Friday, June 30

Jes had her wisdom teeth pulled on June 28th. She's still pretty sore. Poor baby. Today she showers and walks around the block. I'm the meanest mommie in the world.

I've started the decreases for my tank. On the home row stretch now. Decided to keep (K2, P2) pattern. I think I'll do the stockinette when work on the next one.

Need to figure out the Christmas stuff. I think I'll do the girls with eyelash. Sneaky I know, but will look as if I worked really hard on them. If I find an easy pattern for the guys, then I'll be set. Next month I'll buy the yarns for the projects.

Tuesday, June 27

I lived through surgery. I still hurt and nap during the day and night. Is that really considered napping when you're suppose to be sleeping? On the plus side, I've got some good drugs. :) Tomorrow Jes goes in to have her wisdom teeth pulled. She'll get some good drugs as well. Mike will have a fun day dealing with cranky females.

Finished Dad's sock, have the second gusset about twelve rounds from being done. Mike's biohazard sock has a hole in the heel which needs to be fixed. I'll need to research darning socks. Shouldn't be any harder then knitting.

I have about five inches done on the front of my tank. Still trying to decide if I'm going switch to stockinette at the bust or not. Guess I'll decide when I get closer to thirteen inches.

Tuesday, June 20

I'm so stress over this surgery thing. I want to choke my customers. There really is no reason to call up and scream at the tech on the end of the phone line.

I finished the gussett on Dad's sock, now just doing the boring part of the foot. Only need to knit 8.5 inches before I can start on the toes. I have three inches more before the toes.

I think the battery in my car is dead. Figures. It did so well on the trip to Jackpot.

June 15, Thursday

I had a really fun birthday. We went to Jackpot and came home with $30 less then what we went off to gamble with. The slot machines were paying off just about every time I touched them. I also think it has something to do with, I cash out when it starts getting a lot of $$.

Just about ready to start the heel on Dad's first sock. I should have the pair done before the 4th of July. Yeah, his present will be just a bit late. I’ll need to buy the yarns for the Christmas presents soon. I should get going on those. Thankfully I have the big one mostly done. I'll need to get the buttons sewn on.

Surgery is one week away. I'm starting to get nervous.

Friday, June 9th

I finished Mike's biohazard socks last night. He was so happy to get them. He's going to wear them on the trip to Jackpot. Maybe they'll bring him luck.

I'm getting ready to start on Dad's socks next. Most likely will do a K2, P2 ribbing down to the heel. Not the most exciting, but will be clingy. I've started the socks. I have about 3 inches worth of ribbing done; all I think of is Charlie Brown with these colors.

We went to have the back two tires of my car replaced last night. In the end had to replace all four of them. Now the car doesn't shake any more, so I'm quite happy.

Received one of my birthday present’s the day before. I've already started filling it with notes on patterns. Yet another place for me to put data, there are four “pattern” books around the house.

Almost done with Joyce's sweater, it's turning out very nicely.

Tuesday, June 06

Happy Tuesday. I'm having a hard time staying awake. Not that getting up at 4 am would be the cause of the problem. I've started the yoke of Joyce's sweater. The sweater looks way kewl. Might even get around to posting pictures. (ha!) Almost done with the gusset on Mike's sock. He has a hole in the radiation pair. Guess I'll need to learn to fix them.

It's June, I'd better get started on Christmas presents. I still have Dad's father’s day gift to start. I've all ready told him it's going to be late.

Here it is 12:30 and I'm ready to spit nails. Just having a crappy, crappy day. I'm not sure I like this new set up at work. I LOATHE a certain type of call and I've gotten about three of them today. Not to mention I'm dealing with whiny people. In my frame of mind, it's hard to image I'm being kind.

I'm about ready to add another skein to the Biohazard sock. I've finished the gusset and have started the long trek towards the toe.