List Day

  • I counted five cars at the bar this morning
  • The plague has been going around work, I think I've got the lite version
  • When I see this sweater (Rav), all I can think of is Artemis
  • In the span of two minutes, we went from 8 calls to 37
  • Interesting, my second monitor had a yellowish tint for a couple of minutes
  • And the fighting has already begun
  • I'm training Wells (HG) to do my job
  • My color has whacked out again, that's annoying
  • The past couple of nights, I've been waking up about 0230. Which really sucks because the alarm goes off at 0415
  • I'm still finding beads from yesterday's tragic lanyard holder accident
  • First World Problem: I'm in the mood for a doughnut, but don't want to walk down stairs
  • Today is pool day at the gym, then karate in the evening
  • I have no plans for tonight's meal, any suggestions?
  • Fire drill today, I knew it was coming but it still startled me
  • I’m waiting for numbers to be able to complete a project, hopefully I’ll get them soon
  • Showed Wells and Captain Awesome the Evolution of Dance it wasn’t until about Cypress Hill they recognized any of the music
  • I feel so old now

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