Ruby gave us a scare last night.

She went outside - because she's fixed enough - about 1600. When she wasn't back by dusk, we went looking for her but had no luck. By bed time, she still wasn't home yet, we were truly worried. I woke up twice and went to the back door and she wasn't there. This morning, I go out and call her and I can hear her crying. She's up in tree and can't get down. Grilltech comes out and Ruby decides there is enough of an audience, she'll try and climb down. A minute later, she's running into the house and can't decide what she wants to do first. Eat or make sure nothing changed. We're still debating if she's grounded or not.

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Donna Lee said...

I remember when one of my cats disappeared for a night. I was panicking and she walked in the door in the morning yelling at me. I didn't know whether to hug her or curse her.
They are the masters.....(I'm glad Ruby is safely home)