Friday Edition

The vest is coming along. I'm about six or seven inches away from starting arm hole shaping:

Lupine Dragon looked like this:

Have become Lupine socks:

Remember the hole in the Buffalo sock? It's been fixed:

I haven't been getting much done on my knitting:

Uggy, my cat, rarely goes out side. But yesterday, while I was taking pictures she made a trek out side:

I'll be playing catch up, when my head doesn't feel so mushy.

Because I'm a Lemming....

I'm a Wind Dragon

"Your a wind Dragon! Hey, you, the smartest dragon of the branch. You love reading and writing, but are quite shy. Your IQ is probably sky-high and your stories can win trophies. Your not very good in sports, or maybe you are, and just not inrested.. You are very wise, smart, and kind."

Friday Edition

I don't know what it is about Thursday nights, but I do not sleep well. It's difficult getting to sleep, and the sleep I get is very fitful. Which makes me a joy to be around on Fridays. Add a dash of PMS, well, do I need to say much more?

Okay, the sock is making me crazy. I know, short trip! The gusset on the second sock isn't nearly as long as the first one. Sooo, I'm thinking I'm going to reknit them both. They're not happy the way they are. Okay, I'm not happy the way they are. I'll go up a size in needles to help with the yardage. And the kicker? I'm still knitting on the second sock, because I'm here at work and bored.

I've spent most of the morning fighting with CMS table connection to an Excel spreadsheet. I can write a new connection and it works fine. Except it doesn't have all the data I need. Bob the First's spreadsheet won't connect to the CMS server at all and his has all the data fields I need. I've tried copying and pasting his code into my spreadsheet, it doesn't work. When all else fails, try looking at the CMS naming convention. It might help. It didn't. Okay, I'm closing it for a while and when Bob the First comes over I'll ask him.

The mated pair of hawks are back in the box. I drive by them twice a day. However, this pair is a bit more famous.

I'm thinking it's lunch time, the Siren is calling. So far I've resisted but things could go downhill rapidly. Turns out the snack machine guy was filling them and the Siren's are gone! Can't have one even if I wanted to now! Not that I wanted one...

I've finished washing, I have the wet paper towel in my hand when I hear. Tink, tink, tink. Huh? I look in the since to discover another button has came off Lilith. Thankfully, it happened in a place where I could find it. When I get home, I'll need to sew the button back on.

Man, today is crazy busy. Usually Friday's are pretty laid back; but today it's need this NOW! And you know that gimorous spreadsheet I sent you ages ago and never showed you how to update it? Yea, I need you to update it by Tuesday. GAH! This thing is massive and I'll be working OT to get it done. GAH!!

Remember that CMS report I spent half my morning on? Talking to Bob, he said, we’ve got it over here, and if you use a SQL statement, you’ll have the data in seconds instead of minutes. Shoot me. Now.

List Day!

  • 9 cars at the bar this morning

  • I'm such a dumbass, I forgot to adjust the reskill script for a site

  • The guys couldn't get it to run, so I'm doing it

  • Can't do anything on my other machine until it's done

  • Hugh Jackman

  • I bit my tongue while eating breakfast

  • It's Friday Eve!

  • It's still the week of the 19th, not the 26th

  • Data Entry person isn't here today, which mean I'll be helping picking up the slack

  • OMG! Rose-Kim today is jaw dropping

  • I'm having a brain freeze on the Lupine socks. Did I do my usual 20 (40) rows for the heel?

  • Maybe I can pull up last Wednesday's WIP picture and count cables

  • Must stop thinking about sexy men... I'll never get my knitting right

  • 12 cables! (Yes, I did pull the picture and had to count twice to make sure.)

  • It sounds like rain on the roof; but chances are it's the fans

  • I have five frozen bowls of chicken barley soup for lunch next week

  • My wallpaper

  • Sure, stupid page takes forever to load, I pick up my knitting it comes up

  • Time for some gum, I can hear the Siren's call ever so faintly

  • Dude, I got the message. Seriously, it serves no purpose other than to annoy me by calling in two minutes later for the same reason

  • Heel is completed, now I need to pick up for the gusset

  • And I have this overwhelming fear, I've messed up the length of the heel and will need to rip back when I get home

  • The palm of my right hand is itching madly - is it money? or family? I can't remember

  • I'm such a dorkfish, I wanted to go to generate reports; not rerun the morning reports

  • Fine... I'll close the stupid database and reopen it, because when you stop all macros; it means ALL macros. Not just the one running at the time

  • Roxie, what happened to the nice weather?

  • Seriously? A chance of snow on Friday/Saturday, it's almost May!

  • It's 0940! No wonder I'm starving

  • That's right, I can't use the card reader on the keyboard

  • It was family. There was a bag of stuff hanging on the front door when I got home

  • Christian Bale

  • The gym was a bit busy today

  • I did the length of the heel right!

  • Be safe out there; the other guy is unstable

  • Course he thinks the same thing about us

  • Perky said there were more then 9 cars at the bar when she drove by - 45 minutes earlier

WIP It Wednesday

Must remember to charge PDA tonight. I've been listening to the burnt CD. Which reminds me, I'll need to change the music out on PDA also.

I did throw away those shoes, because I don't want to deal with them anymore. Today I'm wearing a skirt so I've got girl shoes on. I'm wearing purple tie-dye footies, because I don't do panty hose. Sigh The footies slide down and I've got a raw spot on the back of my left heel. By the end of the day I'm going to be seriously hurting. Which will make swimming today questionable. The front desk has Band-Aids, so I'm saved. I should have taken two, because now the other one is wearing down.

The access database, not to be confused with the datamine's database, is acting up. Guy-who-used-to-run-these-reports (hence forth will be called Bob) tweaked it yesterday. Now one (insert appropriate cussword here) macro won't work. I'm running all the ones I can manually until he gets in. Hopefully before long before some of these reports are due. After chatting with him about the error turns out it was the data throwing the error, not the above-cursed macro. Hmm, go figure.

I've forgotten how much people don't follow directions or when they do, I can't understand them. It's amazing how fast the old habits come back.

The Gnome scared the hell out of me. I was busy working and he was talking to me - it was completely unexpected. I've been doing the same thing to Grilltech. Course it’s not as funny when it happens to me.

Somehow I messed up the (insert appropriate cussword here) sock pattern again. I can't even blame day dreaming about Dean in a pink thong when it happened. I was - however - thinking about Grilltech.

GAH!!! I'm not going to have enough to finish this sock in pattern!! Choices are:

A) Rip out both and knit a boring vanilla socks
B) Knit from the other one until they're both the same length, then knit toes of a different color

Yea, no contest... B

Yeah me! At lunch today I saw the snack machine had cherry pies. My siren. My nemesis. Two hours after lunch, I'm starting to get hungry. I had money in hand was walking toward the break room before I realize what I'm doing. I go back to my desk, put the money away and pulled out a granola bar. Will eat some pineapple here in a bit also. I don't need any stinking fruit pie.

Oops, no WIP pictures. I meant to publish them, but I had already hit post before they could be attached.

2/5th of the Week

Tuesday. BLAH. I could think of a million bunch of other things I'd rather be doing other then work. On the plus side, the day is a little more than half over. I would say half, but there is still 45 minutes that point. So, I'm pretending to be working my fingers to the bone. Tonight I'm swimming. After two weeks of slacking - okay I was sick for a week of it - it's almost like starting over. I also picked up a new suit. GAH. I'm really a size smaller, but it doesn't fit. I'm too busty. So I'm back to the larger size.

Knitting has been off and on. I've finished the first Lupine sock. Only 4 cables away from starting the heel on the second. Been working on the hematite vest (Grilltech's). It's going to be a long boring knit. Straight stockinette for 34 inches. BLAH.

BLAH seems to be the word of the day. Which is odd; the weather outside is warm, comfortable even. Work is okay. Easy enough to leave at the door. Since it's left at work, I won't forget to bring it back. I walked out leaving my car keys hanging over my desk this morning. Went back into the garage, made it two steps only to turn around again because I'd left my gym bag on the coffee table. I did remember to grab my lunch, otherwise I'd be really hurting this afternoon. Afternoon? It's mid-morning.

Grilltech is looking for snacks for game night. I'm thinking those look really, really yummy.

I hate these shoes and I should toss them so I won't keep wearing them. Because this time my socks won't slide down in them. I won't toss them until I pick up some sort of a replacement for them. Maybe some cute sandals. It is spring.

Tonight is soup night! I made stock on Sunday. We froze four pints (?) of it and the last one is dinner. Yummy. I don't understand how chicken can be so dry in soup. (It's from a can.) So, leftovers will be frozen for my lunches. I'm wanting to pick up some bones to make beef stock. The brisket will be amazing in that soup. And my chicken soup won't have dry chicken.

I picked up a copy of Momma Mia on Saturday. Forced Grilltech to watch also. It was a cute story. I knew all but two of the songs. Today, I'm listening to my CD, there four ABBA songs on it. I'm such a dork.

OMG... Amy you're going to get me fired!! Hysterical laughter is not approved activity in corporate America. It didn't stop me from reading it, and the cow-orkers didn't appreciate me snickering, giggling, and being a teenaged-girl. Grilltech rolled his eyes at me, when I told him breathlessly Amy's posted!

W00t! We get to wear jeans to work on Friday.

GAH! It looks like I'll need to rip back two rows. So the rules are: no lace knitting while drinking adult beverages and no pattern knitting while thinking about Dean in a pink lacy thong.

Because I'm a Lemming....

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List Day!

  • There were 10 cars parked at the bar this morning

  • An officer followed about 1/3rd of the way to work

  • It took me three tries to log into my phone today

  • Eating did help clear my head a bit

  • But I'm still not thinking straight

  • Oops, should have snoozed that reminder, not dismiss it

  • Spent an hour and a half at the store; because I kept walking in circles

  • I've darn a pair of Grilltech's socks which were wearing thin

  • Darned the black-toed buffalo ones, don't like how it looks, so they'll be in time out for a bit

  • Bastards, they still won't give a date of release

  • I don't have to do laundry today!

  • I should, but I don't have to

  • I belive I've got the Groom's knitting picked out

  • Still thinking on the Bride's stuff

  • I'm thinking it's nap time

  • Nap really helped

  • Now it's vest time

  • Being sick really sucks

and now for something completely different:


Quick rundown of stuff I have on the needles.

Secret knitting Nicole:

I work on Nicole every once in a while, mostly when Grilltech isn't around.

Grilltech's Vest:

He wanted the vest instead of a sweater. Faster knit for me.

First Maze Sock

The second sock only has the cuff done.

My Lupine Dragon Sock

Gusset is done. The pattern goes down the heel.

What else have I been looking at?

Monday, Monday

It's going to be one of those days. I got up at the third snooze. Remembered to bring my lunch - which I

didn't need to do because I didn't eat lunch on Friday. It started raining five minutes before I made it to work. Rain is a gentle word for the relentless driving downpour I got to walk through. It also turns out, I left my PDA at home on the charger. On the plus side, I do have a burnt CD of MP3's so I'm not tuneless.

Grilltech had to put up with me being a rampaging psychotic witch Friday afternoon. He really enjoyed it. I try hard not to let the crazy show often. But when it does - it's exciting. NOT! Today, I'm feeling pretty run down. And it's bright in here. I know, I'd bitch if I was hung with a new rope. Hell ya, new ropes chaff.

On Sunday the Eldest and family came over. Baby Bird was cute as usual. Grilltech fed her M & M's which she had no problem chowing down. Dinner however was a different story. The Eldest was a bit frustrated about the whole situation. I was laughing on the inside; because it wouldn't be nice to laugh at her out loud. Yea, the Eldest has a daughter just like her.

Not a whole lot in the way of knitting was accomplished over the weekend. Spent more time, playing Guild Wars - and cleaning - then knitting. I need to get back into the practice of using my powerball. My wrists have been bothering me a bit. I know, I'm such a whiner.

Twenty more minutes, then I'm off to gym. Tomorrow: WIP pictures.

List Day!

  • There were five cars at the bar this morning

  • Grilltech knows me too well, he figured out what the secret project

  • I think he looked in my knitting bag

  • He will neither confirm nor deny the charge

  • It smells like wet dog in here

  • Gross!

  • It helps to run the report for the whole week, not yesterday

  • I must have wanted more knitting time

  • On the plus side, the day is most over

  • DQ is being his usual OMG-the-sky-is-falling charming self

  • Best quote of the day: If you're going to be an asshole, you need to do it in private

  • I've already lost one of Lilith's buttons

  • Yes, I’ll get his sock’s fixed

  • I'm waiting for the butter to soften so I can make banana bread

  • I've only found one of the bread pans, so the other loaf will be muffins

  • It's not Steve the bully cat on the back porch, but a new one

  • Hope banana bread turns out the same using soy milk

  • I hate it when my bliss is shattered


A couple of finished projects.

Lilith worn by Perky Lilith's buttons

Marrakech worn by Perky
Close up of snowflakes

Grilltech's black-toed buffalo socks

Grilltech's broken black-toed buffalo socks
Grilltech's expensive socks

Monday, Monday

Monday, ugh. I'd much rather be home, sleeping or knitting. To make things even better here at work, our bay has "lost" three feet. The "hallway" now has computers in them so more people can be added to the project. So everything had to be packed away so stuff could be moved around. When I got here this morning the computers were on the desk, instead of under it. I spent half an hour crawling under the desk getting them set up correctly. I'll need to go get the rest of my stuff from Grilltech's bay, but not right now. Right now, I'd rather pout and be crabby.

I don't know how he does it, but Grilltech is hard on his socks. He's wore a hole in the black-toed-buffalo socks. He's had them about a month. Last night I was noticing he has a thin spot on the bottom of his bamboo socks. Crazy. I'll need to start darning them. Or I'll make him start wearing store bought ones... That'll teach him.

And now for something completely different: (thanks Cece)

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Because I'm a Lemming....

If you could eat ANYTHING at THIS VERY MOMENT what would you be stuffing your face with?

  • Coconut cream pie, but I'd settle for a blackberry hostess pie

  • If you could warp the space time continuum and start and finish a project in an hour, what would it be (and what color would it be?)

  • Peacock shawl in flame blue or Louhi in charcoal

  • What was the weirdest thing to happen to you all day?

  • It's been discovered that 06 April 2009 does not exist on one of our webpage’s. I told the Gnome, I'm not coming in Monday because it doesn't exist. He keeps telling me it does, but computers don't lie.

  • What was the funniest thing someone said to you today?

  • In answer to the question what do you call you're wearing? It's a shrug. A what? A shrug (complete with gesture).

  • What was today's songworm?

  • Cotton Eye Joe

  • What was the thing you did today you were proudest of?

  • I didn't once think I should have the peasants beheaded for doing annoying things like trying to broadside me in traffic, or the teller who nicely said, you’ll need to come in for that transaction. OMG, does this really mean I’m becoming an adult?

  • What was the dumbest thing you did today?

  • I tinked a row (not quite 300 stitches) when I didn't need to

  • What was the most same ol' same ol'?

  • Work, same damn reports, same weekly meeting, ohhh home early? Hellyea!

  • What was the best thing about your region today?

  • Pounding thunderstorms (two days ago) or (today's) snow flurries - that Grilltech is out BBQing in

  • What color was your day, and would you knit a project with it?

  • Pink, gold, purple, and black. I'd knit a delicate shawl to remind me of the sunset I watched
  • List Day!

    • I changed my network password, and I keep typing in the old one instead of the new one

    • There were five cars at the bar this morning

    • C's engaged!!!

    • I'm thinking of what I can knit for her as a wedding present

    • Thankfully, I've got plenty of time

    • Grilltech has a BBQ competition this weekend

    • I emptied one of my yarn bins, three bags full

    • I keep offering to have him get his own (bin) but he'd rather use mine

    • That's why I love him so much

    • With Grilltech gone most of the weekend, I'll have plenty of time to work the project

    • I think I need to rip back two rows, I was busy chatting last night I messed up

    • It's been a week and my shoulder is still stiff and sore

    • Amy, I am working on the me-me. It might be Monday before it's done

    • I really need to make soup this weekend

    • I'm tired of buying soup that isn't as good as mine

    • Hmm, barley vegetable beef made with some of Grilltech's prize winning brisket

    • I should have brought in some bread to go with the soup

    • I'm willing to bet Grilltech would let me purchase Viper Pilot pattern

    • I won't tell him I really want the pattern for C's not-soon-to-be husband

    • There were five different cars at the bar on the way home

    • It's almost the end of the day, and I'm still typing the wrong password

    • Grilltech is running around like a crazy man trying to get everything packed