Friday, September28

First leg of the Fiber Frenzy Shop Hop is done. We had to go to John Day, Oregon. It was a long ass trip. We missed the turn and went back into Idaho. ARRGH!! Two hours lost. We turned around and finally made it to Skeins. Very nice shop. She had quite the library. Almost purchased several books. Next place we made it to was LaDonna's Fiber Arts in Baker, Oregon. It was more of a quilt store then a knit store. Didn't pet much. Next place was White House Yarn & Fiber in Ontario, Oregon. Once again, a nice place. They had on display the "grand prize". I'm hoping not many people make it all the shops. There is about $750 worth of knitterly goodness, I could use. Ewephoria in Nampa, Idaho was under construction, they're expanding into quilting stuff. More of the high end fiber. Some under lock and key. Last place we made it too was Knit One, Quilt Too, in Kuna, Idaho. We ended up buying some really nice fiber. (For the life of me, I can't remember what it's called. I can barely think straight right now.)

Tomorrow, we're off to McCall. Then we only have three shops here in town to get then we'll be done. Funny, the only shop so far to have a web site is Fuzz. Go figure.

Now I'm going to drag myself off to bed. Night all!


leyna said...

Fuzz may have a website but it is VERY out of date!

Amy Lane said...

Wow--I'm going to have to tell Babetta about this deal...seriously, she'd be worth the 500 mile drive.