Didn't feed the cats last night. Do I feed them tonight or wait until tomorrow?  I know what the kitties vote would be. 


It started snowing here about 0800 Thursday morning. We got up and drove to work at 0500 and it was still snowing. His pickup had about four to six inches covering it. It's way to early for winter. There is another month to go before the solstice is even here. I'm sure the ski mountain is happy to see all the white, but I'm not.

Nytemare is a hyper little kitten. Anything that moves must be played with. This includes my yarn, because you know, it looks like string and all string belongs to her. So, I'm not getting any knitting done. I guess it's time to go out to coffee and knit.

1000 Words

Down the street on a cloudy fall day

My new shawl in the works

Grilltech's new socks with re-enforced toes and socks

Our new kitten. Isn't she cute? Adorable even.

She's evil and aptly named Nytemare. Both Fran and Uggy are unhappy with her. But does she care? Nope, she's a four month old kitten. Who's only care in the world is when does she get to play.