1000 Words

Down the street on a hot summer evening

My finished socks

Keep Up

Sorry for the radio silence. Things have been hectic for the past two weeks and I've just been dealing. Grilltech has been dealing with kidney stones, which hasn't been a lot of fun. I've been helplessly dealing with everything that involves that. The ER, doctor's appointments, and surgery. During the waiting times, I've finished one sock and started another. I'm about a third of the way done with it, so time well spent.

1000 Words

Down the street on a warm sunny day

Finished Grilltech Dragon socks

Catch Up

Friday was my birthday. As usual, we did the yearly trek to Jackpot. The sock was almost forgotten at home, but Grilltech was sweet and turned around to get it. The drive down was nice enough. It was warm. By the time we reached the border, there was a handful of clouds to help block the sun.

Us girls used the pool before gambling. I was slightly pink by the time we got out. Managed to lose all my money Thursday night. I did have fun gambling, so it was worth it.

Friday morning the sock and I went and knitted by the pool for an hour. It was nice and relaxing. So quiet after an evening of bells and whistles.

On the way home, we stopped by an ice cream shop and the sock had some mint chocolate chip and chocolate raspberry truffle. It was yummy.

Overall, it was a nice birthday. Can't wait until next year.

On Saturday, the sock and I had tea.

Bestest Husband Ever

Grilltech got me a copy of Ladyhawke. It's such an awesome movie. He's the best. 

List Day

  • I counted two cars at the bar this morning
  • Gas is at $2.99 per gallon
  • It seems on the drive in this morning, we hit every light red. It was quite annoying
  • Last night in training, I was shown something new. I'm still not quite sure I've got it
  • My headache is back. I wish it would go away for good
  • I was on Space Weather reading about a meteor shower, I immediately looked at the calendar to see if it was marked. Only to remember I'm at work, not home
  • Grilltech left early for the day. Now I want to go home
  • I'm leaving work early. =^.^=
  • Have a good weekend


This past weekend, the Eldest and Baby Bird moved into the house. I'm a bit conflicted about this event. On one hand, I'm glad she's decided to stand up for herself. On the other hand, I miss being able to walk through the house naked to the dryer. While it hasn't been a week yet, there is quite a bit of adjustment going on by both parties. Eight year old's are loud. Half the time the cats are in hiding. Change is good. Right?

I've been working on some knitting. My tunic is coming along. I'm starting on the front now. Almost halfway done.

List Day

  • I counted three cars at the bar this morning
  • Gas is at $2.98 per gallon
  • I woke up freezing last night, teeth chattering freezing
  • Ready to put my jacket on, because the cube-mate has his fan going
  • I have herds of giant dust bunnies on my desk, maybe I should dust
  • Looks like its getting ready to rain again
  • This weekend we're celebrating Baby Bird's birthday by taking her to the zoo

1000 Words

Down the street on a cloudy day

Made some progress on my tunic

Grilltech's next sock

Ruby. See how cute she is? Adorable even.

Don't believe it, she's evil. Pure evil. Any time I'm not paying attention, she chews on yarn. She got Grilltech's sock twice and my sweater once. I'm told to beat her with a skein of yarn and that would cure her. I'm thinking she'd just think it was a toy.

Worst Cat Guardian Ever...

Left Fran out side for two hours while I was off knitting.

How will I live with the shame?