Work? Do I really hafta?

On my list of things to do this weekend, pulling back muscles wasn't one of them. Wasn't anywhere near the top ten or 1000 even. But I managed to do it. It's not a bad pull - during the day - just annoying enough to remind me not to bend over to pick up my shoes, but use my knees. However, trying to sleep at night? WAY different story, rolling over wakes me up. But enough of me whining.

Also not on the list was ripping back about five or six rows on Grilltech's vest. Best quote ever? Oh great, now it's in time out and it will never get done - Grilltech. Which was completely unfounded, I'm on the home stretch I want that bad boy off my needles. Almost as badly as I want my socks off the needles. I tried them on last night and they may be a bit tight on the instep. But I'll take a complete even if I end up giving them away. Oh yea, I said enough of me whining, didn't I?

Fine, look at pictures:

Three knitting bags

Grilltech's vest, getting so much closer to being completed.

Blanket folded in half, so I could get a picture of it

My socks mere rounds away from being finished. They won't be coming to work with me tomorrow!


Roxie said...

I'll address the envelope and put in the sock yarn, but it doesn't go in the mail until I see that vest on Grilltech.

Amy Lane said...

Okay, I'm working with some lurvely allpaca sockyarn right now... as soon as I'm done with my WIP, it's YOURS! (That sock yarn blanket is gonna be an act of communal lurve.)

Donna Lee said...

I felt the same way slogging through a sweater for my daughter. I just wanted it off the needles and I got so tired of working on it. It seemed endless. She loves it so I guess it was all worth it but I much more enjoy the smaller projects.

emicat said...

I should be finishing up those socks I started last August as a Socktoberfest goal, but I don't think I'd be done by the end of the month and I shouldn't be knitting anything for myself right now anyway. It's holiday gift knitting and I need to get this scarf off my needles,a s i'm getting tired of it too. Love the cuff on that sock on the right hand side - it looks like little blue and brown waves!