Because I’m a Lemming

I’m home sick again today, still recovering. (I do feel better.) I’m a bit behind on reading of blogs, because you know, (crack) Guild Wars, knitting and napping. I read Crazy Aunt Purl, and how she feels like something is sitting on her chest. (Not that I’m bitter or anything, but I wonder if she had to have an EKG.)

I’m dodging going through the (piles of) mail, so I’m reading blogs. Franklin* was talking about his new knitting toy Pattern Tamers. I checked out the store and ended up buying one. I currently use Post It Notes to mark my spot. I’ll let you guys know how they work out.

Mail has been sorted. Huge pile which needs to be taken into work and shredded. Smaller pile of mail which needs to be opened and paid. Paydays make me feel rich, until the bills are paid. How can we be broke so soon?

I meant to get pictures of Dad’s birthday socks, but it didn’t happen. I grabbed the camera, flipped it on and wouldn’t you know it? The disk was in Grilltech’s laptop. I was formatting the disk when the battery died. Dad beat me to the house and took his prize home. I might be able to get pictures later. (If Grilltech remembers to put the disk back when he’s done.)

Click on over to iUniverse and check out Amy’s new book. (And tell her how much it doesn’t suck.)

* Funny how I throw names around, as if I know him. I guess I do, because I read his blog.

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Amy Lane said...

Hee hee...thanks, Knittech! I may start believing it doesn't suck after all!

I really am glad you're feeling better. I HATE being sick!!