Nothing to See Here

I'm in a mood. I don't want to do anything. No knitting, no karate, no house cleaning, nothing. There isn't anyway to pull myself out of it. I've just gotta ride it out. Hopefully the mood will break soon and I'll feel like doing things. Soon.

Tomorrow, we're going to see a movie. The movie of the summer according to the news.

This whole diet thing is making me crazy. I'm down a couple of pounds, but no where near what I think I should be. So in my head I'm thinking it's pointless and I'm going to be fat for the rest of my life.

List Day

  • I counted one car at the bar this morning
  • Gas is at $2.73 per gallon
  • Nothing overly exciting is going on at work
  • I suppose that's a good thing, because it means we're doing our jobs right
  • The girls and I are going to have our nails done tomorrow
  • I'm going to tea with some knitter friends on Saturday
  • It's noon and I've done 3400 steps for the day
  • One of the cleaning crew came and vacuumed the bay out. Nice
  • We need to swing by the store on the way home tonight

1000 Words

Down the street on a cloudy spring day

Finished my dragon scale socks. They match pretty close.

Finished a second pair of acrylics for the MIL. They're a fast knit.

I started a pair of socks for Grilltech. A pair for me, and then a pair for him. But Ruby (grrr Ruby) likes to chew on yarn. I try to tuck it away so she can't find it, but some how she does.


Today Grilltech and I took the day off of work. It was nice to sleep in. While we didn't work, we did things.

A month ago, Grilltech mentioned he wanted his guns cleaned. While my parents was over last week, I mentioned it to my Dad, who was more then willing to help out. Today, we went to their house and while Grilltech cleaned, I knitted.

I've finished the cuff of my sock and I'm ready to start the leg. I've decided to do the dragon pattern I've done in the past, but I can't find the written pattern. GRRRR So I need to figure out how to do it again. Math will be the death of me.

1000 Words

Down the street on a nice spring day. The day before had been raining.

Grilltech's Neon Socks. He calls them his Seahawks Socks. He wore them to work today.

A pair of socks for Grilltech's mom. She prefers acrylic, they are cheap to make.

A pair of socks for me. Finished a while ago.

A dishcloth set that Perky claimed. Usually I can two whole cloths from one ball, but not in this case.

Ruby looking ready to take on the world. She's a bit bigger since that photo.

List Day

  • I counted one car at the bar this morning
  • Gas is up to $2.61 per gallon
  • I'm having a hard time working, I'd much rather be home knitting and playing with kitties
  • The balance board is working again, just took a sync
  • It's funny how I'm finding long hairs (mine) in various places, that wasn't there 10 minute ago
  • It's nice to have the sun out after two days of clouds/rain
  • Cubemate has a happy light that he's using. Don't understand why, the sun is out
  • I wish the day would hurry along
  • Tonight Grilltech and I are going to talk to a travel agent
  • Our friends are telling us to gather all the information and tell them
  • The day is still going slowly


Last night, I go to get on the balance board for the Wii and it won't power up. WTH? I replaced the batteries and still no power up. Sigh. I just put it away and figure we'll need to buy a new one.

After some research, I should have tried to sync the board. I'll try it tonight and see if it works.

Wish me luck.

Weekend Recap

It was a nice weekend. The kids came over from Easter Dinner. We feasted, played games, and chatted a bit. Four person Mario is crazy. We kept getting into each other way and bumping them into a warp. (A long time ago, back when the Nintendo game system first came out, we would see a hole and tell the neighbor hood kids there's a warp down there. They'd die and they're turn would be over. Yes, it was mean of us, but it was funny.)

On Saturday, a group of us got together can did some crafting. I worked on Grilltech's sock - almost done with the instep. C hemmed a skirt. Night Owl worked on her socks - once she got there. And the Eldest started work on some earrings. It was quite the diverse group.

I called Grilltech's mom and chatted with her a bit. She'd like another pair of the knit socks, but for the life of me, I can't remember what I made hers from. I'm thinking it was red heart. I'll pick more up and get her a pair for Mother's day made. Birthday, Mother's day, whatever.

We still have some pizza left over. I meant to send that home with the Eldest, but didn't remember it. So I've got some pizza to eat before it goes bad. Poor me.

List Day

  • There was no cars at the bar this morning
  • Gas is holding at $2.59 per gallon
  • I haven't gotten on the Wii to weigh myself again yet, so I don't know how much the liar says I weigh now
  • The soda machine won't take my dollar - it's a coin - so I'm drinking water
  • Water is probably better for me anyway
  • Now I can't access the shared mail box, it keeps telling me how much I suck or something like that
  • Good heavens woman, I'm in the next cube over and I can smell your perfume. Maybe you should cut back a bit?
  • So, I was right. Maybe I know what I'm talking about
  • Stop waving your carb-y goodness in front of my face, I can't shouldn't have those
  • I've broken more nails in the past two weeks then I have in the past two years.... no more GELS!!!
  • Planning on picking up Baby Bird, and keeping her over night
  • hmmmm carb Friday
  • Good night everyone


I think the Wii is lying to me. It's been 98 days since I've last been on it and according to it, I've lost 8.4 pounds. The last time it's told me I lost that much, two days later, I gained 10.

I think it's lying.