Happy B-Day Grilltech

42 reasons why Grilltech is the bestest husband in the world.

1. He makes me laugh.
2. He's incredibly smart.
3. He wears the knitted items I make him.
4. He makes the best beer in the world. And I don't like beer.
5. He smiles and nods when I hold up a project. "Sure honey, it looks great!" (And means it.)
6. He tells me how beautiful I am, even when I don't feel that way.
7. His smile brightens my day.
8. He is the most handsome man in the world.
9. He's like a comfortable pair of needles, bent to the shape of my hands.
10. He's a wonderful father.
11. Every time he leaves, he kisses me good bye. Every time!!
12. He tells me how much he loves me daily.
13. When he leaves in the mornings, he'll put a blanket on the bed to keep me warm.
14. He listens to talk radio in the mornings, so I learn something new everyday.
15. Because of him, I know what a carboy is. (See #4)
16. I like how he sighs when one of the cats jumps up on him, then he pets them.
17. The sex is amazing!!
18. He doesn't mind having my stash hidden around the house.
19. He has a cute dimple on the left side of his face.
20. He smiles when I tease him.
21. He quit smoking.
22. He loves Lego's.
23. He's 81% geek.
24. He's happy to figure out my knitting math at times.
25. He likes to go star gazing with me.
26. He babies me when I'm sick.
27. He doesn't whine to much when he gets sick.
28. He makes the best Barbecue.
29. He doesn't mind when I spend $$ at the LYS.
30. He plans out his brewing, then gets his Brew Mag, and it changes.
31. He's always reading something.
32. He likes to play both computer and board games.
33. He'll record my favorite show, even if I forget to record his.
34. He has the most amazing brown eyes.
35. He makes up his own words to songs, which are funny.
36. He lets me shower first in the mornings, so he can get an extra five minutes of sleep.
37. He's willing to do dishes.
38. He gets my dark humor.
39. He calls me on his breaks on Saturdays.
40. He laughs at me when I swear at the knitting then shakes his head when I say, it wasn't to bad when completed.
41. He doesn't let me win, I have to work for it.
42. He's the same age as the answer to the ultimate question of the universe.


Lovs2Knit said...

Happy B-Day Grilltech!

Sounds like you have a wonderful hubby!

Amy Lane said...

awwwww... dang, the only thing to say to that is Happy B-Day, Grilltech...keep up the good humanity, dude!

Lynne said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Grilltech!

Knittech, when are you going to clone him so the rest of us can have one as good?