List Day

  • Counted two cars at the bar this morning
  • 12 more days until the election
  • Convert had her baby, a cute little boy
  • I need to remember to bring in my extra dental floss
  • It appears today I'm on the bitchy side
  • They're talking about the possibility of snow today
  • Looks like all the fog has burned off, now it's a bright grey out there
  • Spent most of the day training Wells, he's doing pretty good
  • Tomorrow is our area's potluck
  • I've had a couple of meeting at Gnomes' desk, I brought my knitting to both
  • Convert trained her Lackey, and today he’s a bit nervous about doing stuff right
  • It's mostly cloudy out there now, with a bit of a breeze
  • I'm ready for the day to be over


Donna Lee said...

I heard the S word on the weather. Already? I admit to a fondness for snowy weather but not in October. I want to enjoy my trees for a bit but with a STORM on the way, I have a feeling the trees will be bare soon.

Amy Lane said...

Snow. Idaho... go figure!

I love that Convert has a Lackey...