List Day

  • I counted two cars at the bar this morning
  • Gas is up to $2.05 per gallon
  • For some reason, I'm having a hard time swallowing the penicillin
  • Oh, I didn't tell the blog, I've got an abscessed tooth. Not a happy camper
  • Four hours of my day left, time needs to hurry along
  • Well, this is a fun day for Grilltech. He just popped a filling
  • My day just got shorter
  • Ruby hasn't been allowed outside yet. I'm sure this summer, she'll make the door run
  • Well crap!
  • Have a good weekend


Ruby gave us a scare last night.

She went outside - because she's fixed enough - about 1600. When she wasn't back by dusk, we went looking for her but had no luck. By bed time, she still wasn't home yet, we were truly worried. I woke up twice and went to the back door and she wasn't there. This morning, I go out and call her and I can hear her crying. She's up in tree and can't get down. Grilltech comes out and Ruby decides there is enough of an audience, she'll try and climb down. A minute later, she's running into the house and can't decide what she wants to do first. Eat or make sure nothing changed. We're still debating if she's grounded or not.

1000 Words

Down the street on a warm winter/spring day:

Restarted the shawl, but I haven't been working on it.

Fran making sure I'm doing it right.

The sock that started at the dentist's office. I made it almost to the end of the heel.

All the dish cloths I've made so far.

List Day

  • I counted one car at the bar this morning
  • Gas is holding steady at $1.89
  • Grilltech has figured out the beer store that I bought his growler from is right next to the yarn store. Guess who is getting a trip to the yarn store on Friday. =^.^= He's offered to go to the beer yarn store at least four different times.
  • Today is my Friday
  • I'm getting a crown tomorrow, so I'm not sure if I rather be at work or the dentist
  • Today's sunrise was a lovely shade of dark pink
  • Three hours of my day left
  • I've been thinking of going to Allante Life for hair removal
  • I'm at the top end of my job and my boss has been gently hinting I should find another
  • One of the cow-orkers has a cold, I may have given it to myself. (I touched her desk.)
  • Too bad we're out of eggs, I'm in the mood for lava cake
  • Smells like cooked cabbage in here
  • I've got 15 minutes left in my day. Hurry up!!

Quick Update

Ever have one of those days where you wish you could just go back and do it again? Today has been one of those days. I don't really think I want to do again, but I just don't want it repeated. I'm thinking I'm a bit bristled because I'm PMSing. Grilltech is having a day because he's decided to quit smoking and withdrawals is a bitch. Which makes for two grumpy people in the house. Since his grumpy is more pressing, I just try and stay out of the way.

Sunday dinner was house burgers with homemade fries. The Eldest and her family came to dinner. That was suppose to happen last week, but her house had the plague and decided to stay home. For which I'm very glad they did. Anyway, house burgers, Baby Bird liked them so much, so had two. She never fully eats anything at our house, so to say I was amazed is an under statement.

I managed to finish up another two dish cloths. I only have three more to finish before March. Ruby had been trying to chew on the cotton thread, and I would pet her until she ran off. But it was really an ick moment when I got to the point there was cat spit on the yarn.

List Day

  • I counted three cars at the bar this morning
  • Gas is $1.93 per gallon
  • I just thought of something evil to do the group on Saturday night, now I can't wait
  • (sigh) Don't be monkey-push-button type of person. Look at the data.
  • Yea, I know, sometimes, I'm the button pushing monkey
  • 30 minutes left in my day, then I'm free for 16 hours

Drive By

I woke up this morning, sure today was Thursday. Do you know how disappointed I am, that it's not?

Perky's husband Kommand is out of town for the next week and a half, so we've been going over and picking up the puppies to bring home. Havoc and Mayham are very happy to visit us. Plus Havoc gets taken for walks. Last night, I was up close to a lilac bush and noticed it was sprouting! It's only the start of February. I'm happy spring is on the way, but it's a bit early for buds to be showing.

No new knitting content, because I've been reading instead. Can I still call myself a knitter?

Weekend Recap

I had a good weekend.

Saturday night was game night and the gang seems to like the adventure path I have set up. Grilltech is a bit unhappy that we're wrapping up about 2200, but Taxtech is so bushed from working all day. I figure it's better to leave them wanting more, then burn myself out.

Superbowl Sunday was the anniversary of Grilltech and mine's first date. This year makes 26 years together. I think we're pretty happy, but I can only speak for myself.

I did get some knitting done. Went to the coffee shop and hung out with a friend. She is a bit of an odd duck, but then as a knitter, so am I. So yes, we get along fabulously. Anyway, knitting, I spent two hours at the shop, and managed to get six rows done. I'm about to the point I need to measure for the neckline. Since I'm modifying a pattern it will be okay if I don't follow it exactly.