Finally Friday

It's suppose to be a bright, bright, sun shiny day, but it's still cold enough out there, I can see the geese's breath. They're on the roof of the building across the court yard. As time as passed, the run as risen higher; now I'm like a cat wanting do nothing more than stretch out and sleep. I won't say, I've closed my eyes a couple of times long enough for the screen saver to kick on, because that would be bad - I'm supposed to be working.

I wanted to leave work early today and go to the yarn store, but Perky has to be to work at noon. So, I'll stay and get some OT hours, because it's our current posture and any extra $$ is extra $$.

Nothing like plodding away at work, to have a reminder kick up and the heart pounding panic of did I get the agenda ready for the meeting? It's kinda nice when I'm able to realize, I had. On the other hand, it's not so smart to tell the ACR event notes, MM is bring round chips for the pot luck next Friday instead of it's part of the mini-bid.

We took to the car to the auto shop then walked home. It's almost a stone throw from the house, which makes it really easy to drop it off. Hopefully it will be a cheap fix, the check engine light is on.

And for what ever reason, the embedding of video's isn't working. Or maybe the two I looked at, but either way it annoying.

Go here for a good pick me up - Supernatural style.


Sandra said...

TBBT - Best. Show. Ever.

Amy Lane said...

You know I love me some Supernatural March of the Cambreadth... even though I read it way late, I was so glad to see it!

And I get to go yarn shopping for a thank you gift!