Quick rundown of stuff I have on the needles.

Secret knitting Nicole:

I work on Nicole every once in a while, mostly when Grilltech isn't around.

Grilltech's Vest:

He wanted the vest instead of a sweater. Faster knit for me.

First Maze Sock

The second sock only has the cuff done.

My Lupine Dragon Sock

Gusset is done. The pattern goes down the heel.

What else have I been looking at?


Galad said...

Awesome projects! I know GrillTech is going to really like his vest - it looks good already.

Amy Lane said...

Da-ang, Knittech, you make THE coolest stuff!

Roxie said...

The video, with the bird cheerfully chirping in the background, is meditative. I was astounded at how impatient I got, so I settled down to watch the patient, silent process, and got soothed almost to sleep. Wow.

Wonderful projects. Yay Knit-Tech!