List Day

  • I counted three cars at the bar this morning
  • My headphones wasn't in their normal spot, after I borrowed a pair from Grilltech, I found mine in the bin
  • Oh yea, I'm supposed to be watching requests
  • It's going to be another smoky day. On the plus side, it's cooler
  • It's spelled f-o-r-e-c-a-s-t, not f-o-r-e-c-a-t-s
  • Day two of the nasty headache
  • Ugh! I've got the hiccups
  • I may have to stop waiting Fringe, and watch season four of True Blood
  • The Gnome has the weekend off, it's quiet over here
  • EMT's are on site
  • Grilltech said on-line friends and DVD shows aren't real social interaction
  • I think he's lying
  • Half day of work tomorrow

Bad Air

Yesterday was clear and windy.

Today? Not so much.

I broke a filling. I've gotta wait until Monday to get it fixed. It's going to be one of those weekends.

List Day

  • Yesterday, I counted eight cars at the bar
  • Today there was only two
  • Sometimes a movie is so bad, I can't find the right words to express my disgust loathing repulsion utter disdain for it
  • I had a procedure done last Wednesday, yesterday was truly the first day I'm feeling myself
  • Grilltech is going to be off drinking beer and bonding with other men at a BBQ competition this weekend
  • Two useful links for double knitting and double knit cast on
  • I hate it when the ice dam breaks and soda runs down my shirt
  • I refuse to feel bad for the decision I made. I did my due diligence, it was the right choice at the time. Next time, don't take a 30 minute break while I'm looking for a DM to answer my query
  • Three hours of my day left
  • Trying to decide what I want to do for dinner
  • I've picked up the dropped stitches and in theory I've figured out how to fix the hole in my sleeve. Now it's just a question of will the execution of thought process work correctly
  • I think it's time for a Doctor Who marathon
  • Maybe I'll start working on my table cloth
  • Maybe I should finish working on my hood scarf
  • Maybe I can make a necklace
  • While at the store, we found Once Upon a Time DVDs for sale. Grilltech snapped it up and was at the register purchasing it when he was told sorry, this shouldn't be out until the 28th. Now I'm heartbroken
  • Have a good weekend

1000 Words

It appears the smoke is back and thicker than normal.

Finished another bathmat. Grilltech has been hinting he wants a rug to put in front of the back door.

Started the giftmas presents. Only four (?) more sets to go.

I'm dog sitting for an hour or two. Much like the cats, he won't look at me when I have a camera in my hands.

Winds of Change

What a difference a day makes. After weeks of smoke, the winds have came in and cleared the sky.

Can You Breathe?

How bad is it outside?

Hopefully the winds tomorrow will do some clearing.

Monday, Monday

It was a good - busy, but good - weekend. On Saturday, Perky and I was out running errands. Every time we passed a yard sale sign, she would pout and that I never-ever-ever take her to yard sales. so a block from the house I pull over at one. They didn't have anything that looked terribly interesting, but I did notice a sign that said furniture for sale in the house. I bought us a new-to-us couch and matching chair. It was an estate sale, so they were happy to part with them. Plus both are in excellent shape.

Saturday night, Grilltech took me out to watch the Perseid shower. Perky and Kommadant came with us and seemed to enjoy themselves. While we was setting up, a long one streaked across the sky. I believe the total count for the night was 20+.

Grilltech spent all day Sunday running a Malifaux tournament. Since he was running it, he didn't play and yet he still managed to have a good time. He came home with a bag of holding, which I promptly stole. I showed him my bag which is looking pretty ratty from wear, so he was okay with me taking it. And I promised to buy him a replacement on on Friday.

List Day

  • Counted seven cars at the bar this morning
  • Slimbrowser annoyed me with the latest update, so I installed firefox so I can comment on people's blogs
  • For some reason, little things are starting to annoy me
  • Gnome was happy with his hat
  • Dinner tonight is smoked turkey sandwiches
  • Our sky is still very hazy from all the fires
  • Damn you auto correct
  • I hate being a dumbass... I put all my updates on the wrong tab of my spreadsheet
  • Thank you everyone for the comments on the bracelet, it turned out pretty spiffy for my project
  • Can you picture making socks from kevlar?
  • Roxie, here is another cookie recipe

1000 Words

Down the street on a smoky day:

Down the street on Saturday:

Finished Perky's bathmat:

Started another one for us:

I traded a pink and black hat:

For my draw plate:

So I could make a bracelet:

Amber Tuesday

Today at 0530, the eastern sky was still very dark. Orion was sitting close to the horizon, so the group of stars I thought was the Pleiades, was. I guess fall is on its way here, but too bad the heat hasn't gotten the memo yet. Today is suppose to be about 104. It's too hot to do karate, yes, I know I could do it in the house where it's cool but I'm not.

On Saturday, us girls went to see Snow White and the Huntsman. I have a serious problem with movies that show the heroine being locked in a tower most of her life suddenly picking up a sword and knowing how to fight with it. Plus my serious loathing of magpies... I did like Chris Hemsworth, he was handsome and breath taking. And Charlize Theron? There are no words to express my admiration of her skills.

On Sunday, I made banana bread. Instead of using regular milk, I changed things up and used chocolate. The bread is quite good, but not as chocolaty as I wanted. The next time, I'll add a couple of tablespoons of cocoa powder to see how that turns out.

Last night we finished watching V second season and wow! I love how they worked some of the original actors into the story line. I'm bummed it didn't make it another season. Of course, I'm watching all my shows on DVD or Netflix. Hmm I went to see if I could find the fist season on Amazon, and they want 25 bucks for it! I only paid 10 for the second.

List Day

  • Counted four cars at the bar this morning
  • I don't know what was up with traffic this morning, but going downtown was heavier than usual
  • When the pattern comes out, I so hafta knit me some of these
  • The night is getting a bit longer; Venus and Jupiter are bright jewels in the eastern sky
  • I think I can make out Pleiades slightly above Jupiter, but I'm not sure. They're not as bright yet
  • I've traded a hat (soon to be made) for a draw plate
  • Now I've got to get some wire and I'll be off and running
  • It's Forecast Outlook not Calibration Week, I think it's time to go home
  • Gnome stopped by and suggest I look at Rio Grande for supplies
  • And because it would be kewl... Titanium wire
  • Seriously? You put in the vacation request on Monday and you're already bitching it's not been handled?
  • I'm all over the place today, still have about three spreadsheets open that I haven't finished working on
  • Oops, updated my numbers and now I’m about 50K short. Now I hafta talk to the Gnome to see how he wants it handled
  • Why aren’t I getting July’s numbers on the Reporting Web?
  • I'm needing to let go of some frustration issues I have with a friend of mine
  • Grilltech is starting a load of laundry, man is he sexy right now...