New Math

Happy Friday Eve, Eve. The only thing making me remotely happy is the fact it's the day before Friday Eve. I'd be even happier if it was Friday. This morning while grabbing my stuff to bring to work, I couldn't stand the thought of working on my socks. Instead I pulled what was needed out of my bag and brought my knitting bag. As I worked across the first front, was halfway across the second one and realized, it already had the cable done. WTF?! I tinked back the second front, then purled back the first one to make them match up again. I don't know how I got off by two rows. The fronts of the vest are currently at 16.5 inches, only 3.5 more to go before starting the arm hole and decreases. I can't wait. Oh yea, knit more on it and it will be done.

I think Grilltech is feeling pretty blah as well. He hit snooze four times this morning, then rolled over and went back to sleep after telling me he wasn't working the OT. I think if I would have told him, I was calling in sick he would have done the same thing. But I didn't call in sick, only because I had some uploads I needed to finish because I'm not overly sick; just crabby, whiny, bitchy. The trifectia. I guess he did mean for him to be out sick. Not fair!

Perky, I think you need these shoes.

Last night, the blanket was measured - at this point is it really a blanket? Two squares is four inches long. I used 72 squares to make two rows (or four inches), so if I want it to be 80 inches long I'll need 1440 squares to make the blanket the size I want. Which works out to be a grand total of 737,280 stitches. Not quite a million, but close. How big does the project need to be upon completion before you send me more sock yarn Aunt Roxie? Meaning, after the vest? Would a dishcloth count?


Roxie said...

When you post a picture of Grilltech in the vest, I will send you some sock yarn. More yarny gifts will be negotiated by project.

Friday is just around the corner. Hang in!

Galad said...

The end of the week is in sight! Those shoes are wild - do people really walk in them?

Donna Lee said...

I have a whole box for you but haven't gotten my lazy ass to the post office. This weekend, I promise!

Although maybe that would make me an enabler and I should hold out for the vest to be done?

Nah, who am I to judge?

Amy Lane said...

Sock yarn? Did someone say sock yarn? If it doesn't have to be superwash, I can do some more... I just like to watch you get all excited about it!