List Day

  • Gas is at $2.63 per gallon
  • there was one car at the coffee shop today
  • Orion is on the eastern horizon in the mornings now, but Osiris hasn't put in an appearance yet
  • Training is done. Now I need to keep looking at it
  • I'm done for the day, have a good weekend

List Day

  • Gas is at $2.53 per gallon
  • There was one car at the coffee shop this morning
  • The days are speeding by, but this week is dragging
  • The upstairs neighbors are making lots of banging noises
  • Continued from yesterday
  • It seems to be the week of kitty issues. A couple of bloggers and Fran kitty (ours) have been having medical problems
  • Fran is doing much better, today should be the last day of medication
  • We've been making our eclipse plans, it should be fun
  • One of my cow-orkers is leaving the company, which is sad because I liked the guy
  • Hope everyone has a good weekend

List Day

  • Gas is at $2.51 per gallon
  • There was no cars at the coffee shop this morning
  • I'm not posting any pictures until Grilltech gets the new server up and running
  • We're playing poker tonight
  • I'm worried about Fran kitty, she's got some swelling on her right cheek
  • Not have a good day, my left leg is acting weak. WTH
  • Turns out we're taking Fran to the vet today
  • have a good weekend

List Day

  • Gas is at $2.37 per gallon
  • There was two cars at the coffee shop
  • I got a new computer, but need to decide if I want Office 365 or LibreOffice (add Thunderbird for mail)
  • right Now I'm leaning towards MS Office
  • My day is half over, wish it was going faster
  • Must be nice to not have to deal with special cases, like I have to
  • Have a good weekend

List Day

  • Gas is at $2.39 per gallon
  • There was three cars at the coffee shop
  • I had my hair done last night, it's back to purple
  • My neck/upper back is hurting today, what's up with that?
  • I'm trying to submit a trouble ticket, but getting page cannot be displayed
  • Looks like the tools is recording again
  • Since I've started bringing candy to work, the Gnome has been in my cube almost every day
  • Well, the day is mostly over, still have projects at home to do
  • Have a good night

List Day

  • Gas is at $2.41 per gallon
  • There was three cars at the coffee shop today
  • I have pictures I need to post, but keep forgetting to do it
  • Our server is over heating and not working properly, so pictures aren't showing up
  • Which also means mail isn't working either
  • My hair is at that awkward point it's in my eyes, but I don't want to cut it
  • Oh man, I thought today was Thursday, turns out it's only Wednesday
  • Two and a half hours left in my day
  • That time went fast
  • Have a good night

List Day

  • Gas is at $2.46 per gallon
  • Forgot to look at the coffee shop
  • We hit almost every light red on the drive in
  • this day needs to go faster
  • I'm hating life today
  • My vision is blurring in and out
  • Love getting yelled at for something that is not my fault or control over
  • Not sure what we're doing for dinner tonight
  • Might go to a movie tonight or I might force Eldest to take Baby Bird, while I stay home and knit
  • Have a good weekend

1000 Words

Down the street on a warm summer day

Wash clothes that I made. Cotton is slightly better to knit in the summer

A large pile of socks that are going away. Some have felted horribly. Some have holes in them, that I don't feel like darning. Most of them are Grilltech's because he's really hard on socks.

Oh Snap

I broke down and turned on the air conditioner today. It's only 95 out there. It's going to be a long summer.

Happy Solstice everyone!

List Day

  • Gas is at $2.56 per gallon
  • There was no cars at the coffee shop this morning
  • Stupid program quits working after one scale up, then I have to exit and re-enter. Now it's working fine
  • Seriously, you want to move someone when we don't have any bodies to replace him? That ain't happening
  • Eww, Cubemate, that was stinky
  • I'm wanting to eat everything in the place. That needs to stop
  • I left my knitting at home today, and the project I'm working on is dragging... shoot me now
  • Have a good weekend, I'm out of here

1000 Words

My birthday trip to Jackpot is done and over with. We lost. We're talking next year a trip to the coast instead. It would be something different and out of our rut.

Down the street on an almost summer day.

I picked up some yarn with my discount from the LYS. I can't wait to finish Grilltech's hat to start on a pair of socks. This yarn looks amazing.

I made a couple of wash clothes. It took me less then a day to complete them. One on Saturday/Sunday, the other on Tuesday.


Last night we went and talked with a financial planner. It's like we're real adults or something. I'm leaning towards the or something because there is no way I'm ready for adulthood. After our meeting, Grilltech and I went to dinner at a local brew pub. Grilltech is very attached to Poutine and I had the salmon BLT. I added another inch to the hat while at the meeting and dinner.

We also stopped off at the LYS. I picked up two sock yarns. One for me and one for him. I'll post pictures later.

While getting out of the car last night, I dropped my phone and cracked my gorilla glass. It's just a small crack, but enough to be annoying. I'll have to live a week with the crack.

Nothing else exciting is going on, maybe I'll knit tonight. Who knows.

List Day

  • Gas is at $2.53 per gallon
  • There was three cars at the coffee shop this morning
  • We didn't win the lottery, guess I've got to work today
  • Cow-orker gave me some dark chocolate with almonds. Now I can't remember what I was doing
  • It's time to renew the domain name
  • Started to get excited about our annual trip to Jackpot
  • Stupid-assed program, gotta exit and go back in
  • I've got a coupon for 20% off at the LYS, think I'll stop in tonight
  • Hope everyone's night is good, see you tomorrow

1000 Words

Down the street on a muggy spring/summer day.

My newest bathmat. I made one like this one, only smaller and I didn't like it. So here is it's replacement.

I finished my socks. I really like the random colors of this pair.

Baby Bird wanted a scarf. She picked her colors and I thought they'd look really good with enterlac. I haven't trimmed the ends, because I need to find out if she wants fringe or not. Who am I kidding, of course she's going to want fringe. She's a 10 year old girl.

Last up is a dishcloth knit on game night, start to finish. Not GMing gives me more time to knit.

Date Night

Today we're going to go see a movie after work. We rarely go to the movies during the afternoons, because we expect it to be busy and if there is anything we hate, it's crowds. But the thought process today is, it's still early enough, we might miss the crowd.

I'm working on another hat for Grilltech. He likes how long the first one was but says it's a bit too tight for him. So I went from 68 (I think, it might have been 64) per side to 76. I'll do a couple of inches and have him try it on to see how it's fitting. wish me luck.

At work today, we had a potluck. I made cheesecake. The guys are going on like it's the best they've ever eaten. Really? It's a basic cheesecake nothing exciting.

List Day

  • Gas is at $2.53 per gallon
  • There was no cars at the coffee shop this morning
  • Finished my socks, started another hat for Grilltech
  • Oops, pulled my loop through on the hat, now I have to count again
  • We're going to see Wonder Woman tomorrow
  • Change of plans, no taco's tonight, but BLT's
  • Have a good night


It's suppose to be in the 90's today. Which mean I'll be melting in the house because it's not quite warm enough to turn on the air. But fans? Hellya, those things will be going full tilt.

I finished Baby Bird's scarf. Perky suggested I keep knitting until the second skein was done, but that wasn't going to happen. Today I started the toe on my sock, so that will be finished soon. Not sure what the next thing I'll be working on.

List Day

  • Gas is at $2.49 per gallon
  • Forgot to count the cars today
  • I left my knitting at home, this sucks
  • Oh yea, gotta take my pill
  • Sure today, when I don't have my knitting, the call runs long
  • Stupid hiccups
  • The day is mostly over and I haven't had any melt downs
  • Hope everyone has a good evening


It's a Tuesday. Nothing exciting really happens on a Tuesday. There are tacos, but I'm not having tacos tonight. It's left over pork chops. Yum.

I didn't do any knitting last night. Instead I finished off my book. Well mostly finished, there are some short stories in the back that I'm reading so, mostly done? Not sure if I'll get around to knitting or not, because it's karate night.

Weekend Recap

I had a really good mother's day. The Eldest got me a bottle of wine. I drank half of it last night, and will finish off the other half tonight. Perky and Kommandant took me out to dinner. The first choice place had a line out the door. There was no way, I was going to wait that long for dinner. So we went to second choice place and had a nice Mexican platter, then everyone left the house for two-three hours leaving me alone. It was nice and quiet for a while.

Saturday was crafting and tea. I finished my first sock and started the second one. That was my only weekend knitting. Usually I work on Baby Bird's scarf, but instead I read. Started a book (Empire of Black and Gold) on Friday night and by Sunday I was 3/4ths done with it.

Anyway, that was my weekend, How was yours?

Last Day

  • Gas is at $2.49 per gallon
  • I think there was two cars at the coffee shop this morning
  • My calves are still sore from Tuesday, it's annoying
  • I'm working on the 60's rows of the bath mat, only forty more to go
  • Sure, I have no problem undoing the work I did on Wednesday
  • I don't care, just fucking do it
  • Now, I'm trying to cough up a lung, I swallowed wrong
  • The day is almost over!
  • Hope everyone has a good weekend


I didn't do any knitting last night, instead I was playing Zuma. It was a good mindless thing to do before Karate. Then I talked Perky into coming to yoga with me. Turns out, it was karate not yoga, needless to say, she wasn't too happy. Not sure if she'll come again or not. Because I wasn't expecting to do such demanding physical moments, I didn't wear good shoes. Today my right heel is killing me. So, I've got to remember to bring shoes always.

Day Two

Day two of a headache. Ibuprofen helps take the edge off, but doesn't knock it out. So I'm just dealing.

I've finished the gusset on my sock, so I might finish it this weekend at tea. Last night, I did another 25 rows on the bath mat. Figure I'll need about 100 or 110 rows to complete the project.

I've also decided it's time to start walking around the block again. Havoc and I need to get more steps in than 3500, which is pretty low.

Monday Catch Up

Friday night, we gamed. I made an entire dishcloth. Not GMing gives me plenty of time.

On Saturday, Grilltech took me to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. I must admit, I really enjoyed it. It wasn't a rehash, but something fresh and new. Course, anything with Kurt Russell in it, will make me swoon.

I've been working on Baby Bird's scarf. An Enterlac scarf which looks pretty awesome, but man, I'm getting sick of it. And I have half another skein of yarn to go through. Ugh

Drive By

One of the things I hate is when a blog goes all radio silent. Here I am doing the very thing I hate. This is me, trying to be better.

I've been working on bath mats. I've done two, but the first one is too small in my opinion, so I'm making another. On the plus side, it's size 15 needles and three strands of cotton. A quick knit.

I've been playing a Pathfinder game on the pad. That's really been sucking my time.

Saturday we're going to see Guardian's of the Galaxy 2. Hope it's done well, because most of the time, the second movie is just a rehash of the first. I don't like those.

Hope you're day is lovely. See you next week.

List Day

  • Gas is at $2.53 per gallon
  • There was one car at the coffee shop
  • I have a headache, and my right eye is throbbing :(
  • Managed to get a couple of rows knit during today's meeting
  • I'm thinking about stealing Perky's head phones to take to work
  • Stupid program, have to shut down IE and reopen it to make the scaling work
  • Good news, my headache is gone, bad news, I now have heartburn
  • Man, I'm feeling old like I'm breaking down today
  • If i don't hit enter on this one table to activate it, the template number will never show up
  • I'm off to the store, because we need taco seasoning
  • Have a good night

1000 Words

Down the street on a cloudy day

Finished a wash cloth on game night

Finished Grilltech's hat, I think it could have been a bit longer, but he's happy with it.


For the third day in a row, I've left my knitting at home. While I only knit during the morning call while at work, I'm really missing it.

You're Not My *Real* Mom

I'm coming in from the back porch to the kitchen. Ruby is on the counter with her head in the bowl of grated cheese eating. I don't know why the kids taught her cheese is a kitty food, but that's not awesome.

List Day

  • Gas is at $2.31 per gallon this morning
  • I didn't notice how many cars at coffee shop, I must be slipping
  • I'm obsessing over something, I have no reason to be obsessing over. Let it go
  • It seems, I'm in somewhat of a foul mood today
  • GAH!! Brand new shirt and I've already spilled down the front of it
  • I only did what I was told to do, not my problem that others should have been told also
  • Finished my character for game night
  • Have a good night everyone

Whew, Close One

Last night, I got to sit in my spot for all of ten minutes. I even managed to pull up the pattern for the shawl I'm knitting and looked at it. Then it was time to go walk the neighborhood. I didn't get the spot back again. So instead I went to bed early. It took me about 30 minutes to fall asleep. Then I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't get back to sleep. It was a rough one for Uggy. She had to move about every 30 minutes. Worst pet guardian ever.

1000 Words

Down the street on a windy spring day

The start of Grilltech's new hat

My finished new socks, not quite a fast knit, but close

List Day

  • Gas is at $2.38 per gallon
  • There was two cars at the coffee shop this morning
  • I'm stepping down as GM for Shadowrun, it will be nice to play for a while
  • Now, I'm having a hard time coming up with a character idea
  • Forgot to do my powerball this morning
  • Kinda of a slow boring day for a list day
  • Have a good weekend


Well, so much for this post. I had quite a bit written out and then my computer shut down on me and everything is gone. :( So I'll try again.

I keep looking at these knitting bags, and wonder if I really need another bag. I like them, but I have a nice bag that I use. On the other hand, purple is my favorite color.

I'm not getting much knitting done at night. Mostly because Perky is sitting in the best light spot. Since she's recovering, I don't want to make her move, so I'm doing other things - playing computer games.

Last night, we watched the original Disney Beauty and the Beast. Perky picked the extended version and they added a whole new song. When the girls was young, I totally could dialog the whole movie. Today? Not so much.

This time of the year, I'm really electromagnetically charged. I'm sparking practically everywhere and it's annoying.

Bath Mats

A few years ago, I knit some rugs for the shower. They get swapped out on a weekly basis, so each one doesn't get too much wear. When I was doing laundry on Sunday I noticed one of them was starting to fray. Today I noticed the other one was was also fraying. Not good. Trying to decide if I want to re-knit two more rugs or just buy bath mats and call it good.


Last week, I worked from home. It was an interesting experience. Not sure I would want to do it full time, but every once in a while will be nice. In today's morning meeting I was able to turn the heel on my sock. I'll be heading towards the toe in no time, just have to deal with the instep. Go sock.

1000 Words

Down the street on a rainy day.

Grilltech's new socks.

Socks for Perky's MIL. Her husband died recently, and I thought she needed something to help her remember people love her.

A sock for me


I'm so close to being done with this row. A good thing, because I'm tired of working on the blanket. I'll finish the row then put it away for the season. I'm day dreaming about working on my shawl, something different then endless miles of knit. I'm sure the first time I have to purl back I'll be wishing for the blanket.

I'm pretty much over the cold. Yea! Spring is mostly here, so it's time to start yard work.

List Day

  • Gas is at $2.41 per gallon
  • There was one car at the coffee shop
  • I think my left ear is clear, but now my right one is acting up
  • I hate dreaming about getting up and getting ready for work, because it makes getting out of bed that much harder
  • The trash guy came from the wrong direction, it really messes with my OCD
  • I need a new drink, trying to decide if I want more tea or a diet
  • Really? We're crossing the line after the deadline? What is the point of having a deadline if we're going to fix it anyway?
  • I went with a diet, now I'm drinking water
  • The day is almost over. Then I'm off to get an new iPad
  • Have a good night


I worked on the never-ending blanket last night, finished three squares. I've found three is the limit before my neck and shoulders get stiff. I'm getting closer to being done with this row, then I'll be posting pictures.

I've started the heel of Grilltech's second sock.

For the past three weeks I've been working with the lights burned out over my head. It was dark enough that I would want to put my head on my desk and nap. Today they replaced the lights. Now I can see all the dust bunnies living on my desk. Guess it's time to dust. :(


I am feeling better. My left ear is still blocked. Hopefully it will pop soon and I'll be able to hear out of it, instead of the constant ringing I've been hearing for days. It's very annoying.

I haven't started knitting yet. I should pick up the needles at home soon. I still knit at work, during the morning meeting. I'm about half an inch away from starting the heel on the sock. Might have this sock done by this weekend.

List Day

  • Gas is at $2.41 per gallon
  • There was no cars at the coffee shop
  • I'm feeling better, but still sick
  • Got some unhappy news about Perky
  • The waiting game sucks
  • Have a good evening

1000 Words

Down the street on a cloudy day

Fran checking out the dish clothes I've been working on

Grilltech's next sock, I need to start the second one


Tomorrow marks a week of the crud. I'm at the coughing stage and my ribs hurt already. I wish my head would clear up. I'm ready for this to be gone, like winter here. It snowed again last night, and again this morning. Ick.

I've been knitting, just not on the blanket. Been making dish clothes because of the large needles. Easier to see.

Stay healthy, because this sucks.


I'm on day two of the plague, sore throat and a slight runny nose. I talked to the one of the guys and he says he's had it for more then two weeks. Crap. I'm not going to enjoy this.

I'm about done with my row on the blanket. Not sure how many squares that works out to be, but I'm working on the thing. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to start another row when I finish this one or put it away until fall. I'm getting a bit tired of working on it. I might be able to get another row or two done before April. Who knows.

1000 Words

Finished my socks a while a go. They remind me of White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle ice cream Sure they have no truffle, but I can live with that.

List Day

  • Gas is at $2.29 per gallon
  • There was two cars at the coffee shop this morning
  • I was dreaming about my Grandmother last night
  • I wanted to buy a soda this morning, but the machine wouldn't take any of the five coins I had
  • I'm in last place on the work week hustle, guess that means I should walk a bit more
  • Most of our snow has melted, so that means spring is on it's way
  • One of trees at work is starting to bud
  • It's a slow day, I like slow days
  • Have a good night


Last night I did my three squares. I made a big hole for tonight's large square.

Yes, I did practice. It wasn't as many repeats of Kata as I would have liked, but it was practice. I got confused on the pinon series, so maybe I'll try again tonight. I think I've got the you tube video. If I would have been smart I would have looked last night, but I had a couple of pints of cider. My mental state wasn't exactly at it's sharpest.

I've started the toe on my second sock. So I should be done with it really soon, then I can start a pair for Grilltech. Or a hat. He's mentioned he'd liked another hat.


I went to karate last night. After two? three? months of doing nothing, I really hurt coming home. It wasn't like we did anything strenuous, but the act of moving was enough to make me sore. Today I'm better, but I've got to practice or I'll lose the small gains I've got. So tonight before knitting, do all six Kata twice. That's it. I can do that.

List Day

  • Gas is at $2.29 per gallon
  • There was one car at the coffee shop this morning
  • We didn't win the power ball, so I guess I've got to finish working this week
  • Last night, we made Orange Chicken for dinner
  • It's supposed to snow more today/tonight
  • I talked Grilltech into retiring a pair of felted socks today
  • It's snowing out there
  • Have a good evening


I'm having a hard time coming up with blog fodder. I mean really, do you want to hear about another three squares? (Whooooo!) That's kinda the only project I have going because I want it done. Scary part? I'm not even close to half way done, with the row or the blanket.

I could tell you how I'm fighting with a supervisor in Norfolk. While conflict is a good story for those reading or watching it, it's not so great for those living through it. (Just make the fucking changes....)

Anyway, I don't have to be ready for game night next week because it's board game time. Perky and Kommadant are having dinner with friends. The rest of us will be showing up dutifully and not able to play.

The desire to see Resident Evil: The Final Chapter has waned somewhat. I still want to see it, but figure I can wait the three months to just buy it instead.


It was a good weekend. I left work early on Friday. Went and saved Perky from the car dealer. Wondered around Barnes and Noble looking at books. I found about six or so that I'm interesting in getting. Yes, I know... but I prefer my iPad to an actual book.

I spent most of the weekend working on the forever blanket. Not quite half way done with my row. No rush. Perky has claimed it.

Today isn't bad, I've just got a headache that is light sensitive. On the plus side, my sunglasses are done. Maybe that will help my head.

Have a good week, we're 1/5 done.

List Day

  • Gas is at $2.29 per gallon
  • I counted two cars at the coffee shop
  • I left my knitting at home today
  • Turns out my phone was left in the car for 24 hours yesterday, I'm just glad it was found
  • Trying to figure out if I want to add another two rows on the blanket (for a total of four square to complete a series) or just go with the two
  • Cow-orker brought in doughnuts. I've had one. Why do I have an urge to go get another?
  • It's trying to snow out there. Really?
  • Have a good evening. I'm off to knit


Last night I finished my row. YEAAAAAA!!!! I started the next one, so I'm ahead of the game.

Today? I'm not so with it. I gathered all my stuff drove to work and while unpacking I realized I left my phone at home. My phone which is also my wallet. So no timer for me. (I'll need to find one on-line.) We'll have to run home before dinner with the parents tonight. It's just going to throw my whole day off.

Guess I wasn't as together as I thought, because I realized I left Dad's present at home also. Is it too late to call in sick?

1000 Words

It started snowing on the drive in to work. I'm hoping it's not a serious storm, but something that spits at us for a little while, then goes away. It appears, I didn't get my wish, just overhead someone saying we got two inches in the last 30 minutes. I'm so over this winter.

Grilltech and Baby Bird have started playing Fallout 4. (Grilltech plays, she watches and helps him by pointing out stuff.) She'd rather watch him play Fallout, then play Mario with Perky and I. So, we let her go.

Last night, Perky made a chocolate fondue. It was pretty oily. I'm thinking maybe she added too much chocolate.

I spent most of the weekend working on the blanket and finished eighteen squares. I'm only two valleys away from finishing my row - three squares per valley. I even managed to make a pair of slippers while working on the forever thing.

Before felting:

After felting:

I'm off to knit a square.

List Day

  • Happy Friday!
  • Gas is at $2.29 per gallon
  • There was two cars at the coffee shop this morning
  • I have to make cookies tonight or tomorrow, I'm leaning more towards tomorrow
  • Dad's birthday is next week, so I'm making him a new pair of slippers
  • It's a slow day. I like slow days. Maybe slow isn't the right word, quiet is better
  • Have a good weekend


It's supposed to snow or freezing rain here and we're waiting. I'm just hoping it doesn't start on the drive home, that would really suck.

I've been working on my blanket. I'm about half way done with a row. I'd show you pictures, but there is no point, it looks the same. My forever blanket.

Friday night went pretty much as expected. They broke in, knocked everyone out. Then one of the players killed one of the NPCs. So they voted and ended up killing everyone. After they went through all that work of just knocking them out. I'm trying to decide where to send them next. I've about about four or five half baked ideas that need to be flushed out. In the mean time, I've got a bunch of magic items I need to figure out what they do.

Well, the snow finally made it. Right when it's time for me to go home. Thanks Mother Nature.

In the Air Tonight

Tonight is game night. I'm not sure what they're planning on doing, but I've got to ready for it.

At this point, I understand the plan to be,
  • Hack into the lawn care place and cancel Thursday's appointment
  • Hijack the truck and show up at the place and gather intel
  • Possibly break into the house, because hey, kick the door open and shoot everyone who moves

I can't think of anything else I'll need to be ready to answer.

List Day

  • Gas is up to $2.33 per gallon, I don't like this upward trend
  • There was no cars at the coffee shop this morning
  • Seriously, you're going to sit there and bitch about something not working, but not make the effort to contact the person who can fix it?
  • You've got the headset on, just answer the phone. Don't make someone else do it
  • Great, Fire Fox is locked up. It must be lunch time
  • Why did you hang up on me when I answered the phone?
  • Getting tired of having to email people to do their job
  • Do you know how hard it is to try and figure out a name of a colorway without the label handy
  • It's suppose to be clear until Sunday. I like that
  • Have a good evening


Last night Grilltech, Eldest, Kommadant, and I was breaking ice out the drive way. An hour later, we have bare concrete. It was totally worth the sore arms and leg cramps.

This morning, I woke up about 0230 and it's snowing. >.< So instead of hitting snooze for 30 minutes at 0400, I got up after the first snooze and got ready to face the day. Then Grilltech and I went and shoveled the drive way. We're both sore from yesterday's marathon shoveling. Great there is a weather advisory until Wednesday. I'm so ready for winter to be over.

1000 Words

Down the street on a snowy Sunday afternoon. Then it turned to rain. It was a sheet of ice this morning.

The inside of the sweater. Someone asked to see it. The sweater itself is knit flat.

Perky's mitts, now finished. I knit two left gloves. I had to rip back and fix it so there was a right and left glove.


It's cold out there. With all the snow we have, of course it's going to be cold. I'm thinking of shoveling out the road in front of my driveway so I don't get stuck, trying to get out (or in).

I've got about another two inches to go on the mitts before I'm done with them. I hope to have them finished this weekend. Sunday at the latest.


Grilltech has a cold, which means in two or three days, I'll have a cold. I think I liked it better, when we had less people in the house. Well, I can't blame the kids for this one. I'm not sure where he picked it up at.

This morning we woke to two or three inches of snow. News was saying expect three to six inches today. I'm wondering if it's on top of what's already fallen. The roads are a mess. I'm dreading the drive home tonight.

Running Behind

It's back to work today. I had a lovely four day weekend. A nice way to ring in the New Year. We played board games until midnight, then Perky and I went home to curl up in bed. While gaming, I was also knitting. Finished up a dish cloth and finished a thumb gusset on Perky's mitts. By the time midnight rolled around, I was out of knitting.

I need to finish the mitts, so I can start working on the mitered blanket again. It will keep me warm this winter, so I need to get going on it again.

We've been playing Super Mario for the Wii U. It's slightly different then the Wii one. I guess that's why people keep buying it. I've also started reading again. Which really cuts into the knitting time, but you know opportunity costs.

Not a whole lot to talk about, but it's better then nothing. Have a wonderful New Year.