List Day!

  • 9 cars at the bar this morning

  • I'm such a dumbass, I forgot to adjust the reskill script for a site

  • The guys couldn't get it to run, so I'm doing it

  • Can't do anything on my other machine until it's done

  • Hugh Jackman

  • I bit my tongue while eating breakfast

  • It's Friday Eve!

  • It's still the week of the 19th, not the 26th

  • Data Entry person isn't here today, which mean I'll be helping picking up the slack

  • OMG! Rose-Kim today is jaw dropping

  • I'm having a brain freeze on the Lupine socks. Did I do my usual 20 (40) rows for the heel?

  • Maybe I can pull up last Wednesday's WIP picture and count cables

  • Must stop thinking about sexy men... I'll never get my knitting right

  • 12 cables! (Yes, I did pull the picture and had to count twice to make sure.)

  • It sounds like rain on the roof; but chances are it's the fans

  • I have five frozen bowls of chicken barley soup for lunch next week

  • My wallpaper

  • Sure, stupid page takes forever to load, I pick up my knitting it comes up

  • Time for some gum, I can hear the Siren's call ever so faintly

  • Dude, I got the message. Seriously, it serves no purpose other than to annoy me by calling in two minutes later for the same reason

  • Heel is completed, now I need to pick up for the gusset

  • And I have this overwhelming fear, I've messed up the length of the heel and will need to rip back when I get home

  • The palm of my right hand is itching madly - is it money? or family? I can't remember

  • I'm such a dorkfish, I wanted to go to generate reports; not rerun the morning reports

  • Fine... I'll close the stupid database and reopen it, because when you stop all macros; it means ALL macros. Not just the one running at the time

  • Roxie, what happened to the nice weather?

  • Seriously? A chance of snow on Friday/Saturday, it's almost May!

  • It's 0940! No wonder I'm starving

  • That's right, I can't use the card reader on the keyboard

  • It was family. There was a bag of stuff hanging on the front door when I got home

  • Christian Bale

  • The gym was a bit busy today

  • I did the length of the heel right!

  • Be safe out there; the other guy is unstable

  • Course he thinks the same thing about us

  • Perky said there were more then 9 cars at the bar when she drove by - 45 minutes earlier


Mr. Shife said...

Great list. Not looking forward to the weather this weekend after we got spoiled earlier this week.

Galad said...

Snow - are you joking? Hopefully it will bypass you or at least melt quickly.

Carrie Penny said...

I would love to comment on something you wrote, but my mind is still numb from the bikini picture and wondering what France thought of those girls!

Roxie said...

We've got cool and breezy, but not too wet. Don't know how that will read when it gets to you, though. The passage over the passes might squeeze away the clouds. Then you'll get cold breezy sunshine. Better than a stick in the eye.

Amy Lane said...

Great list! Poor Christian Bale... he's so deprived...