List Day!

  • It was a four snooze morning

  • Counted six cars at the bar

  • I haven't seen Jupiter in the mornings recently

  • Amy made me cry this morning, but I can't tell anyone the reason why - Happy Birthday honey!!

  • I'm reskilling a site, so I can't do anything on the other computer

  • Oh wait, I guess that means I can work on this one...

  • Damn

  • Damn, reskill is done, now I have to work

  • I accomplished very little in the way of knitting yesterday

  • I did however, take Havoc for a long walk

  • Cow-orker behind me has a lovely stitch pattern sweater on: k5; FR 1; k5

  • Database latency today is allowing me to finish the heels on my socks

  • The convert is rows away from finishing her washcloth

  • She had decided she wants the baby blanket to have the above mentioned stitch pattern

  • So it will be reversible

  • Figure a nice lace border, will make it very pretty

1 comment:

Roxie said...

FR1? How do you FR1?