List Day

  • There wasn't any cars at the bar this morning
  • I need to figure out a way to make this music a ring tone
  • Maybe I should start taking some B12, because I'm pretty run down
  • Or I might be coming down with something
  • It's been raining off and on for the past three-four days
  • Night Owl gave me a B12 and wow, lots more energy
  • Dinner plans for the next week: Hot dogs tonight, Eldest's birthday dinner Friday, dip night Saturday, homemade pizza Sunday, crock pot lamb Monday, lamb Stroganoff Tuesday, pork chops Wednesday, grilled cheese Thursday, and burgers on Friday
  • Overhead comment: Fuck! We're trying to fix something that isn't broke
  • Have you seen This is why I'm Broke? There are some amazing things
  • 45 minutes left in my work day
  • Question: when a Weeping Angel is stone, couldn't they be broken therefore being killed?

Monday, Monday

Three day weekends are very nice. We went to the gym early Saturday morning, but the pool was stuffed with swimmers. So, we spent ten minutes in the hot tub and went to breakfast. The rest of the weekend was spent doing more pleasurable pursuits: watching series TV and knitting. After the weekend of sleeping in late,
crawling out of bed this morning was a bit challenging. Now hours later, I simply want to lay my head on the desk and nap.

I seem to have misplaced my one of my cabling needles. So, I've swiped the one from the hood to finish my sock. Honestly, I haven't worked on the hood for a week or two, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Perky joined the gym again. Today she picked me from work and to the pool we went. On the drive there, I saw one of the babies at the nest. On the 19th, Grilltech mentioned he had saw one but we hadn't seen them since. Today he sent me a text saying there are two of them there now. I had to reply back, pictures or it didn't happen.

I'm so mean at times.

List Day

  • Counted six cars at the bar this morning
  • Roxie, why is it you don't make tea cozies like this?
  • We started watching True Blood last night, very... interesting
  • We have tomorrow off!
  • Today's colorway is amazing
  • Where did this headache come from?
  • The daystar is out! (It burns! It burns!)
  • Site POC meeting and I'm the only one here... Five more minutes and I'm gone also
  • Kitty sunbeam time
  • Hate it when I spill ice water down the front of my shirt
  • BBQer's lunch smells like cat food - it was corned beef and cabbage
  • Now it smells like french fries
  • We're home making soup and cheese biscuits

Manic Monday

Yesterday down the street:

Fran making sure I'm doing it right:

Dad's vest:

My hood/scarf:

Woke up Sunday morning to a sore back. Today it's about the same soreness. Hope it gets better soon.

Random Bytes

Do you think Grilltech will get me some of this yarn?

Ever wonder why some women are single?

Now you know.

List Day - Doubleshot

  • Counted six cars at the bar this morning
  • Over slept this morning, DST is kicking my ass
  • Yesterday I kept biting my lip, today it's totally shredded
  • Spring is here, I can tell because the worms are out
  • Yesterday was Pi day
  • Today, I think we should nuke the planet from orbit
  • History in the making
  • Diablo!!!
  • Second day in a row, I've been having leg cramps
  • The urge to kill people for breathing in my general area has eased slightly, now it's only if they look in my direction
  • Looks like the rain has stopped
  • Yip, I'm a dumbass. Ran the report for one site only, not all of them
  • Great, now the report won't run
  • I've demanded Grilltech take me some place nice for dinner
  • It's good to be the Queen
  • GRRRR, now the report won't frakking open
  • And, I'm out of water

List Day

  • Who has two thumbs and forgot her knitting? That's right! Me! I did remember to bring my iPad, so I'll have something to do during breaks.
  • One of my favorite designers is Clearance, I got two shirts by him. Both the same size, or so they say. First one fits rather nicely. The second one? Not to much, a bit tight in the back and arms. It's rather annoying.
  • The sun is shielded behind thick gray clouds, the only reason I know where its at is the bright spot and slight blurring above and below.
  • Much like everyone else, DST isn't making my life easier. We went to bed at 2030 last night and I didn't want to get up at all.
  • I hate it when the ice dam breaks and water runs down my shirt.
  • Today's lunch is leftover pork ribs from last night. Grilltech is so amazing. I think it's time to go heat up lunch.
  • What is that smell? It’s very chemically and making me a bit sick.
  • Might as well turn this post into a list day.
  • I think I need to go wash my face, might have BBQ sauce on it
  • It's time to go floss my teeth and wash out the lunch container
  • It's hot in here
  • I'm starting to get forgetful
  • Spent almost a 100 bucks at the yarn store on Saturday
  • That was after the discount
  • I won't mention I had put in a special order for more sea silk
  • Can no longer see the sun or even the slight brightness, maybe it's going to rain again

Finally Friday

It's suppose to be a bright, bright, sun shiny day, but it's still cold enough out there, I can see the geese's breath. They're on the roof of the building across the court yard. As time as passed, the run as risen higher; now I'm like a cat wanting do nothing more than stretch out and sleep. I won't say, I've closed my eyes a couple of times long enough for the screen saver to kick on, because that would be bad - I'm supposed to be working.

I wanted to leave work early today and go to the yarn store, but Perky has to be to work at noon. So, I'll stay and get some OT hours, because it's our current posture and any extra $$ is extra $$.

Nothing like plodding away at work, to have a reminder kick up and the heart pounding panic of did I get the agenda ready for the meeting? It's kinda nice when I'm able to realize, I had. On the other hand, it's not so smart to tell the ACR event notes, MM is bring round chips for the pot luck next Friday instead of it's part of the mini-bid.

We took to the car to the auto shop then walked home. It's almost a stone throw from the house, which makes it really easy to drop it off. Hopefully it will be a cheap fix, the check engine light is on.

And for what ever reason, the embedding of video's isn't working. Or maybe the two I looked at, but either way it annoying.

Go here for a good pick me up - Supernatural style.

List Day

  • Counted three cars at the bar this morning
  • The full moon was lovely hanging low in the western sky
  • why is it when I see a lovely shrug I think that would be awesome to knit, but know it wouldn't look good on me
  • I've started the increases for my scarf hood, along with the fear of I won't have enough
  • Now, I'm really disappointed. I had it in my head today was Friday
  • Crap another day of work to go
  • WOW!
  • GAH! This training is going to put me to sleep
  • I'm eight rows away from finishing my sock
  • Seriously how many acronyms does our government use?
  • Uggy scratched my lip last night, not deep, just enough to be annoying
  • I think I'm ready for the day to be done

List Day

  • Counted three cars at the bar this morning
  • It's snowing out there currently
  • Most of the mini-bid is done, so I can focus on other things currently
  • The screaming of Oh my! It needs to be fixed NOW!! has calmed
  • It's stopped snowing
  • I have two more hours in my day
  • Now the sun is shining and it's still snowing
  • I counted seven cars at the bar on the way home
  • Somewhere, Marsha Brady is crying her eyes out