I Can Quit...

Any time I want to... But I don't want to.....

Joshua Jackson, would you want to quit either?

Didn't think so.

List Day!

  • I counted four cars at the bar this morning
  • The databases were quite flaky this morning
  • I can feel the crazy frustration building in me
  • On the happier note, I'm so out of here early today and tomorrow
  • The thought of staying late today is so very tempting, but alas, I've got crap to do
  • I don't think I've unleashed the crazy frustration on anyone, but I might be wrong there
  • BBQer, seriously, when I say I wouldn't do that there may be an underlying reason for it - Ohhh I don't know maybe the upload is broken on the database site
  • It appears overtime has been announced for next week – Bevis (or maybe it was Butthead) was pissing and moaning about it on the other side of the cube.
  • Ready to start the heel on the second sock for Dad
  • Still haven't started the toe
  • When I was getting water for Aggie, I could see something hanging off the side of the house
  • WTF? I went to another window to get a better look and could see the black/white speckled underbelly of a bird of prey
  • I'm thinking it was Peregrine Falcon, the coloring was right and a bunch (flock?) of them are in this area of town
  • So, I let Fran and Havoc out… they can take their chances
  • I'm thinking about starting Twisted (Ravelry) – can't find a non Ravelry link
  • I'm also not watching to start anything major before the knitting Olympics
  • So it's a tossup of what I'll be knitting Twisted or Mother's Moment
  • Mind you, I won't be putting tassels on mine
  • Havoc is barking a squirrels, so I don't think the falcon got him
  • I think I'll pretend to knit the sleeves a swatch for Twisted, and that will make me feel better
  • While I was acting crazy at work, Grilltech would sing me Happy Kitty
  • He's such a wonderful husband
  • Interesting
  • Amy, one word: PUDDING!!!

2/5th of a Week

On the plus side, I've got 20 hours left of my work week. Which pretty much guaranties I'll be leaving early on Friday – oh darn!

I don't have any major knitting projects on the needles, but I've been working on socks.

A pair of toe socks for Dad. His birthday was on Monday and I did have the first one completed - when I called him. Since that time I've ripped back the toe and will try again. If it was too tight when I tried it on, it won't fit him in the least.

Right now, I'm still building up the energy to restart the toes.

I also finished a sock for me.

Once I get the second of Dad's completed, I'll be able to get mine done. I'll need to get everything done before the Olympics start.

EWWW Moments

Was in the ladies room and noticed what I thought to be a tube of toothpaste. Turns out it was an anti-fungal cream.

Remember the conversation about Peaches? A friend thought the worst when she saw this picture on Grilltech's blog. Grilltech you almost got an angry phone call!

We both laughed hysterically.

Scenario: Both Convert and current Flunky called in sick leaving me to a) do my job and b) theirs. At 0600, I sent out an e-mail to T1 (Thing 1) and T2 (Thing 2) telling them first one to my desk gets to work on my team.

Later, their supervisor comes to my desk you can't pull T2, because she's on the specialty team. Sorry, T1 & T2 are both backup for this team. Fine, I'll go talk to the Gnome. Good choice.

List Day!

  • Counted eight cars at the bar this morning
  • Yummy, yummy hot guys are back tonight!
  • Made Perky crabby at me this weekend
  • Annoyed the Troll by telling him stories about an update one of the managers wanted
  • Turns out the Troll did his job, I did mine, they dropped the ball
  • I always like those kinds of happy endings
  • Roxie, those are magnolia buds
  • I'm watching Aggie run around the house
  • Havoc is currently chained up outside, because he's escaping the yard
  • I'm very happy tomorrow is Friday
  • The kitchen floor needs to be swept and moped mopped - inside joke, it's Perky's story to tell
  • Monday is Dad's birthday
  • I have half a sock done, should have the first one completed before then and the second one started
  • My shawl pin showed up today! (The Filigree Stick Pin)
  • In fact, I'm wearing now with the scarf the Eldest made me
  • Havoc is now tormenting Aggie

Its Coming!

And robins have been flitting around, I think spring is on it's way.

Half Way Home

A while back Roxie asked about the pattern for the bags I make. I use the 1Bag pattern. Grilltech and I figure we need about 10 of them. With this bag, we're half way there. The center panel is Gothic Leaf Lace.

Peaches was between 15 and 19 years old. She was no longer taking care of herself, so it was time. She was one of the original three kitties of the apocalypse. We kept telling the girls - who were 4 or 5ish at the time - we couldn't get another cat because that would bring on the apocalypse. They couldn't say such a big word, they said popsicle-lips.

Sad News

Two days before Peaches' demise, the Doomsday clock is set back a minute.

Coincidence? It's possible.

Dad, we don't like prime rib. Where's the salmon?

List Day!

  • There were 12 cars this morning
  • Guess their resolutions didn't last long
  • Patchy morning fog also made for an entertaining drive
  • I also drove past a kitty meeting of the minds
  • It must have been enough of a distraction for one cat to break away
  • Had a dentist appointment yesterday, turns out I had a chipped filling
  • There are both zingers and blackberry pies in the vending machine
  • Christo!
  • So far, I've managed to purchase nether
  • I've also only been here 40 minutes
  • It's a two soda morning
  • Why was I looking at the vending machines? I was heating up breakfast
  • Convert is running late - more than an hour late
  • Convert was telling me she was dreaming about her being in a LYS looking for the perfect yarn
  • Hey are you aware the site is down? Yes, thank you
  • No raging, no swearing, just a simple yes, thank you works
  • I need to write a Dear John letter
  • I'm thinking about starting Bitterroot
  • I'm also thinking about putting the resume together and applying for the admin job that opened
  • Wonder if that would easy my restlessness
  • Maybe I'll force Grilltech to take me on a road trip
  • Someone cooked something which smells like catfood
  • Yes, Amy please ask
  • We've decided to go with rotisserie grilling at this point, but it may change
  • End up with the zinger, the blackberry pie was gone
  • Maybe I should have said Christo twice
  • Grilltech told me about Craft hacking Huh? Do you follow the pattern religiously? No You're thinking out side the box, that makes you a hacker

Random Conversations

Conversation with Cashier:
Market bags go onto the conveyor belt followed by items to be purchased. The cashier picks up both bags these are pretty, I didn't know we started carrying these. Where did you get them? All the while looking for a tag to scan. I made them. She's clearly confused. You made them? Are you trying to sell them because I don't... What do you want me to do with? I'd like you bag my groceries in them. Understanding begins to dawn, Oh. OH!! These are great, way better than the ones we sell.

Conversation with a Flunky:
I'm in the middle of trying to calibrate last week's forecast to see how far off we were from the actual. While I do knit a lot I'm actually busy waiting for calculations to finish. You're WFM? Yes, what's up? I've got a question about a schedule accommodation, because I'm going to be going to school next week and I can't work this 0400 shift anymore. The short answer is.. He finishes for me go talk to my supervisor I smile at him and pick up my knitting all ready dismissing him from my mind But, chances are it's gone through, but not effective until next week He's a bit sheepish Yea, I don't really need it to start until next week. But I'll go talk to X about it X or Y would know. He walks away a bit disappointed I wouldn't help him more.

Conversation with Convert:
Does your family have any good rabbit recipes. She gives me the OMG. ARE. YOU. SERIOUS. look I only eat chicken, pork, or beef. My Auntie says I'll be dead if I'm ever lost in the jungle. My fault, we've already had that conversation. She'll only eat meat that comes from the store wrapped in cellophane.

List Day!

  • There were three cars at the bar
  • Maybe some people gave up drinking for the New Year
  • Antibiotics are the best!
  • I didn't knit at all yesterday
  • Today I'm knitting
  • I tried to lock my ID card
  • Not a good idea, it's a pain in the ass to get it unlocked and involves a drive across town
  • It appears the morning data dump is stalled
  • Think I'll go get a glass of water; cranberry juice does gets old after a while
  • From now on my standard answer will be please get with your supervisor regarding (insert issue here)
  • It will save me a lot of headaches
  • Didn't make it to the gym yesterday
  • Did make it to bed at 1730
  • Was up for 10 minutes at 2030
  • Still managed to over sleep the alarm
  • Killed the data bump dump and started it again from where I think was stalled at
  • I'm now working on the other network computer
  • Thanks for the well wishes on the illness - UTI's are the WORST - it was caught early
  • Oh joy, I need to make another trip to the bathroom
  • I know, TMI
  • Had to fix my right shoe, it was annoying me
  • Not sure I'll make it to the gym today, it's knit day
  • I have an urge to cast on for something, but don't know what is calling me to knit
  • I have eight more sets of decreases to do and the gusset will be completed
  • Working on chart 1 of the cursed peacock shawl
  • I should be able to do it in my sleep by now
  • Bad news: I've gained 40 pounds - I knew I was out of control
  • Good news: I'm still down 20 pounds!
  • Back to the gym tomorrow
  • I need to remember to start checking on the newest baby of the household in the mornings
  • Uploads is such a system resource hog, it slows everything else down
  • And Havac is very jealous when I hold Agamemnon
  • Did I mention I'm having a hard time keeping my head from hitting the desk?
  • Damn, can't use talk to your supervisor when it's a supervisor at my desk
  • I've got an urge to go eat chocolate
  • So far I've managed to resist the siren's call
  • The moon and stars were out this morning, a welcome sight
  • Same supervisor said I was too chipper
  • Double edged sword: chocolate zingers in the vending machine at my desk
  • It's possible the sun will make an appearance
  • Interesting look with those hot pink boots, I'm guessing you know Roxie
  • Grilltech is talking about making more mead
  • Not that I'm complaining mind you...
  • Damn, I can't tell the Gnome talk to your supervisor either he is after all, my supervisor
  • BBQer is now a bit testy - skilling issues from a problem supervisor
  • I think I could live with this New Year's Resolution
  • However, by the end of the year it would be Again?! Do we hafta?
  • Two more hours to go, do I hafta?
  • I'm out of water, time for another trip
  • Convert has started another blanket
  • She's out of control or just hasn't realized blankets are dull, dull, dull
  • So says the woman with a sock blanket on the needles
  • Found OT has been logged in the wrong weeks - GAH
  • 30 more minutes before the end of my day
  • Nothing like righteous anger to make time fly
  • I haven't found a pattern I like yet, so I'll need to go through my books so I can design something
  • Haven't quite decided if I'm going to go knit or not
  • May go home and take the puppy for a walk, he's sooooo neglected


Not feeling well at all. Have a doctor's appointment later today.

2/5th of the Week

I can see the down side of not going to the gym, when I go back I hurt really hurt all over. Last night, it was all I could do to stay up until 1900. At least, I think I was up that late. Today's carry over is my upper back is stiff and sore. The worst part? I only walked for an hour on the treadmill. It was enough to make me sweaty and my heart race (131 at the highest). Plus side? Today is swim day.

I frogged the peacock shawl again and restarted. Third time is the charm. Right? It can't really be that hard.

Convert made a baby hat. But she's not going to start another project until she has her own needles to make it. She borrowed my circ's to make the baby hat.

Today I noticed a glaring error on my ice queen I held it out to Convert and asked can you see it? She couldn't until I pointed it out. She realized mistakes aren't always noticed by others or even the knitter at times.

Today I joined the meeting as Blossom.

Guess Who...

Has two thumbs and is going back to the gym? That's right: ME!

Oh yea, that's what an hour at the gym feels like.