List Day

  • I counted three cars at the bar this morning
  • Gas is at $2.98 per gallon
  • I woke up freezing last night, teeth chattering freezing
  • Ready to put my jacket on, because the cube-mate has his fan going
  • I have herds of giant dust bunnies on my desk, maybe I should dust
  • Looks like its getting ready to rain again
  • This weekend we're celebrating Baby Bird's birthday by taking her to the zoo

1000 Words

Down the street on a cloudy day

Made some progress on my tunic

Grilltech's next sock

Ruby. See how cute she is? Adorable even.

Don't believe it, she's evil. Pure evil. Any time I'm not paying attention, she chews on yarn. She got Grilltech's sock twice and my sweater once. I'm told to beat her with a skein of yarn and that would cure her. I'm thinking she'd just think it was a toy.

Worst Cat Guardian Ever...

Left Fran out side for two hours while I was off knitting.

How will I live with the shame?

List Day

  • There was no cars at the bar this morning
  • Gas is at $2.91 per gallon
  • Grilltech is at a conference, so I'm on my own
  • I picked up my box of wine from FedEx yesterday
  • Friday night will be video games with wine, it will be fun
  • Can't unlock the computer with out the ID card.... DUH
  • Looks like it's just me for the gym today, Perky left her gym bag at home
  • Really? You're going to ignore me after I ask my question?


Dear Life,

I'm tired of feeling this way. I know this shall pass, but really? It needs to be over and fast.

- Crabby

Dear Perky,

I'm glad you're hunting for bargains. Honestly that's a good thing. But I'm kinda burned out on hearing the latest and greatest.

Thank you for all the hard work.

- Mom

Dear Eldest,

Are you sure this time? Really sure? Because I've been hearing this for the past two years.

- Mom

Dear Work,

I wish had I more confident in myself to look for something more. But every time I apply I feel like a fraud and just know in my heart of hearts there is someone better then me.

It totally sucks.

- Me

Dear Dentist,

I don't have a 1000 to spend on a new crown. I blew all my $$ on getting one of those already. I'm going to need to wait a while for it.

This sucks.

- Me

Drive By

Whew, this pants are tight. Makes me look forward to the time when they'll be to big.

List Day

  • I counted one car at the bar this morning
  • Gas is at $2.88 per gallon
  • Today's pants finally fit, a bit tight, but they fit
  • It's raining out there


Yesterday, I called out sick. I wasn't feeling overly well. Last night, I forgot to set my alarm. This morning I woke up when we should have been leaving. Managed to get to work with minutes to spare. Lucky me.

The current book I'm reading, isn't impressing me. If I had another book to switch to, I think I would, but I don't. Think I'll find another one tomorrow.

Still feeling a bit down, not as bad as I was, but still blue. Still finding it hard to be excited about anything. I think it's making Grilltech a bit crazy.

Nothing to See Here

I'm in a mood. I don't want to do anything. No knitting, no karate, no house cleaning, nothing. There isn't anyway to pull myself out of it. I've just gotta ride it out. Hopefully the mood will break soon and I'll feel like doing things. Soon.

Tomorrow, we're going to see a movie. The movie of the summer according to the news.

This whole diet thing is making me crazy. I'm down a couple of pounds, but no where near what I think I should be. So in my head I'm thinking it's pointless and I'm going to be fat for the rest of my life.