First Post of the Year

Three days into the New Year and I'm slacking. The act of crawling out of bed takes all my will power. It's a new year that means I have sick time again. Right? Guess not, because I'm here at work. In less then three months, it will be spring. I won't feel so cold and crabby all the time. I'll be warm and crabby, a better deal in my mind.

Believe it or not, but I haven't been feverishly knitting. Instead, I've been reading the rather largish pile of books. It's nice to do something different. I haven't stopped knitting, just slowed down on it. This cold weather has my hands hurting, so knitting for long periods is out. Yes, I should make my fingerless mitts, but that requires I knit. Catch 22.

My New Years Resolution: To come up with titles for my posts this year, instead of dates.


emicat said...

You're thinking the same way I am about a new year = sick leave replenished :)

I was in a knitting slump and doing other things too, but I just CO for a new project this weekend and I think I'v got the bug again.

Happy New Year! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog :)

Amy Lane said...

My sick leave is replenished in August...and since that's when we go back after summer break, it just doesn't feel as exciting!

Titles are good...although, I was always sort of jealous of your nice neat row of dates. (I'm even more jealous of donna lee, who doesn't title any of her post...I mean, how minimalist cool is that?)