Dear Life,

I'm tired of feeling this way. I know this shall pass, but really? It needs to be over and fast.

- Crabby

Dear Perky,

I'm glad you're hunting for bargains. Honestly that's a good thing. But I'm kinda burned out on hearing the latest and greatest.

Thank you for all the hard work.

- Mom

Dear Eldest,

Are you sure this time? Really sure? Because I've been hearing this for the past two years.

- Mom

Dear Work,

I wish had I more confident in myself to look for something more. But every time I apply I feel like a fraud and just know in my heart of hearts there is someone better then me.

It totally sucks.

- Me

Dear Dentist,

I don't have a 1000 to spend on a new crown. I blew all my $$ on getting one of those already. I'm going to need to wait a while for it.

This sucks.

- Me


Donna Lee said...

Isn't it amazing how much crowns cost? We are in the wrong line of work! I'm waiting to see if my dental insurance will pay for mine. If not, I'm going to be out 1,000 dollars too.

Galad said...

I think grumpiness must be going around because it is visiting our house too. Hope things smooth out for you. Those dental expenses really suck.

FYI - most people feel like a fraud inside, hence the idea of fake it until you make it.