Monday, September 24th

Things around here are starting to get back to normal. Okay, not normal, a little less crazy - maybe. I know most of us on the team busted our butts to make things go smoothly. Now? Supervisors are asking about stuff they should have taken training on. I'm trying to hard to be nice about it. "Oh you don't remember, let me show you." But the fifth time, by the same fraggin' supervisor? They're begging to be killed. No judge would convict me. Agents are pulling the same thing. But I can't submit my vacation requests. I check, they haven’t even registered yet. Yeah, nice try. Go do the training, and then we'll talk. I call deal with the great unwashed masses bitching, but the cow-orkers who sat through the same fraggin' training I did? When I do snap, well... I'll be making multiple trips to the door.

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Amy Lane said...

eeerrgggh... I'm with you...the third time a kid asks "What page?" and I point to the board, I just want to smack someone. With a tire iron.