WIP It Wednesday

Must remember to charge PDA tonight. I've been listening to the burnt CD. Which reminds me, I'll need to change the music out on PDA also.

I did throw away those shoes, because I don't want to deal with them anymore. Today I'm wearing a skirt so I've got girl shoes on. I'm wearing purple tie-dye footies, because I don't do panty hose. Sigh The footies slide down and I've got a raw spot on the back of my left heel. By the end of the day I'm going to be seriously hurting. Which will make swimming today questionable. The front desk has Band-Aids, so I'm saved. I should have taken two, because now the other one is wearing down.

The access database, not to be confused with the datamine's database, is acting up. Guy-who-used-to-run-these-reports (hence forth will be called Bob) tweaked it yesterday. Now one (insert appropriate cussword here) macro won't work. I'm running all the ones I can manually until he gets in. Hopefully before long before some of these reports are due. After chatting with him about the error turns out it was the data throwing the error, not the above-cursed macro. Hmm, go figure.

I've forgotten how much people don't follow directions or when they do, I can't understand them. It's amazing how fast the old habits come back.

The Gnome scared the hell out of me. I was busy working and he was talking to me - it was completely unexpected. I've been doing the same thing to Grilltech. Course it’s not as funny when it happens to me.

Somehow I messed up the (insert appropriate cussword here) sock pattern again. I can't even blame day dreaming about Dean in a pink thong when it happened. I was - however - thinking about Grilltech.

GAH!!! I'm not going to have enough to finish this sock in pattern!! Choices are:

A) Rip out both and knit a boring vanilla socks
B) Knit from the other one until they're both the same length, then knit toes of a different color

Yea, no contest... B

Yeah me! At lunch today I saw the snack machine had cherry pies. My siren. My nemesis. Two hours after lunch, I'm starting to get hungry. I had money in hand was walking toward the break room before I realize what I'm doing. I go back to my desk, put the money away and pulled out a granola bar. Will eat some pineapple here in a bit also. I don't need any stinking fruit pie.

Oops, no WIP pictures. I meant to publish them, but I had already hit post before they could be attached.


Galad said...

Bravo on the fruit pie. I'm still giving in to the siren call of sweet,crunch, salty etc. My pants show it. Sigh.

Contrasting toes - sounds planned to me!

Roxie said...

Yeah, today there were doughnuts in the break room again. I have resisted for months. Notice the past tense? GAWD it was good!!

Contrast toes have such quirky charm!

Amy Lane said...

OMG. You've been distracting me with Dean-pix, and I haven't read your blog! (But then, I guess I've been doing the same thing for you... uhm, sorry about that pink-thong thing... it's been haunting me all week!)