For those of you who are playing Pandemic Legacy, you may not want to read any further.

Since we had four days off, we got in four games of Pandemic. We won two, barely and lost two, stupid outbreaks. I grabbed a picture of the board at the end of the game for June. (We won, but at a price.) The Faded (zombies) have made it to the Americas. I'm playing the Colonel, and I'm setting up road blocks to keep them from leaving their region, but a few made it through. (Red is our incurable disease and it's set up on the Pacific rim.) We've managed to sunset blue a couple of times, so it's now super easy to cure. Now if we could do the same for black it would help our cause.

July has added a new twist, we need to hunt for a person in the quarantine zone. I hope we can do it.

Do Over?

Today is a day. Last night, I locked my digital badge by typing in the wrong pin number once. When I got to work today, my encryption was locked due to that badge being locked. I had to go to another system and figure out that process to get it unlocked. 48 digits and twenty minutes later, I'm able to log onto my computer.

The guy who does the morning stuff is out today and tomorrow, so I'm doing it. I'm to the point that if I don't understand the name, I just forward it to the supervisor and say who is this because honestly? Life is too short. I'm trying very hard to not let the annoyances of the day affect me, but I'm afraid it might be creeping it's way in. Great, now I have to reboot. This too shall pass Guess, I'm not quite living up to the don't be annoyed because I was just rude to a guy. Damn. And another reboot. (Breathe) I can do this.

The day is over, guess I lived. Time to go home and relax.

List Day

  • Gas is at $2.12 per gallon, the price has been holding steady for the past couple of weeks
  • Grillech's side of the electric blanket is dead, guess I'll be getting a new one this weekend
  • Not sure if it's time to have my nails done or not, has it been two weeks or four?
  • It's been a gray kind of day
  • I'm trying to work on a project in Visual Basic and it's not working
  • Have a good evening

Look, a Post

Today is the second day in a row, we've woken up to snow. Thankfully, it hasn't (or won't) stay around much, unless it's in the shade all day. The skiers are all excited that the mountain might be opening soon(TM), but me? Not so much. I'm not ready for this winter thing. It's too cold and dark.

Yesterday was Ruby's one year check up. At the house, she's too busy running around being a hyper kitten. At the doctor's office, she was all sorts of Mommy, I don't like it here.

Knitting has been going slow. I've been working on the two socks at a time, which I feel is a complete time suck. So I need to buckle down and finish them. I've got eight inches to go on my tunic and it will be done. But I'm not working on it either. I don't want to start anything new because that would just add to the knitting pile, that I'm not working on. So my mojo will come back and I'll be happy and knitting again. Just need to wait it out.

List Day

  • Gas is at $2.12 per gallon. I'm sure it will go down after I post this
  • Perky, are these cabled enough?
  • There is a sunbeam that is making me want to nap
  • We watched Terminator Genisys yesterday. I really liked it
  • Grilltech called out sick today, so I'm not chatting with anyone
  • Not sure what the plans are for dinner, but I think I've got some cube steaks in the fridge
  • Great, I don't know what is going on with this report, but it's not working
  • Of course the numbers are the same on the report, if I don't run the update. I'm such a dumbass
  • have a good evening, I'm about out of here for the day

List Day

  • Gas is at $2.14 per gallon
  • Another discussion of what a stellar gamer you are, please shoot me now
  • There is a guy across the cube from me, now I feel like I'm being watched all the time
  • This song sucks, but I'm too lazy to hit next
  • Set up a crafting and tea event for next Saturday. Then I set myself a reminder so I don't forget
  • It smells like coffee over here
  • We're going to the DMV tomorrow, wish us luck
  • Reminder, bring the socks to work on because that will be a classic picture
  • Have a good evening. Tomorrow is Friday!!


Misplaced the title to the pickup. Now we have to go to the DMV.