List Day

  • Gas is at $2.48 per gallon
  • There was one car at the coffee shop this morning
  • Today is Baby Bird's ninth birthday
  • I got my fitbit, now I have to track things
  • Grilltech and I are talking about getting a new car
  • I need to wash my desk off, it's a bit... sticky
  • Applied for a car loan, wish me luck
  • I'm at 3322 steps today
  • Have a good evening

1000 Words

Down the street on a rainy day

First pair of completed trip socks, Grilltech's Forest Path

Second pair of completed trip socks, Grilltech's Water Works

And finally, the third pair of completed trip socks, Grilltech's XO socks

I also knit a baby sweater for a friend's daughter.

List Day

  • Gas is at $2.45 per gallon
  • There was three cars at the coffee shop
  • It's rainy out there, the weather says most of next week as well
  • I missed the increases on the sweater I'm knitting, so I'm having to do math in my head to correct it
  • Headphones are dying, only have 45 minutes of my day left
  • Have a good weekend


Today is my dental cleaning. I forgot my mouth guard. I'd been reminding myself for the past week, but it didn't help.

Down a Pair

This weekend, I had to throw away a pair of Grilltech's socks. It had a huge hole in the leg, I'm not sure how it happened.

List Day

  • Gas is at $2.45 this morning
  • There was three cars at the coffee shop
  • I made it back home on Saturday evening
  • While on travel, I practiced kata. Since I've been home, not so much
  • MIL's brother isn't doing well, she's pretty upset about it
  • I was ready to go all Timecop on someone, until I realized today is Thursday
  • I'm off for the day, well I've got karate tonight
  • Have a good day


I've spent the last week in San Diego. All in all, it wasn't a bad stay. I worked from 0800 to 1600 - 1630, so I didn't have time to do much of anything exciting. I was down town, so I was right next to the coast. I walked down to the shipyard and took a couple of pictures for Grilltech. He really liked them, if I was at home, I'd post a couple.

Today I drove up to Ventura, that was a nightmare. The freeway is suppose to go, but there was places we stopped for a while. Google maps said three hours, it took five. Now I'm trying to decide if I want to do laundry tonight or wait until tomorrow. Not sure I want to commit to two hours of waiting around. Sure it's prime knitting time, but still.

Tomorrow I'm going to kick around. Drive to the base and see if I can find the place I'm looking for. There is a yarn store I want to stop by. And laundry. I'll be partying like a queen.

List Day

  • Gas is at $1.98 $2.05 $2.09 per gallon
  • There was two cars at the coffee shop this morning
  • I'm back to work after three days of jury duty
  • I keep unlatching my earring, I might lose one at this rate
  • Three hours of my day left, I'm ready to head home early
  • I'm going to be traveling for three weeks starting on the 17th
  • My flight and hotel is booked, just need to figure out where I'm reporting to, but they're not telling me
  • I have a water district meeting tonight, not sure what to expect
  • After throwing a fit (okay, asking nicely) I finally got an address to report to
  • The day is over


Taxes are down done, owed the feds and the state owed us. I guess it worked out in the end. It only took an hour and two glasses of cider.