Amber Tuesday

Today at 0530, the eastern sky was still very dark. Orion was sitting close to the horizon, so the group of stars I thought was the Pleiades, was. I guess fall is on its way here, but too bad the heat hasn't gotten the memo yet. Today is suppose to be about 104. It's too hot to do karate, yes, I know I could do it in the house where it's cool but I'm not.

On Saturday, us girls went to see Snow White and the Huntsman. I have a serious problem with movies that show the heroine being locked in a tower most of her life suddenly picking up a sword and knowing how to fight with it. Plus my serious loathing of magpies... I did like Chris Hemsworth, he was handsome and breath taking. And Charlize Theron? There are no words to express my admiration of her skills.

On Sunday, I made banana bread. Instead of using regular milk, I changed things up and used chocolate. The bread is quite good, but not as chocolaty as I wanted. The next time, I'll add a couple of tablespoons of cocoa powder to see how that turns out.

Last night we finished watching V second season and wow! I love how they worked some of the original actors into the story line. I'm bummed it didn't make it another season. Of course, I'm watching all my shows on DVD or Netflix. Hmm I went to see if I could find the fist season on Amazon, and they want 25 bucks for it! I only paid 10 for the second.


Galad said...

So disappointing when a promising show is cut short. I'm watching Torchwood now.

Donna Lee said...

I second Torchwood! What a good series.

I absolutely loved Charlize Theron in that movie. She owned it. It should have been called The Wicked Queen and Some Other Folks.

Roxie said...

Donna Lee nailed it. The Wicked Queen and someotherfolks. And yes, Chris Hemsworth is tasty, but I much prefer him washed and brushed as Thor.

Chocolate banana bread? What a great idea! Good luck on the next batch.

Have you and Grilltech gotten into "Grimm?" I'm so delighted that it made as second season. For me, the Portland area location is one of the co-stars of the show.