For those of you who are playing Pandemic Legacy, you may not want to read any further.

Since we had four days off, we got in four games of Pandemic. We won two, barely and lost two, stupid outbreaks. I grabbed a picture of the board at the end of the game for June. (We won, but at a price.) The Faded (zombies) have made it to the Americas. I'm playing the Colonel, and I'm setting up road blocks to keep them from leaving their region, but a few made it through. (Red is our incurable disease and it's set up on the Pacific rim.) We've managed to sunset blue a couple of times, so it's now super easy to cure. Now if we could do the same for black it would help our cause.

July has added a new twist, we need to hunt for a person in the quarantine zone. I hope we can do it.

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