A Short One

It has been snowing most of the day here. The small tiny malformed flakes that rarely stick anything but each other. Flakes that are easily blown to pile up into large drifts. Drifts that form anywhere the wind is blocked. Which can cause problems for the connector, which has been closed, because it is nothing but concrete and it's pretty slick because of the drifting snow.

Not much in the way of knitting news. I was going to work on Grilltech's sweater, but PerkyGoth and Gamer (hubby) came over and sat where I was going to work. So I had to play crack instead. Played for about an hour before it was bed time. So who knows, I might be able to knit tonight.

It's done

I shoveled the drive way last night. By the end, I was dying, but it was done. (Mostly.) Between 1700 and 1830, it started snowing again, this morning we had another inch. Of course. Today is suppose to be somewhere between sunny and rainy. Hopefully the driveway will be clear by the time we get home today. (I don't want to shovel again.)

We have to go to the DMV today, because someone (Grilltech, Grilltech) let their drivers license expire and get a ticket. Good thing I have my sock to entertain myself while we wait in line. It’s the second to the last day of the month, I have a feeling it will be busy. Someone (Grilltech, Grilltech) is banking the snowy conditions will keep everyone else home. I can only hope.

Grilltech's is it 20 inches yet?! sweater is coming along. I've done a total of 3 decreases. I think the name has changed from is it 20 inches yet?! to is it the end of the row yet?!. I'm almost to the point where I can sew up the seams and it will be a sweater. (Mostly.)

The trip to the DMV went fast! He went in to start the waiting process. I stopped at the hot dog stand to get a hot chocolate to drink. It took the nice lady behind the counter all of two minutes to make my drink. I walked in and found Grilltech paying for the license. The longest wait was the lady taking pictures. I did get .75 of a round done on the sock.

Driving on Snow

Saturday I finished a hat for a co-worker. I handed him a hat I had made for Grilltech (a swatch), he loved it. He showed his family and from what I understand his MIL wanted one "exactly like his". It's not quite exactly, but close. The three days I was home sick, I worked on the hat. Chiefly because it was small and I needed something I could see results on.

Yesterday, it rained most of the day melting off the snow. This morning, we woke up to two inches of snow. Nothing but sheets of ice on the roads. I drove ten MPH slower then normal (which really means 15 MPH because I usually drive five over). We're out at 0530 and there are idiots tailgating. (Yes, that four wheel drive does allow you to do all sorts of fun driving on the snow, but it doesn't help you stop, dumbass.)

I think she's asking for it...

PerkyGoth and I was walking out to her car. She said, don't fall and break your hip. I'm not that old. (sigh)

Today is my dad's birthday. He really liked the socks, said they're toasty while he shoveled snow. I let him know I needed pictures of them.

Because I’m a Lemming

I’m home sick again today, still recovering. (I do feel better.) I’m a bit behind on reading of blogs, because you know, (crack) Guild Wars, knitting and napping. I read Crazy Aunt Purl, and how she feels like something is sitting on her chest. (Not that I’m bitter or anything, but I wonder if she had to have an EKG.)

I’m dodging going through the (piles of) mail, so I’m reading blogs. Franklin* was talking about his new knitting toy Pattern Tamers. I checked out the store and ended up buying one. I currently use Post It Notes to mark my spot. I’ll let you guys know how they work out.

Mail has been sorted. Huge pile which needs to be taken into work and shredded. Smaller pile of mail which needs to be opened and paid. Paydays make me feel rich, until the bills are paid. How can we be broke so soon?

I meant to get pictures of Dad’s birthday socks, but it didn’t happen. I grabbed the camera, flipped it on and wouldn’t you know it? The disk was in Grilltech’s laptop. I was formatting the disk when the battery died. Dad beat me to the house and took his prize home. I might be able to get pictures later. (If Grilltech remembers to put the disk back when he’s done.)

Click on over to iUniverse and check out Amy’s new book. (And tell her how much it doesn’t suck.)

* Funny how I throw names around, as if I know him. I guess I do, because I read his blog.

Does this make me high maintenance?

I made it to work today, for all over 1.5 hours. Walking across the building to go chat with a supervisor let me breathless. So off to the doc-in-a-box we go. (Grilltech was being thoughtful and drove me. I think it has something to do with he didn’t want me to come get him this afternoon.) Anyway, we get there and they ask all the usual questions. What are we seeing you for? I’ve got the crud. Explain. It feels like someone is sitting on my chest, my throat hurts, and my head hurts. Your chest hurts? Yes. At this point in time, anything else I say is brushed aside, with the “OMG, your having a heart attack.” They check my oxygen levels, a bit low. The doctor comes in and listens to my breathing. It’s clear. He leaves and the nurse comes back with the doctor wants you to have an EKG. I don’t need one, it’s not my heart, it’s a cold. You should have one, because you might be wrong. Fine. (You know the fine, I’m talking about.) Sure enough it’s normal. Nurse comes back; the doctor wants you to have a chest X-ray. NO. Uhh Okay.

At this point, I’m crying because I don’t feel well and I’m frustrated because they’re not listening. I was thinking about walking out the door, but didn’t because it would have been counterproductive. Doctor comes back, while I’m crying. Lovely. He tries to talk me into a chest X-ray. I’m not buying it. (Grilltech pointed out, it would prove its bronchus or something else. I still didn’t buy it.) I told the doctor, I troubleshoot computers. I understand what you’re doing, you’re trying to figure out what’s wrong. But your not listening to what I’m saying. You’ve gone completely down a path that was unrelated and I’m frustrated. (I hate the shotgun method of troubleshooting, and that's what the doctor was doing.)

So he checks me out. Sure enough, sinus infection. (Three weeks of sinus headaches, should have came in sooner, okay so I'm a dumbass.) He still thinks I need a chest X-ray. Fine, if the medication doesn’t work by Monday I’ll have the X-ray done. He’s unhappy because it could be a blood clot in the lungs and that’s life threatening. At the end, he’s telling me how frustrated he gets because people don’t listen to him. I understand that, high maintenance people come in and demand to be taken care of. (Hey, he’s talking about me….)

I’m home with antibiotics, Mucinex, nose spray and my knitting. Gosh, hope I feel better before Monday.

Its Monday, oh wait...

Another glorious day in the corps. The best thing of the day? It's going so fast. One of today's voice mails was one of those automated "please call X about your bill". Yeah, it was deleted. I get to listen to some of the most off the wall messages. "This is the sheriff’s department with a message for..." and the not so fun "I'm not coming in today because I've been up throwing up all night..." (That's one of the better ones. Sometimes the people get really descriptive. Really.)

Anyway, I've started Ripples on the Beach again. I'm stalling on the Bio Hazard ones. I'm not overly thrilled at the stranding that’s going on, so they might be ripped back. I stopped off at the LYS, to pickup Dad's other sock. I'll be able to get the toes going. Not enough to knit on here at work. I'll have them done by Wednesday or maybe on Wednesday evening. Who knows?

Knit faster

Last night I woke up about 0400, (I'm guessing, I didn't bother to look at the clock) and looked out the window. The sky was a lovely shade of purple. It must have been snowing at that point in time, because we woke up to about two inches of snow. Grilltech shoveled my side of the drive way this morning, now his arm is sore.

I've almost finished Dad's socks. Note the almost. I've ran out of yarn, about an inch away from the second toe. I've put the (bleeping) sock down while I figure out what I'm going to do. I can't go pick up another skein, because it's $$. I'm thinking I may see if I can take apart another skein that's a different weight. It may save my life, because otherwise I'm going end up doing different colored toes. I'll have to knit from the first sock, until their both the same length. It's my own fault for using such a specialized yarn.

I've finished a couple of rows on Grilltech's sweater. It's still not twenty inches, but it's getting there. Ice Queen is coming along. I put it down other projects and knit a couple of rows for me. It's nice. Can't wait until it's finished, because it's soft!

Hope everyone had a happy weekend. I'm having one that is one day longer then normal. Thanks MLK!

Remind me why

Thursday was a lot of fun. Went to the dentist for a cleaning. I ended up having to wait, which gave me plenty of time to knit. While walking into the building, I saw two robins huddled in barren branches. Its the middle of January, they shouldn't be here.

I made it down to the LYS about noon. Stayed until 1530. Made twenty bucks. I know, usually I leave with less money, not more! I taught two ladies how to do a provisional cast on and short row toes. All because she wanted to knit toe-up socks and she was commenting how much trouble her daughter had with it. She hoped she wouldn't have the same problem, yadda, yadda, yadda. So I suggested we go over to the table and I teach her the provisional way. About 1/3 of the way through, her mother decided she wanted to learn. Comments like "What do short row do?" and "Are you sure?" and "I hate this" and "why are we doing this again?" Made me want to tear my hair out. Remind me why I teach knitters again?

Anyway I finished Dad's first sock. I'm frantically knitting the second one because his birthday is next Friday. (Knit faster, faster!!) I should have it done if I don't work on Grilltech's sweater.

...and now for something completely different: (Thanks Sandra)

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The Friday That Wasn't

Today, I commented to the Yarn Harlot. That's big, really BIG. Sure, Amy posts to her all the time, but me? Not so much.

I started on Ice Queen last night. Completed several rounds. Almost to the first bead round. It's going a bit easier working on the 16" circular, then DPNS. I don't care for the 16", but it's getting the job done. I may have to change my opinion.

Here at the datamine, we're having connectivity issues. Mailbox is up, down, up, down. I'm not getting paid enough for the roller coaster ride. On the plus side, I'm not in the NOC (Network Operations Center) scrambling to try and fix the issue. I went on break and was sitting next to one of my friends. We was shooting the breeze for about 15 minutes. Her supervisor was making copies and finally commented, I was bothering his agent. We both looked up and said, the mail server is down. He nodded, then went away. Guess this means, I'll need to keep my head down, when I'm in his bay.

I think I'm loosing my mind. I was right in the middle of doing "something" and I forgot what I had been working on. I go to start doing data entry, start freaking out; because Tuesday's schedule is missing from the person I was looking at. Only to realize, I was in the wrong week. I'm so (bleeping) happy the day is mostly over. (Mostly) On the plus side, I've got tomorrow off. I’ll go to the dentist then go knit at the LYS.

Stuff I missed.... and a Me-Me

Wow. I missed my two year blogiversary and 300th post. I'm doing well this year. On the plus side, Grilltech's (is it 20 inches yet?) Sweater is coming along. I've got about ten inches done, give or take.

I knit in meetings openly. Since my hands are busy, I can pay attention to the speaker(s). Instead of how uncomfortable the chairs are, why is he droning on and on, can't he shut-up already? Type of things. About a year ago, I was told I couldn't knit at my desk. Some people threw a tizzy over the whole thing. I now have a new boss, who knows I pay attention and produce. (Which really is the bottom line.)

A me-me I stole from Emicat:

1. If you could change your name what would it be? My alternate name is Saren. I think it's beautiful and at times I think I'm beautiful as well or so Grilltech says I am. Remember the (bleeping) nursery rhyme Jack and Jill? I can tell you pretty much any version of it. I loathe it with the brilliance of a thousand suns.

2. Describe a time you've gone overboard. Not going there.

3. What are you presently wearing? Slip on shoes, hand made socks, dress pants (dark purple), 3/4th sleeved V-neck shirt (mauve), and my jacket. It's cold in here.

4. Who can you never please? I've given up trying to please others, and I'm such a disappointment to myself at times. I'd have to say: myself. There are some area's I excel: knitting, cooking, and problem solving. There are some areas that I fall down: cleaning, exercising, and follow through sometimes.

5. What do you wait for? The end of projects. The long haul of the body on sweaters really makes me crazy at times. Beer: Meade and Lambic are two of the longer fermenting drinks, they can take up to a year. But they are worth the wait.

6. How did you learn about the birds and the bees? I learned out back of a skating rink with a guy who was five years older then me. We didn’t go all the way, but it was close. Then I learned more in 9th grade biology.

7. Is it easy to be you? You bet. I wouldn't want to be me if it was hard. It's not always easy living with me, but Grilltech manages. (I think it's the socks and sweaters.)

On Ripping

I told you guys I was going to rip back the Ripples on the Beach sock. As of Saturday afternoon, it's sitting in two 1.5 ounce balls, waiting for me to start again. I'm too depressed to start over, so they're in the void waiting to be called forth. I started the Ice Queen on Sunday night. You’ll never guess what needs to be ripped back, yep Ice Queen. I doubt this project will be lost to the void. It's a fast knit, if done right. I've been putting beads every place there is a B on the chart, instead of the indicated rounds. I could say it's good practice, but it's not.

I've finished the first body section on Grilltech's (Do you think it's twenty inches yet?) sweater. So I started the new one on Friday night. I held it up to Grilltech, with only two rows completed. He said, what happened? PerkyGoth pipes up "she had to rip back to the beginning." The expression of what?! on his face was funny. She went onto say, "if she had ripped back, do you think she'd be calm?" Then we laughed at him and told him it was part two. Anyway, I'm about six inches into the second part of the body.

Today, the student needs help working short rows for neck shaping. I guess she doesn't understand, knit to X, turn, and knit to Y, turn. Add five to X, turn. Add five to Y, turn, go back to knitting in the round. (Does this make me sound bitchy?)

...and now for something completely different: (Thanks Amy)

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A day at the Grind

I'm in hell, it's as simple as that. Hell. I forgot to bring lunches for Grilltech and I today. I'm unable to log into the phone server. Looks like I'll need to get my password reset. (Ask me if I remember the (bleeping) password to log on to get that done!?) On the plus side, I'm having to reskill, so I have plenty of reading time.

I'm about half through gusset on Dad's sock. We had a department meeting yesterday, so I knitted through it. A good thing or I would have been twitching all over the place. (Finished the heel flap, turned the heel, and started the gusset.) Anyway, made another two inches on the sweater. Every row helps. Tonight I'm going over the student's house to get her started on the yoke of her sweater.

Last night, D called she's going to surgery today to have her gall bladder removed. She'll be staying at C's house to have some help while she recovers.

Winter Blah

It's January. (Errr Knittech, tell us something we don't know.) I'm restless and don't want to work on the projects I have in process. I haven't started knitting anything new, but I have started prepping for it, Ice Queen here I come. Anyway, last night I measured the Shaker body. I’m only at 13.5 inches, 6.5 away from the end. I need to either knit more or faster, haven't decided which yet. What is the most depressing part of the sweater? Once I have this section done, I have another one to go.

Wednesday afternoon was nice. It cleared up and melted most of the ice in the parking lot. There are patches here and there, but for the most part it's done. This morning's drive was in fine falling snow. Enough of a dusting when driven over, it leaves a wake of twisted, blowing snow on the road. The parking lot had the same light dusting of snow, enough to be able to tell where the icy patches are located.

I think I've found a good recipe for Beef Stroganoff. I'll need to try it soon, because I really like the dish.

Of Course....

Bad, Bad Sock!
I'm working away on the Ripples on the Beach sock, and a nagging little voice keeps whispering, I think those are going to be too small. Being the determined person I am, I kept knitting. Because it can't be that tight. I finish the leg and heel, I'm about 1/2 an inch away from the toe. I have PerkyGoth try on the sock. My little voice was right. Its way to tight. Le Sigh. So I've put it in time out while I figure out how to make it a bit wider.

Pattern is as follows: K2, YO, K3, SSK, K2tog, K3, YO, K2 (you can find the full pattern on knitty)

  • Option A: Add one stitch at the beginning and end of the needle so the K2 becomes a K3. Which makes the knit area's a bit wider.

  • Option B: Add one stitch after the first YO and before the last YO. Which makes the ripple area bigger.

  • Option C: Add both stitches.

  • Option D: Add one whole repeat, instead of an even four, there will be five. Not so crazy about that idea.

I'll take it down to the shop and pull out the skein's guts and weigh it so I'll have two balls of equal size. Instead of trying to wind a ball from the half knit sock.

In the mean time, I've pulled out Dad's buffalo sock. I didn't like how it was turning out on size 1's. So I pulled out the 2's and ripped back. The fabric is now flexible and soft, instead of stiff. These socks should fly off the needles. I knitted through the weekly conference call. I had to do something to keep my sanity. I was leading it, and talked like a used car salesman. (Slick baby, slick.)

Evil Snow!
It's snowing again today. Instead of the powdery flakes, it's the little its-too-cold-to-form-regular flakes. People said, it was blowing over the road when they came in and looked really beautiful drifting about. I got home, it was time to shovel the drive way. I know, I had said, Grilltech was going to have to do it, but he wasn't home yet. I finished, then what happens? Of course, it starts snowing again.

Weekend Update

Saturday was PerkyGoth's first spinning lesson. She loved it. The wheel was acting up, but she worked through it and produced a hank of chunky yarn. It needs to be washed and weighted, but it's hers. They sent her home some different rovings to try. I sent her home with some leftovers I had. I still have two hiding in the yarn room, which will wait until she's a bit better.

I worked on the Shaker sweater, while PerkyGoth was spinning. I kept holding it up and asking if it was 20 inches yet. It wasn't anywhere near 20 inches. I think I'm about twelve now, the end is in sight. Paranoia about running out of yarn is beginning to set in. I'm sure I have enough. Really? Then why so paranoid?

Saturday night, Grilltech and I went to a friend's house for a I'm getting kicked out of the place party. It was nice to get out of the house and meet new people. I learned a knew game called Uker. (It goes pretty quick and I had a hard time wrapping my head around, must get all the tricks, not the trumps.) While we was there, red-headed Jen said it was trying to snow, more like spitting. When we left at 2300, it was semi-clear and stars were twinkling. When we woke up on Sunday morning, there was 1.5 inches of snow! Where did that come from?

Monday is starting off with a bang. East coast co-worker called in late. I didn't realize she wasn't in, so I waited until my normal time to log in. Trying to reskill now, but since I'm not on the east coast server, it isn't working. Will have to do it by hand. Co-worker called, said the reskill didn't go right. Having to do it again. Bummer.

Day is mostly over. Good thing. Its been said, the snow is now melting as fast as it fell. Another good thing. Overall, it was a good day. I'll even get to knit more on the Ripples on the Beach sock.

Stupid Network

It happened yesterday at 1615. I got my invite to Ravelry. I didn't even sign up for it, Printtech PerkyGoth did it for me. I've read quite a bit over the community about how wonderful Ravelry is. I do agree, it's pretty kewl. But, (there is always a but...) I don't like the fact I have to post my pictures to flicker. I shouldn't make that big of a deal out of it, because if someone else wants to host my stuff, that's fine. Just haven't gotten around to setting up an account yet.

Anyway, I went home sick yesterday at 0800. Spent most of the day knitting and not doing much else. By 1500 I could not keep my eyes open, so I crawled into bed. When Grilltech got home, he woke me up. Nice little nap. Today I do feel a bit better, not by much, but a bit. It seems its a good thing I did come in to work, my other co-worker isn't in yet. Another morning of reskilling and reading. (I'm a good team player. Stop laughing, I am!) The co-worker just called, she won't be making it in. She sounds pretty bad. Hers is in the throat, mine is in the sinuses. Thankfully, she's 3000 miles away and we can't share.

It seems the network is also sick. One server is down on the east coast, now my mail server on the west coast is acting up. Seems I'll need to threaten it with my knitting. It hates me, that's all there is to it. Or it really likes me, and knows I really don't want to work. It's all in the spin.

First Post of the Year

Three days into the New Year and I'm slacking. The act of crawling out of bed takes all my will power. It's a new year that means I have sick time again. Right? Guess not, because I'm here at work. In less then three months, it will be spring. I won't feel so cold and crabby all the time. I'll be warm and crabby, a better deal in my mind.

Believe it or not, but I haven't been feverishly knitting. Instead, I've been reading the rather largish pile of books. It's nice to do something different. I haven't stopped knitting, just slowed down on it. This cold weather has my hands hurting, so knitting for long periods is out. Yes, I should make my fingerless mitts, but that requires I knit. Catch 22.

My New Years Resolution: To come up with titles for my posts this year, instead of dates.