Monday, Monday

It was a good - busy, but good - weekend. On Saturday, Perky and I was out running errands. Every time we passed a yard sale sign, she would pout and that I never-ever-ever take her to yard sales. so a block from the house I pull over at one. They didn't have anything that looked terribly interesting, but I did notice a sign that said furniture for sale in the house. I bought us a new-to-us couch and matching chair. It was an estate sale, so they were happy to part with them. Plus both are in excellent shape.

Saturday night, Grilltech took me out to watch the Perseid shower. Perky and Kommadant came with us and seemed to enjoy themselves. While we was setting up, a long one streaked across the sky. I believe the total count for the night was 20+.

Grilltech spent all day Sunday running a Malifaux tournament. Since he was running it, he didn't play and yet he still managed to have a good time. He came home with a bag of holding, which I promptly stole. I showed him my bag which is looking pretty ratty from wear, so he was okay with me taking it. And I promised to buy him a replacement on on Friday.

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Amy Lane said...

Yup. In our family, those things are fair game!