List Day - Double Shot!

  • Counted five cars at the bar this morning
  • The half full moon was a lovely shade of peach and lovely to look at before it disappeared behind the horizon
  • Saw another meteor falling this morning, it was more grayish than green
  • I think it was due to the cloud cover
  • DQ is trying to fall asleep at the switch
  • There is a lace knitter in training (at work not training to be a lace knitter), he wanted to know if he could knit on the floor
  • Told him, I didn't have a problem with it, I did - however - point out his supervisor may have something to say about it
  • Honey at our age the sexy maid outfit complete with the blackfish nets shouldn't be worn in public; even if you are rail thin
  • The Gnome doesn't read his e-mails otherwise he'd know why the server was being rebooted often
  • The fans sound like rain, but it's not raining outside
  • While coming out of knitting today, I found a 20 on the ground
  • I took it home with me because it needed a good home and mine is good as any
  • If you lost the 20, send me an email describing it and I'll get it in the mail to you ASAP
  • There were eight cars in the parking lot on the drive home
  • I think I'm going to to knit more

List Day!

  • There were no cars at the bar this morning

  • Today is Thursday at work

  • Most depressing part?

  • I was really looking forward to watching yummy, yummy hot guys tonight

  • Until I realized it was only Wednesday

  • I've got to take some pictures

  • And give a BIG shout out to Donna Lee

  • Contest

  • Stupid, stupid pattern!

  • I'm typing up the pattern for the little lace cardi because it forces me to read it first and it's MISSING A ROW OF DECREASES


  • At this point, I'm almost ready to say fuck-it

  • It only comes in a extra-small to medium and I'm going to have to do math anyway

  • Roxie, you're killing me at work

  • I did laugh hysterically then asked Grilltech to come up with a list

  • I need to bring a comb to work, running my hands through my hair only makes it static-y

  • I've always wondered what the Start Process button does, it takes you to the log in screen

  • Very handy for someone who just signed in

  • I think it's time for chocolate

  • Oh yea, I'm trying to eat better

  • Since Monday reports from one server haven't been working correctly, and we couldn't figure out why

  • Today it hits me: duhhhh, the server thinks daylight savings has happened

  • Troll has spent the rest of the day running updates on the server in question
  • Told him yesterday, I was going to hex him if he didn't behave

  • He didn't believe me then...

  • Went and knitted with Red after work

  • It was a lot of fun
  • Now I'm starving and nuking the salamon for dinner

  • Thank God for the food saver, it's more than paid for itself

  • Grilltech likes the idea of another vest

  • First I have to get my sweater done

  • Maybe I can knit him a pair of socks to distract him

1000 Words

Such a distint lack of trust on the part of some people... Of course, I am a spy, so I don't always play by the rules. So here we go:

No photo shoot would be complete without a supervisor, Fran decided it was up to her again.

I didn't get the biohazard buttons, or any Fima to make them.

Its done.

But some people won't be satified with a picture of it on the deck. Fine.

Last weekend, I tried it on to see how it would look and Grilltech gets a worried look on his face. It's not going to fit me! I think it fits him fine.


I finished it at 1619!!

List Day!

  • There was one car at the bar this morning
  • A black and white kitty crossed five lanes of traffic in front of me
  • The fact I was the only car on the road is irrelevant
  • Grilltech's vest should be done by this weekend
  • Except, I don't have buttons for it
  • A new addiction to take more time away from knitting
  • I think I'm going to go exchange the 24 inch size 0's for a 32 inch, the 24's are too small
  • It appears to be the day of failed reports
  • Which makes my job much more difficult
  • Day is half over!
  • I'm having to ask Grilltech how to do percentage questions
  • Then I double check my answers by looking it up on the internet
  • Yes, it is a kids site, but it works - and NO BIG WORDS
  • I've got 30 minutes left in my day and I'm out of water been that way for about 20 minutes now
  • I still reach over and grab my cup to take a drink
  • Damn, I've got to run another eight reports
  • And I'm still out of water
  • I want to get Grilltech biohazard buttons for his vest, but I can't find any
  • I suppose I could pay through the nose and have them made
  • Then that vest would really be EXPENSIVE
  • My weekend is started, have fun everyone

Monday WIP/FO

Today's photo shoot is supervised by Fran!

Started another pair of socks. What's so special about these? Nine inch needles!

Not so sure I really like them.

Wait, I'm not sure I like the lighting on this one... Cats! Ice Queen for someone's birthday.

I'm sooo close to being done with the vest!

List Day!

  • Yesterday there weren't any cars, today I counted five at the bar
  • Yesterday Grilltech got a flu shot, today I feel like crap
  • Fixed the vest issue, I held it up to him asking is it 13 inches yet?
  • I don't need to comment at how much he laughed at me
  • BLT's for dinner tonight; a co-worker brought in the last of his tomatoes
  • Its raining hard enough to hear the pounding on the roof
  • I've really got to quit playing Bejeweled 2, it's sucking up all my time
  • I did manage to get a load of laundry done yesterday, but I spent four hours playing the damn thing
  • My right hand is itching like mad and the house is filthy - stupid Bejeweled
  • The socks are done and given to Perky, I didn't like the after thought heel
  • Next time I knit them, I'll do a regular heel
  • The rain has stopped and the sun has come out to play
  • Went to knit time, it was fun to see everyone again
  • I fell down and bought more yarn
  • Roxie, there were three on the way home

2/5th of the Week

What has two thumbs and is a dumbass? That's right! ME!

Case 1
I was note taker during the meeting today, and as usual I worked on my knitting - Grilltech's vest to be exact - I put it down, picked it up later started the new row. Finished one side, moved to the next and the cables aren't matching. WTF. It's now in time out, because I don't want to deal with it right at this moment.

Case 2
I'm cleaning up MP3's, which will make Grilltech extremely happy. The music folder in question is from more than a year ago, when newsgroups had MP3 folders. So some of this isn't easily found. Rename them all, move a bunch into Perky's folder, then proceeded to delete the directory instead of the list of songs.

Case 3
Turned on autofill on the iPhone, it upped my song list from 838 to 1100. Awesome! Or so I thought, it moved a bunch of Christmas music over. I went and deleted all the songs off my phone and now in the process of reloading. Okay, that wasn't really a dumbass thing, but more of a learning exprience.

Work? Do I really hafta?

On my list of things to do this weekend, pulling back muscles wasn't one of them. Wasn't anywhere near the top ten or 1000 even. But I managed to do it. It's not a bad pull - during the day - just annoying enough to remind me not to bend over to pick up my shoes, but use my knees. However, trying to sleep at night? WAY different story, rolling over wakes me up. But enough of me whining.

Also not on the list was ripping back about five or six rows on Grilltech's vest. Best quote ever? Oh great, now it's in time out and it will never get done - Grilltech. Which was completely unfounded, I'm on the home stretch I want that bad boy off my needles. Almost as badly as I want my socks off the needles. I tried them on last night and they may be a bit tight on the instep. But I'll take a complete even if I end up giving them away. Oh yea, I said enough of me whining, didn't I?

Fine, look at pictures:

Three knitting bags

Grilltech's vest, getting so much closer to being completed.

Blanket folded in half, so I could get a picture of it

My socks mere rounds away from being finished. They won't be coming to work with me tomorrow!

Non-Pictured, Picture Post

Last night, I was smart and moved Promise Rock and Grilltech's Vest pattern over to the phone so I'd have them. Synced and went to bed. I get up late, grab the phone then make a mad dash to work. I go to pull up the pattern and it's not there. It doesn't take a genius to figure out Promise Rock wasn't there either. I sent Grilltech an e-mail asking him to send me a copy of the pattern, but he didn't check mail today. I've sent a text to Perky, but so far I haven't heard back from her either. I have a half an inch before I'm ready to do the arm hole bind off. Then 13 more inches before I start the band, but that's neither here nor there. The end is in sight.

List Day!

  • I counted two cars this morning
  • It's amazing what a shot of chocolate does for the attitude
  • Course it also does for the waist line
  • We were watching disc five of Fringe last night, and OMG Astrid had on a sweater I thought was amazing
  • Grilltech is going to grab a screen shot of it, so I have a design guideline
  • Apparently I was thrashing around in my sleep last night
  • I'm not feeling very rested today, I wonder if the two are related
  • One more inch and I start the bind off arms
  • I caught myself turning to purl back after only finishing one side
  • Maybe it's not a good idea to be knitting something this important while not feeling well
  • Or maybe I should be paying attention to what I'm doing instead of being on auto-pilot
  • Nasty mirgraine is forming, so much for knitting this afternoon

New Math

Happy Friday Eve, Eve. The only thing making me remotely happy is the fact it's the day before Friday Eve. I'd be even happier if it was Friday. This morning while grabbing my stuff to bring to work, I couldn't stand the thought of working on my socks. Instead I pulled what was needed out of my bag and brought my knitting bag. As I worked across the first front, was halfway across the second one and realized, it already had the cable done. WTF?! I tinked back the second front, then purled back the first one to make them match up again. I don't know how I got off by two rows. The fronts of the vest are currently at 16.5 inches, only 3.5 more to go before starting the arm hole and decreases. I can't wait. Oh yea, knit more on it and it will be done.

I think Grilltech is feeling pretty blah as well. He hit snooze four times this morning, then rolled over and went back to sleep after telling me he wasn't working the OT. I think if I would have told him, I was calling in sick he would have done the same thing. But I didn't call in sick, only because I had some uploads I needed to finish because I'm not overly sick; just crabby, whiny, bitchy. The trifectia. I guess he did mean for him to be out sick. Not fair!

Perky, I think you need these shoes.

Last night, the blanket was measured - at this point is it really a blanket? Two squares is four inches long. I used 72 squares to make two rows (or four inches), so if I want it to be 80 inches long I'll need 1440 squares to make the blanket the size I want. Which works out to be a grand total of 737,280 stitches. Not quite a million, but close. How big does the project need to be upon completion before you send me more sock yarn Aunt Roxie? Meaning, after the vest? Would a dishcloth count?


Autumn is defiantly here. Last night while taking Havoc on his walk, I saw several yellow leaves poking out of the green foliage. The morning drive had patches of light, almost ethereal fog. The moon's silvery gleam gave the night almost a magical glow. It was lovely.

Today's work so far is better than yesterday's. I think standing in front of a firing squad with a blindfold would be better than yesterday. The general overall feeling of blahness is easing a bit. The rabid bitchess is fading but not gone - I don't think that will ever go away. The overwhelming desire to nuke the planet from orbit - just to be sure - is easing.

My blanket is going to be 75 x 100 = 7500 squares. 7500 SQUARES on size 1's. I'll be knitting forever and a day. I won't go where one square is 512 stitches. (Okay, I did go there it's 3.84 million stitches.) I think I'm going to go lay down. Then recount, because I counted not just the bottom ones, but the joins as well. So, it might be 50 x 75 = 3750 square or 1.92 million stitches. With 77 square done I'm only 2% done with my new math

I think I'm going to go work on the vest for a while.

Snappy Title Here

Hi, my name is Saren and I'm a bit stupid today? Need proof? I forgot my bank account number while writing it on the front of the deposit envelope. I didn't bring my lunch. I'm not knitting during hour glasses because I'd forget to look up and see if it was done. Thank God the spreadsheet has the formula's built in otherwise I couldn't say it would be done correctly. I'm doubting I'll make the whole day at the rate I'm doing going.

Is your company ready? I don't think mine is either.

I've forgotten how much of a resource hog access is at times.

I showed amazing restraint by not telling a supervisor what a dumbass he was because he couldn't figure out remove is different than change.

List Day - Double Shot!

  • Too lazy to do a real post today

  • I suppose I could do pictures, instead... oh yea, lazy

  • Unlike the Yarn Harlot the heat was turned on last night

  • When walking back to the bedroom and I could feel the temperature drop five degrees it was time

  • Even the cats in the mornings weren't leaving the bed to supervise me getting ready

  • Granted this morning, they stayed on the bed where it was warm until the last minute

  • I'm still pretty cold here at work also

  • As of 0800, I'll have my 40

  • Too bad we're doing OT

  • Finished the second heel

  • Don't trust anyone

  • Right?

  • FR (fisherman's rib)

  • Mom, I don't like these needles Perky said while throwing down her knitting to pull a set of addi's out of her hair to use

  • At that point in time she had two sets in her hair

  • Don't ask me, I'm just her mother

  • The Convert is now binding off her dishcloth

  • Hmmm the Convert's has a V in the middle which looks very spiffy

  • I'm now warm enough to take off the jacket

  • I was hoping to get out of here early to watch the boys, but I didn't make it

  • My own fault really, I could have left this stuff until Monday

  • OMG

List Day!

  • It was a four snooze morning

  • Counted six cars at the bar

  • I haven't seen Jupiter in the mornings recently

  • Amy made me cry this morning, but I can't tell anyone the reason why - Happy Birthday honey!!

  • I'm reskilling a site, so I can't do anything on the other computer

  • Oh wait, I guess that means I can work on this one...

  • Damn

  • Damn, reskill is done, now I have to work

  • I accomplished very little in the way of knitting yesterday

  • I did however, take Havoc for a long walk

  • Cow-orker behind me has a lovely stitch pattern sweater on: k5; FR 1; k5

  • Database latency today is allowing me to finish the heels on my socks

  • The convert is rows away from finishing her washcloth

  • She had decided she wants the baby blanket to have the above mentioned stitch pattern

  • So it will be reversible

  • Figure a nice lace border, will make it very pretty