List Day

  • Gas is at $1.93 per gallon
  • Woke up to about an inch, inch and half of snow
  • Not only is he anti-social, he's cheap. Do you really think he will?
  • I finished my tunic, pictures will be coming soon
  • The Eldest is asking for a sweater, I'll be starting it tonight
  • Why is this page just hour glassing? I don't need this
  • Why, oh why, isn't 2016 showing up on this spreadsheet?
  • No, I don't remember the conversation saying start him on the 14th, but I'll take your word for it
  • Okay, what happened to my LAN connection
  • Off to the gym, have a good night


Donna Lee said...

I don't think 2016 deserves to be on anyone's spread sheet. It hasn't been very kind so far.

And I while I know that gas prices this low aren't good for the economy in the long run, I am really enjoying them now.

Galad said...

I agree about 2016 not being kind (or needing to be on anyone's spreadsheet :))

The last gas I bought was $1.69.I loved it the day I had a .50 grocery store gas credit and got it for $1.27. The low gas prices have really helped my budget with all of the 130 mile round trips for internship and work. Of course, what I'm saving in my budget I'm more than losing out of my IRA investments. I'm actually worse off. I just haven't felt it yet.