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Hi, my name is Saren and I'm a bit stupid today? Need proof? I forgot my bank account number while writing it on the front of the deposit envelope. I didn't bring my lunch. I'm not knitting during hour glasses because I'd forget to look up and see if it was done. Thank God the spreadsheet has the formula's built in otherwise I couldn't say it would be done correctly. I'm doubting I'll make the whole day at the rate I'm doing going.

Is your company ready? I don't think mine is either.

I've forgotten how much of a resource hog access is at times.

I showed amazing restraint by not telling a supervisor what a dumbass he was because he couldn't figure out remove is different than change.


Amy Lane said...

Oh Crap--another nightmare to add to the one where I get locked down with my 2nd period class... now I have to be locked down with them during a ZOMBIE ATTACK?

Galad said...

It's a Monday - that's for sure.

Donna Lee said...

My place of employment is not ready but my family is. We have been planning for the zombie apocalypse for a long time. Just don't become a zombie around here. No mercy. Just a shot in the head.

Roxie said...

DH has shown me how to use the shotgun and we have both passed the zombie attack test. And I even read "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" for extra credit. We're ready.