Last Post of the Year

On Saturday I completed My's sock - okay, it was really late Friday night - I go hunting for some left over yarn I know I have. Only I'm unable to find it. I checked all the usual places I put yarn with no luck. I even pulled out all the skeins and put them away according to use. I have a drawer full of sock yarn. And I do mean full. I started yet another pair of socks. I'm using my new bronze needles. I'm loving them. They are a bit heavier then the bamboos. The swirls do their job well. I demonstrated at the LYS, by holding one needle and shaking it. The sock didn't. move. one. bit. The ladies (and Grilltech) were quite impressed.

I finished the sleeves on the shaker sweater. If anyone is interested in test knitting the pattern, please e-mail me at knittech AT nytecode DOT com. I'll send you the pattern in a word document along with convoluted directions of how to resize the sweater from a child's to an adult. The only thing I ask is if there is any questionable parts (IE you don't understand) to let me know so I can get it cleaned up.

Friday, December 28th

I'm off to a good start today. It's snowing and very slick out there. I fishtailed a few times on the drive to work. Two of the co-workers called in sick, so it's just me. I'm already behind. On the plus side, the morning reskill gives me a few minutes to read. Guess today will make up for Wednesday's slowness.

I made it home and enjoyed shoveling the drive way. Tomorrow Grilltech gets to do shovel, because we're suppose to get more tonight.

My's socks should be done today, Saturday at the latest. I'm using Berroco Sox 1422 yarn. The color is amazing. Grilltech stated he'd be willing to wear a pair of socks made in the color way. The problem? I'm not even half way through the skein and I've found two knots. I'm not pleased. I have a very low tolerance for knots.

Thursday, December 27th

Today, I remembered my badge, but dribbled syrup down the front of my shirt. (Yeah, it ain't a meal unless I'm wearing some of it on my shirt.) The day is going pretty okay. Thankfully it's a short week. I've put in vacation requests for next year already. Most of it will be in the last part of the year. I'll need to put in some early months requests to balance the year out.

You can head over to Grilltech's blog and see a picture of Baby Bird and see what we had for dinner. I've got it rough, I know.

I've started My's second sock. Thankfully it's a quick knit. I'm going to get Grilltech's sweater going this weekend. Less then an inch to go on the sleeves, then it's onto the body. It goes fast, when I work on it.

Anyway, it's been a while since I've finished the (damn) shawl. The camera has finally been charged, so here is a photo of it. It's been steamed to open it up quite a bit, but not blocked. Will block it properly later.

Wednesday, December 26th

I'm here at work, pretending. I should be working, but after six days off, let's face it. I don't want to. I drove all the way to work this morning. Only to realize I left my badge at home. Which only made me 30 minutes late. I forgot my new password to log onto the global network. After six days, wouldn't you forget your newly changed password as well? After another 30 minutes, I was able to remember it. After I had locked my account. I'm so pleased to be at work today. On the plus side, I did remember my lunch, head and how to do my job. So in the long run, it's a good day.

Christmas was nice. It was mostly Grilltech and I. Mr. Sota (the crack dealer) came over and we did Guild Wars most of the day. Grilltech started a Lambic brewing and made Prime Rib, while we played the day away. Grilltech is such a sweetheart or as Mr. Sota kept saying, Grilltech, you're such an adult... Meanwhile, we kept killing things.

I made Mr. Sota a pair of socks for his (belated) birthday. I made sure to point out, the socks were a birthday present. I didn't knit any Christmas presents this year. Mostly won't knit any next year either. It will be all birthday presents.

Anyway, I did get several lovely knitting related presents. MIL sent a swift (ooohh). Rosewood needles size 1, they glow! She also sent the bronze (bronze!!) size 1's. I'm hurrying to finish what I have on the needles so I can knit with them!! (There is more, I'll get to them later.)

Wednesday, December 12th

Did you guys hear that last night? It happened at exactly 1818. I'm not sure if it was a SWEEEEEEEEEEE or fi-an-LY!!. The (damn) shawl is off the needles. Did I say that right?! The (damn) shawl is off the needles!! Better. It still need to be blocked but the hard part is done. Grilltech is happy, because now I can work on his sweater.

Remember me bitching yesterday about sitting at a grey screen for 1.5 hours? I called it in at 1200. I then had someone else log in for me so I could work. At 1430, the whole database is locked up. No one in North America can use the system. IT does their trouble shooting, find a "couple of users had datalocked". (Hmmm didn't I say locked up? At noon!) Today I turned to BBQer and said, be nice to me or I'll lock the system up again. (Because I have that kind of power.)

Tuesday, December 11th

I am beat. Been fending off the crud that's been going around, but I'm slowing. The sinus headaches have begun to decline, but they're still lurking around. I could use more sleep. Thankfully tonight I can get to bed early. I've started the heel for Grilltech's new sock. It's going to be slightly different then the usual slip stitch. I'll show a picture when it gets finished. I've almost finished the (damn) shawl. I've been trying it on when I finish knitting for the night.

I've been sitting at a gray screen for the past hour. Soon as I get off the weekly conference call, I'll need to call IT and figure out why it's not working. Stupid database.

FO Friday, December 7th

I managed to finish up two projects this week. Granted they are small, but done! I started a sock for Grilltech. Navy blue on ebony needles. I can't see the stitches in dimly lit areas.

First up is my anniversary socks. Different color then Grilltech's, but the same pattern. Pretty easy to do when it's stuck in my head.

Second is mitts for the co-worker. They originally were suppose to be mine, but I can't follow directions to save my life. By the time I realized the error, I wasn't going to rip back. (Funny, I did frog the second one....) Anyway, the guy really liked them. Which brought up another round of can I have... I will admit I caved. But I haven't bought or started knitting anything yet.

Monday, December 3rd

I think I have a sinus infection. My head hurts, but my nose isn't really running. Plus I'm crabby/whiney. Poor Grilltech, he has to deal with me.

I only have the thumb to finish on the second mitt. This was after I frogged the whole thing, because I didn't have enough stitches. I had 60, instead of 64. On the plus side, it was a quick knit. I've finished the gusset on my second sock. I've got patterns running in my head for the next one to knit. Nothing has been decided on yet.

I've been thinking about getting permanent eye make-up. Not really sure why, I haven't worn make-up in something like 20 years or so. One of the knitterly women has it and its kewl. Which is where the thought came up. Most likely won't do it, but the thought it there.

PS: Happy B-day Mr. Sota (the crack dealer...)