Cubemate is sneezy and sniffling. I ask if he's starting to catch what I had. He tells me, Nope. I've got a four day weekend, I'm healthy. (sneeze)

Good luck with that.

List Day

  • I counted one car at the bar this morning, I guess ladies night isn't going to well
  • My ears are burning, someone must be talking about me somewhere
  • Tomorrow is the solstice, summer is almost here!
  • We're having spaghetti for dinner tonight
  • Thank you for the birthday wishes
  • Hope everyone has a good night

Drive By

A wonderful birthday. A co-worker brought me a chai tea. Grilltech took me out to dinner. And Netflix added season seven of Doctor Who.

It's been a good day.


I've been slacking about posting. I know. I'm sorry. The only exciting thing I've been doing is studying. Do you really want to hear about VoIP protocols, vulnerability scanners, and network sniffers? Yea, me neither.

My knitting is slow. I've got about 300 plus stitches on the needles right now. The knit part goes pretty fast, but the purl drags. I'm about at three inches done so far and I have another three or four more to go before starting any neck shaping. It's black, so I need to sit under my light to be able to see anything.

Friday night, I made the raspberry bread pudding. Grilltech loved it. I thought it was okay, I'm not a fan of soggy bread. Next time I make it, I'll need to cut the recipe in half, because that was a lot of bread pudding. And speaking of recipes, I found a No Knead Bread one I would like to try.

For some strange reason I keep thinking its the week of the 15th. Not good. Usually my temporal displacement is only a day or two, not a week. The worst part? I know what day it is, because I keep having to type it over and over.

Last night we gathered up all our change from the banks around the house and cars. We had about 75 bucks. Nice haul for the past year of saving.

List Day

  • I counted two cars at the bar this morning
  • Found a bread pudding recipe for Grilltech
  • I totally bombed this section of the sec plus training.... guess who gets to take it again
  • Have I mentioned how much training sucks?