List Day

  • Counted two cars at the bar this morning
  • 12 more days until the election
  • Convert had her baby, a cute little boy
  • I need to remember to bring in my extra dental floss
  • It appears today I'm on the bitchy side
  • They're talking about the possibility of snow today
  • Looks like all the fog has burned off, now it's a bright grey out there
  • Spent most of the day training Wells, he's doing pretty good
  • Tomorrow is our area's potluck
  • I've had a couple of meeting at Gnomes' desk, I brought my knitting to both
  • Convert trained her Lackey, and today he’s a bit nervous about doing stuff right
  • It's mostly cloudy out there now, with a bit of a breeze
  • I'm ready for the day to be over


The weather has turned. The past two days we've woken up to rain, which is lovely after a brutal summer. The sun comes up later and later, and nights are turning colder. Most of the trees have already turned. The one outside my window has turned yellowed and in the early mornings against the black, it looks like a ghost flitting around.

In all honestly, I'm kinda glad the temperatures have cooled. I'm now able to knit with wool and it's wonderful. I've joined the second ball on the body of my sweater. It's about two inches away from waist shaping, then back to full body.

GoJira has moved into the bedroom with us at night. Grilltech figures by Christmas she'll be on the bed. Right now, she's on the floor. Both Fran and Uggy aren't quite happy with this new change.

I've decided to the from the couch to 5K with a twist. Or I would be if my phone supported the application. (sigh) Now I'm waiting for Grilltech to get his new phone, so I can get mine.

I've been having twisted work dreams; not sure if it's stress or something else is going on. Today Gnome called me over to his desk and showed me an email about another job I had put in for; they wanted to know if I'm a hard worker and would be a good fit for his team. Gnome is a bit conflicted about that one, because he knows I'm happy. Bored, but happy.

List Day

  • I counted eight cars at the bar this morning
  • 19 more days until this election non-sense is over. Wait, better make that 25
  • Half day today, we're going to the dentist for teeth cleaning
  • Dental appointment went well. Grilltech went back before I did, but I was done before him
  • Lovely dark pink and black cloud color way this morning
  • It's pretty sad, when I can't remember today's date - I had been dealing with it all morning
  • One of Perky's favorite songs from high school just played
  • Grilltech ordered his new iPhone last night
  • Had to go yell at the other department lead to make him stop making extra work for me
  • Looks like we might get rain - can't wait
  • Good plan, don't complain to me about when your breaks are scheduled. You won't like my answer
  • Grilltech started building armor because I suggested something away from the computer
  • Sure hope I submitted those tickets right, otherwise I'll be hearing back from level 3 support
  • 25 minutes of my work day is left
  • Strange work/home mix dreams this morning
  • Making Wells do my prep work - he said it was more annoying than optimizing
  • Good heavens, stop being such a supervisor!

1000 Words

Down the street on a fall day:

Christmas presents, I have several more to do:

Sleeves for my sweater:

Another dishcloth:

T-shirts for me and Grilltech:

Guess what new hobby Grilltech has taken up:

Quick Check

Dear Self,

Next time make sure you have something in the cup before putting aspirin in your mouth. It was a long walk to the break room.



List Day

  • I counted five cars at the bar this morning
  • The plague has been going around work, I think I've got the lite version
  • When I see this sweater (Rav), all I can think of is Artemis
  • In the span of two minutes, we went from 8 calls to 37
  • Interesting, my second monitor had a yellowish tint for a couple of minutes
  • And the fighting has already begun
  • I'm training Wells (HG) to do my job
  • My color has whacked out again, that's annoying
  • The past couple of nights, I've been waking up about 0230. Which really sucks because the alarm goes off at 0415
  • I'm still finding beads from yesterday's tragic lanyard holder accident
  • First World Problem: I'm in the mood for a doughnut, but don't want to walk down stairs
  • Today is pool day at the gym, then karate in the evening
  • I have no plans for tonight's meal, any suggestions?
  • Fire drill today, I knew it was coming but it still startled me
  • I’m waiting for numbers to be able to complete a project, hopefully I’ll get them soon
  • Showed Wells and Captain Awesome the Evolution of Dance it wasn’t until about Cypress Hill they recognized any of the music
  • I feel so old now

Fun With

Ran the Tagxedo app on my blog. It seems I spent several years titling posts with the month and day.

Damn You....

...Steven Moffat. The last episode of Dr. Who had me crying. It was very well done and an excellent ending for the Ponds.

List Day

  • I counted three cars at the bar this morning
  • The weather turned a bit cooler three weeks ago and trees have decided it was time to start turning
  • Today it was downright chilly outside
  • It was weapons training on Tuesday night, my right arm and left index finger are bruised and sore still
  • I didn't get any knitting done last night, instead I'm powering through Towers of Midnight
  • Every time I rub my nose, my finger lets me know it doesn't like that motion
  • It's Sockober and I haven't worked on one sock so far this month : (
  • The fact you used to do my job doesn't give you the right to pitch a fit about me moving some of your agents around! Suck it up and deal with it
  • It's really hard to do two things at once while trying to train someone. So it's time to stop doing that on concentrate on what I want to say

Drive By

All week I've been coming up with good blog fodder, but haven't actually gotten around to posting. Heck, I haven't even written any of it down. By the time I get home, it's skipped my mind because I have more exciting things to do. You know: knit; watch the boyz; watch Prometheus; and karate. I'm back to karate after taking most of the summer off. I do remember most of the moves, but boy am I sore.

I've got another foot, foot and a half to go on my hood scarf. But it's sitting. My hands are stiff from working with those size threes. In order to combat the soreness, I've started a sweater for me on size nine.