List Day

  • There was no cars at the bar this morning
  • Gas prices are holding steady at $1.79 per gallon
  • Looks like today's sun rise is going to be lovely
  • Perky brought me her left overs for lunch today
  • Day before I didn't sleep with my mouth guard and my tooth hurt. Last night, I remembered it and today my mouth doesn't hurt. I think there is a lesson there
  • Yip, bad case of PMS. I'm wanting to scream at my computer for being too slow
  • Lunch was good
  • I've been seeing flocks of robins flitting around. I can't help but wonder if they're cold
  • Perky and I are hitting the gym today. We're not making it to the gym every day, but we're making the effort


Guess who left her sock at home. I could kick myself.

Quick Post

Today we woke to a fourth of an inch of snow on the ground. From what I can see out the window it's been trying to snow off and on all day, but no real progress is being made. That's a good thing in my book.

Tomorrow I'm going to replace my ID. I'm vain enough to want to do something with my hair, because it's long and in the way. No way to look sexy on those ID badges. They all come out looking like prison mug shots.

The worst of the peeling is now over on the tattoo. Today it's itching like mad. I know, I did this to myself, I can live with the itching.

I've started the toe on my sock. I'll start the next one tomorrow at the ID office. Ruby still attacks string, so knitting at home is sporadic at best.

On the 23rd Ruby is going to the vet's to be fixed. Then I won't have that Oh he's going to kill me for letting her scurry around me to get out moments. I keep telling her, she's not fixed enough to go outside, but she doesn't listen. Typical teenager.

Tonight I need to work on the adventure for this weekend. I've got most of it flushed out, need to get those details worked into place. I'll make sure I've got the fire power to make the players cringe.

List Day

  • I counted two cars at the bar this morning
  • My appointment was cancelled, so no burger for lunch
  • We're in the foggy part of the year, might have another month of it to go
  • I got a tattoo for Christmas, it's at the peely, itchy stage
  • There is 35 minutes left in my day
  • I forgot to post this yesterday, so its being done today
  • Its still icy slick out there, Grilltech fell yesterday
  • I've got some vertigo going on, not sure why
  • Today is Friday. I'm so happy for the weekend

Last One

Wow, my last post was in November. I know I've totally slipped on posting recently, but I didn't realize how bad. Christmas was good. It was at our house, since Perky had new roommates and she didn't want to have our family descend on the house.

Knitting has been slow. We got a new kitten at the end of October - I did post pictures right? She believes any moment of any type is grounds for pouncing. Which makes it pretty hard for me knit. Ruby is almost out of that stage, thankfully. So I'll be back knitting soon(TM).

I hope everyone has a safe and merry New Year's eve. I know we'll be partying it up. It doesn't get any more wild then board games and knitting.


Didn't feed the cats last night. Do I feed them tonight or wait until tomorrow?  I know what the kitties vote would be. 


It started snowing here about 0800 Thursday morning. We got up and drove to work at 0500 and it was still snowing. His pickup had about four to six inches covering it. It's way to early for winter. There is another month to go before the solstice is even here. I'm sure the ski mountain is happy to see all the white, but I'm not.

Nytemare is a hyper little kitten. Anything that moves must be played with. This includes my yarn, because you know, it looks like string and all string belongs to her. So, I'm not getting any knitting done. I guess it's time to go out to coffee and knit.

1000 Words

Down the street on a cloudy fall day

My new shawl in the works

Grilltech's new socks with re-enforced toes and socks

Our new kitten. Isn't she cute? Adorable even.

She's evil and aptly named Nytemare. Both Fran and Uggy are unhappy with her. But does she care? Nope, she's a four month old kitten. Who's only care in the world is when does she get to play.

24 Years

Grilltech and I have been married for 24 years. He got me diamond earrings. I think he's a keeper.

List Day

  • There was no cars at the bar this morning
  • The trees in the courtyard are now turning yellow
  • There is a partial eclipse today, but it's cloudy
  • I've spent the past two days reading, not knitting
  • I've forgotten how much fun reading is
  • They provided us with lunch today, it wasn't bad for industrial
  • We're pet sitting for Perky and Kommadant
  • Grilltech's new tattoo is itchy
  • Now I want another one (tattoo)