Friday, September28

First leg of the Fiber Frenzy Shop Hop is done. We had to go to John Day, Oregon. It was a long ass trip. We missed the turn and went back into Idaho. ARRGH!! Two hours lost. We turned around and finally made it to Skeins. Very nice shop. She had quite the library. Almost purchased several books. Next place we made it to was LaDonna's Fiber Arts in Baker, Oregon. It was more of a quilt store then a knit store. Didn't pet much. Next place was White House Yarn & Fiber in Ontario, Oregon. Once again, a nice place. They had on display the "grand prize". I'm hoping not many people make it all the shops. There is about $750 worth of knitterly goodness, I could use. Ewephoria in Nampa, Idaho was under construction, they're expanding into quilting stuff. More of the high end fiber. Some under lock and key. Last place we made it too was Knit One, Quilt Too, in Kuna, Idaho. We ended up buying some really nice fiber. (For the life of me, I can't remember what it's called. I can barely think straight right now.)

Tomorrow, we're off to McCall. Then we only have three shops here in town to get then we'll be done. Funny, the only shop so far to have a web site is Fuzz. Go figure.

Now I'm going to drag myself off to bed. Night all!

Happy B-Day Grilltech

42 reasons why Grilltech is the bestest husband in the world.

1. He makes me laugh.
2. He's incredibly smart.
3. He wears the knitted items I make him.
4. He makes the best beer in the world. And I don't like beer.
5. He smiles and nods when I hold up a project. "Sure honey, it looks great!" (And means it.)
6. He tells me how beautiful I am, even when I don't feel that way.
7. His smile brightens my day.
8. He is the most handsome man in the world.
9. He's like a comfortable pair of needles, bent to the shape of my hands.
10. He's a wonderful father.
11. Every time he leaves, he kisses me good bye. Every time!!
12. He tells me how much he loves me daily.
13. When he leaves in the mornings, he'll put a blanket on the bed to keep me warm.
14. He listens to talk radio in the mornings, so I learn something new everyday.
15. Because of him, I know what a carboy is. (See #4)
16. I like how he sighs when one of the cats jumps up on him, then he pets them.
17. The sex is amazing!!
18. He doesn't mind having my stash hidden around the house.
19. He has a cute dimple on the left side of his face.
20. He smiles when I tease him.
21. He quit smoking.
22. He loves Lego's.
23. He's 81% geek.
24. He's happy to figure out my knitting math at times.
25. He likes to go star gazing with me.
26. He babies me when I'm sick.
27. He doesn't whine to much when he gets sick.
28. He makes the best Barbecue.
29. He doesn't mind when I spend $$ at the LYS.
30. He plans out his brewing, then gets his Brew Mag, and it changes.
31. He's always reading something.
32. He likes to play both computer and board games.
33. He'll record my favorite show, even if I forget to record his.
34. He has the most amazing brown eyes.
35. He makes up his own words to songs, which are funny.
36. He lets me shower first in the mornings, so he can get an extra five minutes of sleep.
37. He's willing to do dishes.
38. He gets my dark humor.
39. He calls me on his breaks on Saturdays.
40. He laughs at me when I swear at the knitting then shakes his head when I say, it wasn't to bad when completed.
41. He doesn't let me win, I have to work for it.
42. He's the same age as the answer to the ultimate question of the universe.

Tuesday, September 25th

And now for something completely different (Thanks Grilltech)

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Monday, September 24th

Things around here are starting to get back to normal. Okay, not normal, a little less crazy - maybe. I know most of us on the team busted our butts to make things go smoothly. Now? Supervisors are asking about stuff they should have taken training on. I'm trying to hard to be nice about it. "Oh you don't remember, let me show you." But the fifth time, by the same fraggin' supervisor? They're begging to be killed. No judge would convict me. Agents are pulling the same thing. But I can't submit my vacation requests. I check, they haven’t even registered yet. Yeah, nice try. Go do the training, and then we'll talk. I call deal with the great unwashed masses bitching, but the cow-orkers who sat through the same fraggin' training I did? When I do snap, well... I'll be making multiple trips to the door.

Saturday, September 22nd

I am a dumbass, plain and simple. There is no other explanation. On Friday, I “helped” slam PK’s finger in the door. It was an accident, but I did have some responsibility in the event. It was bad enough she had to go have it X-rayed because it might have been broken. Thankfully, it wasn’t. But it is (or was) swollen enough to prevent feeling. The running joke in the office was, don’t let Knittech walk you to the door. You might not come back. (My response: she deserved it, and you’d better stay out of my way. It's hard to razz someone who throws it back.)

I’ve purchased three skeins of La Boheme Jamaican Spice. I don’t have nearly enough to make a decent shawl. I’ve ordered three more skeins of the stuff. It’s pretty and sparkly, but costly. By costly, I mean I’ve spent almost the same amount for the shawl that I did for Grilltech’s sweater. The problem? I don’t know if the person I’m making it for will like the damn thing! I believe she has seen the yarn and thought it was “cute”. I’m having the dilemma of do I keep it and make her a cheaper one? Or do I finish it and hand it off, not telling her how much it cost. It is a gift, whether she uses it or not isn’t the point.

Grilltech’s yarn is taunting me. It’s trying to seduce me into knitting his sweater before I finish the damn shawl. So far I’ve resisted, but it’s tempting. Oh so tempting.

Wednesday, September 19th

The upgrade on our side of the wall, went very well. We have problems here and there, most out of our control. The other side of the wall on the other hand is having problems. I'm not sure what all they are, but I'm glad we had our ducks in a row. WOWer1, turned to me and said "You rock!" (I spearheaded the workbook for the upgrade.)

I'm working on Grilltech's second sock. Its coming along. I think he wants it NOW. I picked up the yarn for his sweater. More money on the sweater then any other project, to date. He didn't have a heart attack, only because he's going to spend that much on brewing supplies.

Monday, September 17th

Most days I love my job, I really do. Today, not so much. (I started this on Friday, but it applies for today (Monday) as well.) I've got a cold. (bleck) I've forgot to bring breakfast. My lunch has become breakfast, and I'll need run and pickup something for lunch today. The database is up and running, which means I now have a weeks worth of data entry I need to get completed as quickly as possible.

And now for something completely different: (Thanks Roxie)

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Wednesday, September 12

At the datamine, the database is being updated. We're going from 3.3 to 7.7. There was quite a bit of prep work which needed to happen before the database went down. Right now, we're in limbo (how low can you go?) waiting for the IT people to tell us, you can go in and start processing data. In the mean time, we're having to use spreadsheets to track everything. Shift swaps aren't suppose to be happening, but they are. Well, Billy-Bob has to go have his dog's teeth flossed and he didn't know he was drafted to work this Saturday, until you sent the e-mail this week. We check, Billy-Bob had been drafted back in June, but didn't bother to check. Plausible deniability. I want a clue brick.

On the knitting front, I've started another shawl. This one is a Christmas present. So the kids can't walk out the door with this one. It's another Alberta shawl, but I'm using Fiesta Yarn. I'd show you guys, but I can't find the yarn. I'll need to look at the tag when I get home.

Lynne, you can knit the Shaker sweater in adult sizes. You'll need to adjust as needed. I'm making one for Grilltech. But be warned, it used 20-30% more yarn then a normal sweater. The gals at the LYS sent a picture of the sweater to SWTC, and they want to talk to me. Yeap. I've only written the sweater in one size, it can be easily adjusted. But to be published?! OMG. Now I need to talk to them before I start jumping off the deep end.

Tuesday, September 4th

The Shaker Baby Sweater is completed. I need to weave in the loose ends and it's done. Now I need to drop it off at the shop. The other night we went to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. We sat across from faux stone carving of two peacocks. I kept looking at the tail of the one and thinking, that would be a great lace pattern. I suppose I could look and see if there is a lace pattern out there already instead of trying to re-invent the wheel.

I'm a dumbass, no big surprise there. The Youngest has been knitting on a lace shirt for about 2-3 month’s now. She had divided for the front and I told her the wrong information. We had her try it on, it was too small. So I've taken it to be re-knit. I've added more stitches for a better fit. I've had it for four days now, she's already asking is it done yet. No, but I can give it back to you, so you can finish it...

It was a quiet weekend. We was going to go star gazing Sunday night. But the moon rose about the time we was ready to leave. No point in going, the light would be too bright. So we stayed home and I knitted.

Grilltech did his second sleep study. (He stops breathing when he sleeps, so they're going to fix the problem.) He said he did feel better, so that's a bonus. He also bottled the Frozen Bunny Beer on Sunday. Moved the Peach Mead, into another carboy. He's thinking the mead is about ready to be bottled. I'm thinking, it could wait another two weeks. Something about bottle bombs make me a bit nervous.