrub my OS. I couldn't take not being able to use my computer anymore. It had Windows 7 on it and I couldn't do anything. Playing a game of solitaire was an exercise of sainthood, because the lag was bad. Wait 30 seconds for the card to select bad. If I was listening to music and tried to do anything, it would sputter. Perky described it as Tourettes. I could not take it anymore, because what is the point of having a computer if I can't use it?

Grilltech, being the wonderful husband he is, had XP loaded within three hours. The next day, I started loading programs. I don't know why or how it happened but I got some sort of a virus on the system and it crashed again - NTLoader not found. Another OS load, because with the NTLoader gone, there is no OS. Grilltech sighed but had it going within 45 minutes.

Did you know Winzip 18 doesn't work with XP? We didn't either until last night. However, Winzip 15 does work. I was able to get Civ loaded, so I can start playing it. Just not tonight, because it's game night. Once Office installed and flash player is installed I'll be all set.

Not quite a new computer, but better than Windows 7.

List Day

  • I counted three cars at the bar this morning
  • The sunrise this morning is a lovely dark pink
  • My SAD light showed up yesterday and I used it this morning. My eyes are feeling a bit strained
  • The Gnome is rampaging, team mates are getting annoyed
  • This morning I'm having a problem doing math, wonder if it's because of the headache I have
  • We're having grilled cheese for dinner tonight
  • Not going to make it to the gym, my head is still hurting
  • I’ll need to remember to get on the computer at home, otherwise I’ll forget to post
  • Have a good evening everyone

List Day

  • I counted two cars at the bar this morning
  • It was an interesting mix of rain and freezing rain during the drive in
  • Thank you for the understanding about my issues, it's nice to know I'm not alone
  • It appears I'm not the only one in a mood, Gnome is rampaging around the team
  • Emailed my drug councilor and she's going to call me back soon(TM)
  • Gah!!!! Why is there only one week showing in this forecast?!
  • We're off to the gym after work, wish us luck


It's the middle of winter and I'm sick of it all. I'm ready for warm summer days and nights. I'm sick of being on the verge of tears. At least I hope that's the reason for my depression. If it is depression. Tomorrow I go talk to my therapist, maybe she'll give me some helpful hints to deal. I don't want to go from January to April feeling like this again.

I've got one project on the needles right now - okay two but the blanket is long term. I'm not sure if I dislike double knitting or having to look at the pattern every couple of stitches. But the scarf is going slow. Okay, I lied. I have three projects - a pair of socks for me.

We've started back to the gym. Yesterday was cardio, today will be weights. Plus karate tonight. I like the idea of losing weight and getting fit, but hate the work to do it. Isn't it easier to be fat and happy? Oh wait, I'm not happy.

List Day

  • I counted one car at the bar this morning
  • Everyone who took a week or so off during Christmas is now back. And some are sick
  • Shoot, I forgot to start the roast this morning, not sure what dinner will be now
  • We watched Cirque Du Soleil: Words Away, it was amazing
  • After two weeks of being down, they finally fixed the CMS feed
  • I wonder what they call two new moons in a month. It's not a blue moon, because those are full moons
  • I need more than two days’ notice to get a new skill created. Don't make me hunt you down and hurt you