Knit faster

Last night I woke up about 0400, (I'm guessing, I didn't bother to look at the clock) and looked out the window. The sky was a lovely shade of purple. It must have been snowing at that point in time, because we woke up to about two inches of snow. Grilltech shoveled my side of the drive way this morning, now his arm is sore.

I've almost finished Dad's socks. Note the almost. I've ran out of yarn, about an inch away from the second toe. I've put the (bleeping) sock down while I figure out what I'm going to do. I can't go pick up another skein, because it's $$. I'm thinking I may see if I can take apart another skein that's a different weight. It may save my life, because otherwise I'm going end up doing different colored toes. I'll have to knit from the first sock, until their both the same length. It's my own fault for using such a specialized yarn.

I've finished a couple of rows on Grilltech's sweater. It's still not twenty inches, but it's getting there. Ice Queen is coming along. I put it down other projects and knit a couple of rows for me. It's nice. Can't wait until it's finished, because it's soft!

Hope everyone had a happy weekend. I'm having one that is one day longer then normal. Thanks MLK!


Amy Lane said...

Urgh! The sock yarn thing would make me bang my head against the wall--any way you look at it, it would bite!

Lovs2Knit said...

Oh man, that stinks!