1000 Words

Down the street on a warm spring winter day

The Eldest's sweater, I've got about eight inches done

My Valentine's socks

Grilltech's new socks. I'm really liking the colors of this one

1000 Words

My Valentine's Sock

Grilltech's sweater unraveled (again), I thought it was my fix, so I cut off about five rounds

The sweater on the needles again

I picked up and added a new border on the bottom again.

Turns out he leans back in his chair at work and it catches on something and snags it. I don't notice the tear and throw it into the laundry where it unravels. Maybe its time for another sweater


Yesterday, my order of Girl Scout Cookies came in. I've already eaten a tube of them. I'm sure I can eat the rest within a week.

Grilltech has managed fray his sweater, so I'm working on fixing it again. Ripping back the bottom, so I can re-knit it.

I've got about six inches of the Captain America sweater done. I'm making the Eldest untwist the yarn. Figure it's her sweater, she can help.

List Day

  • Gas is at $1.89 per gallon
  • There was three cars at the coffee shop this morning
  • Grilltech broke his sweater again, so I'm trying to figure out a better fix for it
  • I've got three hours of training to do again today, so I brought my sock with me
  • My cold is starting to recede, Grilltech says he can actually understand me now
  • I started the body of the sweater, but found two mistakes, so I ripped it out. It's waiting until I feel better before starting again
  • I accomplished quite a bit in today's training. Finished my heel flap and made six rounds into my instep
  • Have a good evening, it's almost Friday

1000 Words

Down the street on a cloudy morning

My new socks, from the sock club. Grilltech did a wonderful job on my Christmas present.

The sleeves for the Eldest's sweater

Grilltech's finished socks. Happy anniversary or Valentine's day, whatever, remember I love you.

My finished tunic. The sleeves are too long, but I'm not sure I'll get around to fixing them or not. But I love it.

List Day

  • Gas is at $1.93 per gallon
  • Woke up to about an inch, inch and half of snow
  • Not only is he anti-social, he's cheap. Do you really think he will?
  • I finished my tunic, pictures will be coming soon
  • The Eldest is asking for a sweater, I'll be starting it tonight
  • Why is this page just hour glassing? I don't need this
  • Why, oh why, isn't 2016 showing up on this spreadsheet?
  • No, I don't remember the conversation saying start him on the 14th, but I'll take your word for it
  • Okay, what happened to my LAN connection
  • Off to the gym, have a good night


We won our last game of Pandemic Legacy. We had to nuke Chicago to do it, but sacrifices had to be made. It was down the wire and the decision was made to prevent an outbreak. Below is a picture of the board when we finished.

Only two months left. I'm thinking we might fail this game. Grilltech says we'll pull it off. Only time will tell.


Last night, I was so happy. I had finished the tunic. I even started seaming it. Arms done. Start pinning the sides to make sure it's even. What do I find?

Yea, I'm waiting a day for me to calm down enough to rip back 18 rows so I finish it up again.