List Day!

  • I counted two cars this morning
  • It's amazing what a shot of chocolate does for the attitude
  • Course it also does for the waist line
  • We were watching disc five of Fringe last night, and OMG Astrid had on a sweater I thought was amazing
  • Grilltech is going to grab a screen shot of it, so I have a design guideline
  • Apparently I was thrashing around in my sleep last night
  • I'm not feeling very rested today, I wonder if the two are related
  • One more inch and I start the bind off arms
  • I caught myself turning to purl back after only finishing one side
  • Maybe it's not a good idea to be knitting something this important while not feeling well
  • Or maybe I should be paying attention to what I'm doing instead of being on auto-pilot
  • Nasty mirgraine is forming, so much for knitting this afternoon


Roxie said...

Migraines totally suck rocks! Hope this one passes soon and doesn't leave you feeling too glue-brained.

Amy Lane said...

Ooooo... feel better!!! But really-- you noticed Astrid's sweater for the off-beat glory that is Joshua Jackson? Wow...

Galad said...

Only 2 cars at the bar. What's up with that?

Hope the migraine doesn't last long and you feel better soon.

emicat said...

I've been getting the painful sinus headaches lately, but I'm making do.

I was told I've been thrashing around in my bed this week too... hmm, I wonder if something is in the air :)

Yeah for Friday and I have a 3 day! Sooooo lookinig forward to it!