List Day

  • I counted eight cars at the bar this morning
  • 19 more days until this election non-sense is over. Wait, better make that 25
  • Half day today, we're going to the dentist for teeth cleaning
  • Dental appointment went well. Grilltech went back before I did, but I was done before him
  • Lovely dark pink and black cloud color way this morning
  • It's pretty sad, when I can't remember today's date - I had been dealing with it all morning
  • One of Perky's favorite songs from high school just played
  • Grilltech ordered his new iPhone last night
  • Had to go yell at the other department lead to make him stop making extra work for me
  • Looks like we might get rain - can't wait
  • Good plan, don't complain to me about when your breaks are scheduled. You won't like my answer
  • Grilltech started building armor because I suggested something away from the computer
  • Sure hope I submitted those tickets right, otherwise I'll be hearing back from level 3 support
  • 25 minutes of my work day is left
  • Strange work/home mix dreams this morning
  • Making Wells do my prep work - he said it was more annoying than optimizing
  • Good heavens, stop being such a supervisor!


Donna Lee said...

We did the dentist thing in September and are going to the eye doctor tomorrow. All the appointments at one time to get them over with. This getting old stuff is not fun.

Amy Lane said...

boys and their toys-- Mate has one too!

I'd love to see you rage!